-1"Edward? Edward!" I screamed his name, but he never came.

I was surrounded in black, a never ending darkness. Freezing cold rain drops pelted my skin, burning me with every splatter. My clothes were entangled in a nearby bush, restraining me from moving. I had no idea how long I had been laying on the damp forest floor, all I knew was that this time he wasn't coming back.

Edward and I had been doing great. We were meant to get married on the fourteenth; we had invitations and place cards already printed out. My bridesmaids had already had their dresses altered. Things happened so suddenly I didn't see it coming.

Two weeks prior to leaving

I opened my eyes to see my own personal angel lying beside me, with his eyes closed. I rolled over on my other side and traced my hand along his relaxed arm. His mouth turned up into a sweet smile and took my hand his. He raised it to the side of his face and cooed. I looked to his face and waited for him to open his eyes. Moments passed as we basked in the peacefulness. I snuggled closer to him removing all the blankets from between us. It seemed that no matter how close I got to him, it was never enough; I wanted to be closer to him than any other person has been, both physically and spiritually.

"Good morning love." he purred

His eyes fluttered open. When I first looked into his eyes, they were my favourite liquid topaz color; in a matter of seconds, they grew to the dark charcoal color that showed his hunger.

"Edward, your eyes. What's wrong?"

"I'm just a little bit hungrier than usual, nothing to worry about."

Though his words were meant to reassure me, I could hear the uncertainty in his voice. Hadn't he gone hunting with Carlisle only two days ago? He looked into my eyes, as if he were trying to read my thoughts. I smiled at him and pulled him up from the bed. I walked to the window and peered through the open glass. Charlie had already left to go on his weekly fishing trip, leaving Edward and I alone. I turned around and was surprised to find Edward not by my side, but at the bedroom door with his back turned to me.

"Edward? What are you doing?"

"I don't feel very well."

He turned around. His face was twisted in an agonizing grimace and his hands were balled into fists at his sides. His stance was rigid and his nose was flaring. His eyes were jammed shut, as if he were fighting a battle inside himself.

"Bella, I have to go." he whispered

I ran to him, forcing him to turn around. His eyes shot open when my warm flesh touched his. They were no longer charcoal, but ruby red.