My Immortal

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After letting her tears flow for a few more moments, Winry finally cleared her face of any tears, grabbed the sharp piece of metal and stood up. Slowly, she walked back to her home and stepped in. She rubbed her eyes with her arm as she placed the sharp object on a table and continued into the house. Soon, she was in the living room and that was where she saw Edward on the couch, apparently trying to apply some medicine to his newfound injury, seeing as he had taken off his shirt and was inspecting his wound. He looked rather anxious about it.

"You won't be able to do it yourself," Winry told him quietly, causing the blonde Alchemist to jump a bit and look to her. Winry could read his mind like a book; he was trying to decide on whether to cut and run or ask what she meant.

"Um…" he mumbled and then continued. "What do you mean?" Winry knew he would ask; his mind always seemed to be thirsty for knowledge. Cautiously, the Rockbell walked over to him and sat down on his left side, where the injury was.

"Well" she began. "Your brain won't let you." This only earned her an odd stare from the Elric. She stifled a chuckle and continued.

"Your brain knows that it's going to cause you pain; therefore, it won't let you hurt yourself. Your body and brain won't let the person cause themselves pain," she explained to him. Ed seemed rather dumbfounded.

"How…did you know that?" he asked curiously.

"Something I picked up from a book or something," Winry replied as she looked away while still facing him. It stayed silent for a moment.

"Here," she said, suddenly looking up to him. "I'll help you," she told him and then snatched away the medicine from him. She then grabbed a small cotton-like cloth he had also grabbed and gently poured the antiseptic about it. Then, she carefully motioned her hand towards the gash. She sensed the Alchemist stiffen as she was getting closer but she tried to ignore it.

Soon, her hand and his side connected; Ed groaned a bit in pain and shot his head forward, strands of his golden hair covering his eyes. By looking at him, it caused Winry's heart to do two things; excite from seeing him in pain but also ache for the same reason. She wanted him to suffer; to feel the same pain and misery he had put her through. But, she also wanted to sooth him; to protect him from those very pains and take the pain for him if she could. It was so very confusing.

"Hold it there," she told him; Ed obliged as he placed his Automail hand over the cloth, with his hand, accidentally, on her own. The Rockbell growled somewhat and pulled her hand away. She stood up and walked to the backroom, where she grabbed a roll of bandage. She came back and sat down at his side. The blonde unrolled the bandage a bit. Telling Ed to remove his hand, she placed the bandage over the cloth and began wrapping it around his waist.

"This will hold for now," she said to him quietly. "But you're going to have to see a doctor soon to make sure it's OK," she explained plainly. Her blue eyes looked up to his face, apparently awaiting a reply. Instead, Ed shrugged and looked away from her. The act caused her eyes to widen for a moment. She sighed silently to herself.

She stood and walked towards the kitchen. Before she disappeared completely, she heard Edward call her name anxiously. The Rockbell looked over her shoulder to him, waiting to hear what he had to say. The Alchemist took in a breath and held it for a second, or so. He gathered his courage before finally deciding to speak.

"Do you…really hate me?" his voice was low, nerve-wrecked and edgy. Winry's eyes widened at his question; she hadn't expected him to ask that. She sighed and answered with what she could tell him.

"You know how I said that the brain won't let a person cause themselves pain?" she asked quietly as she clenched her fists. Ed nodded carefully, worried about what her next words would be.

"Well, my brain's telling me that you're going to cause me pain…its telling me I should stay away…so I'm going to listen and do just that," she told him sternly. She noted that his shoulders tensed at what she said to him but he stayed silent with any comment he seemed to have and turned away. Winry forced herself to hold in a sigh as she clenched her fists more tightly, her nails close to penetrating her skin. She took one step and then walked away completely.


A Few Weeks Later…

It was the middle of the night. Winry was in the dark hallway by herself, her bare feet padding on the hardwood floor beneath her as she walked out of her room in a white shirt and black mini-skirt. She had been doing some spare work, trying to keep herself busy and her mind off of…Edward. She had finally figured it all out; she had the words in her mind of what she wanted to tell him, but…she was nervous.

More like unsure, truth be told. She was unsure of what would happen between them; they hadn't spoken for some time now. Ever since the incident, the barely threw each other a glance; especially with what she had told him at home. Ed had been spending his time with Al; Winry just forced herself to try and ignore him while working on her Automail designs and attending to customers who came in every now and then. She had decided today to tell him, but in the dead of night; that way, they would be alone and awkwardness would be just between them.

Soon, the Rockbell stood right in front of Ed's bedroom door. She held herself tightly, quickly questioning herself on whether or not to go ahead with her plan. She decided she would and she let out a tense breath. Cautiously, she brought up her hand to the door and gently knocked it three times. She could hear some shuffling and then the sound of mismatched feet against the floor. The muffled sounds stopped and the door opened.

When Ed opened the door, his eyes widened at who he saw before him.

"Winry?" he questioned, both curiously and edgily.

"Ed," Winry said quietly. "I need to talk to you," she told him, urging him to allow her inside. The Elric hesitated but bowed his head and widened the door so she could enter. Carefully, she walked into his room, hearing the door close silently behind her.

"You don't have anything on you, do you?" she heard Ed question, both in an irritated and suspicious manner. Winry sighed; he was still as paranoid as ever.

"No, I don't," she said sternly as she looked to him over her shoulder with glaring eyes. She took note that he backed up and placed a hand on the knob behind him; he was ready to run if things got out of hand. She figured that Ed wouldn't leave from where he was until she had said what she had to say. Nevertheless, the act made Winry soften her look on him; the goal now was to make him less wary of her. That would be difficult.

"Edward," she said his full name and she turned around fully to face him. "I'm not going to hurt you, I swear," she said to him. His glaring eyes didn't reduce from their anger; he was willing to burn a hole right through her soul if he had to.

"It's not that I don't trust you, Winry," he told her. "But how can I make sure you won't turn on me if you get angry at me again? You tell me that," he narrowed his golden eyes on her as he said it, pressuring her to answer without fault. So she did.

"Because I have it all figured out now." Winry dared to take a step closer to him but stayed still after that, especially since she noticed him tense up a bit. He would be on his toes until she proved him wrong about her.

"Is that so?" he demanded rather than asked. Their eyes stayed locked onto one another for a moment.

"Yes." Winry whispered.

"Then prove it," Ed challenged her. The Rockbell sighed to herself.

"You'd have to let your guard down for me to do that." Ed's eyes widened at her words; she knew him rather well to say that. Anybody else would've said he was just being pissy when in truth he was paranoid and was in alert mode. For a moment, the two stayed as still as statues. After a few moments, Ed closed his eyes finally; he loosened his muscles and let his hand slip off the knob of his door and to his side.

Reopening his eyes, he walked over to his bed and sat down. Taking a deep breath, he motioned for Winry to sit next to him with a shake of his head. The mechanic obliged and carefully walked over and sat next to him. Ed faced her and stared her down with his burning eyes. Winry, though, would not lose her composure so easily; she stood her ground and stared into his eyes; the eyes she longed to stare into for a long while.

Ed had a knack of being able to see a person through how they looked at him; whether it is with pure hatred or compassion, he could always figure it when others couldn't. As he looked into Winry's eyes now, he saw quite a few things; sadness, love, depression…regret. He knew what she regretted and he could tell she wanted to apologize. His eyes softened a bit and he suddenly felt sorry for her himself; it had taken a lot for her to come to his room tonight and try and prove to him that she no longer wished to do him harm. His eyes closed, signifying to her that his guard was down.

Once she saw his eyes droop, Winry carefully made her move; she had his full attention and he trusted her not to hurt him. Gently, she placed her hand on his flesh one and brought herself closer to him, bowing her head.

"Edward." Her voice was low and soft, with hints of nervousness as well. "I know what I did to you was wrong; I don't know how many times I'd have to apologize for you to forgive me but I don't expect you to forgive me. I made you bleed; I could've even put your life in danger, for all I know. But, I want you to know that I regret it.

"I regret hurting you for what you had done to me. I suppose I'm no better than you for trying to make you suffer…when all you were trying to do was protect me." The moment the words left her mouth, Ed's eyes widened fully and he quickly looked to her; her head stayed bowed.

"I've been thinking a lot these past few weeks," Winry whispered to him. "And, for a few days, I put myself in the position you were in. By doing that, I realized why you became so concealed and hid yourself in a shell. I understood why you and Al never told me anything," she explained, tightening her grip on his hand. "I realized that you never wanted me to get hurt; you never wanted me involved so nothing could happen to me…so you swore secrecy between yourselves to keep it all away, no matter how badly it hurt you."

Ed's widened eyes did not once reduce in size. Every word she said, down to the very last detail…

Was right. He said nothing for a few moments, to see if she had anything else to say. She did.

"You've defied human existence, Edward," the Automail tech said as she finally looked up into his eyes. Ed gave her a confused look, wondering what she meant. She went on.

"You forced yourself to take the self-inflicted pain, even when your brain knew it would hurt you. You caused yourself pain to protect the ones you cared for; you didn't listen to what your mind told you and took the pain for everyone else…ever since you were only twelve years old…you truly are a Prodigy." The Alchemist stared at her in complete and utter shock. Winry's eyes closed and she looked away. Without a word, she slipped her hand away from his and stood up, walking towards his door.

Ed managed to regain his mental composure as he quickly looked to where Winry was; she was halfway to the door.

"Winry, wait!" he yelled quietly as he stood and grabbed her wrist. Accidentally, he pulled too hard, causing Winry to be pulled back and crash into him, her other hand upon his chest. Winry stared at him, surprised and slightly irritated.

"Ed, let go of me or else,"—"Or else what, Winry?" Ed cut her off and asked playfully. "You don't have anything on you; not only did you tell me that but, just by looking at what you're wearing, I can tell you don't have a wrench, or any other tool, on you," he explained, causing Winry to widen her eyes at him.

"My wrench isn't my only weapon," the Automail tech said heatedly, referring to her raw strength. The Elric Alchemist simply grinned at her.

"That's a risk I'm willing to take," he told her smugly. "You did say I defied human existence, after all." He pulled her close and then pulled his lips into her own, kissing her deeply. Winry tensed when she felt his lips against hers and his arms wrapped around her small waist. With her arms now at her sides, she tried resisting but her body ignored all orders.

It was then, though, that she took note of his burning passion; his love for her. Her eyes fell half-lidded but she still refused to kiss him back. She looked to his hair; rare in its color, she wondered if it was unique in its touch as well. Then again, everything about the young man seemed so unique and different. It was then that Ed carefully pulled away, his golden eyes half-lidded and worried; worried she didn't feel the same.

Winry couldn't take it anymore; the moment she saw his eyes, she closed her own and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling her lips into his again. She ran her fingers through his hair; it was surprisingly soft and smooth to the touch. Ed's eyes widened at the sudden gesture but he fell into it and held his breath for a little longer, just for Winry. He closed his eyes, held her tightly and kissed her back.

It was sweet and loving, comforting and caring; all their worries seemed to melt away through that kiss. They pulled away, finally, and looked into each others eyes. Winry smiled at him and their breaths mingled before them, as their faces were only a few inches away. She embraced him, nuzzling her face into his neck and breathing in his Edward-Elric-only scent; it was the scent he had on all his clothes and could never be removed.

The blonde mechanic wrapped an arm around his waist and kept her other arm around his neck.

"I forgive you," Ed mumbled suddenly. Winry held him tightly, burying her face further into his warm neck.

"Thank you."


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