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And another note, this takes place approximately six months after Hueco Mundo Arc. So, spoilers.

It started when the fifth Starbucks opened in the small town of Karakura, Japan.

One was enough- two would have been plenty- but for some reason the business kept piling in and the builders kept developing. Ichigo thought it was stupid, but hey, he was only 17 anyway, and no one listened to him. He was a teenager, plain and simple, and as groundbreaking as it should be, no one cared about the opinions of the children of the future.

It wasn't really Ichigo's problem anyway, until they built a Starbucks in a very ill-considered place. It was right off of the freeway and this was especially noticed by the town next door. The town next to Karakura wasn't the best town- in fact, it was a pretty bad town. Where Karakura's test scores where high, robbery rates were higher in the next town over. So it wasn't until the fifth Starbucks was built and those people from the next town over began to come and start their fiesta of hold ups, robberies and knife-points that Ichigo began to care.

Where there were hold ups there were shootings, sometimes knifings for those of lesser income, and where there were these such things, there were deaths.

And Ichigo well knew the product of death. For one, people cried. For another, some became hollows, and that was never a pro on Ichigo's list, considering he was the one that had to drag around a huge piece of steel half his size to make sure other people weren't murdered at the hands-or claws- of the murdered.

So it was all thanks to the construction of the fifth Starbucks in Karakura town that was unfavorably placed next to the freeway that our young hero's adventure was wrought. And of course, to the brilliant man that schemed it all.

Freakingcage7 proudly presents...

Never Again

Ichigo grunted a half sigh and cracked his neck. After taking a three hour long Academic Efficiency test, he was ready to just lie down on his soft couch at home and never intake another fact again. The only really good thing about the whole farce was that the kids of Karakura High were able to go home early. Chad stood in the door, blocking half of it like the huge monolith he was. He nodded in Ichigo's direction, and Ichigo nodded back whilst swinging his arms from side to side, trying to motivate his very scrunched up muscles.

"Ow!" a small feminine voice cried behind him. Ichigo whipped around and tensed up apologetically.

"Jackass!" Tatsuki called out from Ichigo's side. She slammed him in the ribs with a punch before he could even apologize to his unintended victim.

"Watch it!" he growled to her, then turned back to a young girl with reddish-brown hair. "Orihime-chan! I'm sorry, are you alright?" he asked.

"Oh don't worry Kurosaki-kun." She muttered, and a blush began to creep over her fair complexion. "I'm alright, I'm really sturdy! Barely fazed me, really!" she clenched her fists together and looked up at him with bright gray eyes, determined to show him just how okay she was. She smiled and punched the air enthusiastically, and Tatsuki brought a rough hand down on her best friend's head.

"Take it easy tiger." She ruffled Orihime's hair and grabbed her arm. "Come on, I'm going to be late for Karate. Shishou will kill me." She dragged Orihime out of the class, who was wistfully gazing at her long termed crush. Ichigo sighed and grumbled something unpleasant about Tatsuki. Granted, she was his oldest friend, but sometimes she was his most annoying friend.

"IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICHIGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Strike that, Keigo was his most annoying friend. "COME on buddy! We're gonna miss the big game! It's the Osaka Tigers verses the Tokyo Giants! If we miss this game we can kiss our popularity good-bye!" he waved his arms back and forth energetically and Ichigo wondered absent-mindedly how many red bulls his friend had had that morning.

"Sorry man. I've gotta study." Ichigo told him lazily and headed to the door.


"Now now Keigo, why don't we just—" Mizuiro tried and failed to settle his friend, but Ichigo could still hear the haranguing Keigo was dishing out to him.

"IF YOU DON'T SEE THIS GAME YOU'RE GOING TO BE THE BIGGEST LOSER IN—" Ichigo didn't bother sticking around. Instead he took off down the hall with Chad at his side.

They'd gotten as far as the park when their silence was interrupted.

"Hello Kurosaki-kun, Sado-kun."

"Orihime-san." Chad nodded in acknowledgement of her arrival and carried on walking, one large foot crashing down in front of the other, like the waves of the tide.

"Hello Orihime-chan." Ichigo said, almost surprised at her arrival. "What're you doing here?"

"Well, Tatsuki's at the dojo, and with all of the..." she trailed off momentarily, searching for the right words. Words that wouldn't cause a fuss, but could explain her need. "Activity going on here, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind terribly if I just walked with you a little bit." Ichigo nodded, knowing her reasoning. It wasn't safe for a pretty young girl to be wandering the streets of Karakura nowadays, with all of the activity going on, as she put it. Truth be told, Karakura was going through some changes. Ever since that damn Starbucks by the freeway there'd been lots of criminal activity. Orihime cleared her throat a bit which was followed by another discreet blush. "It's not that I can't take care of myself!" she urged to convince him. "I just figured, 'Might as well have some good company'!" she smiled cheerily at the pair of young boys and Ichigo heard himself sigh.

"Don't worry about it. I'll take you home." He assured her.

"Oh, I don't mean for you to go completely out of your way! I just—"

"Orihime." Ichigo said seriously and looked her straight in the eye. Her blush grew and Ichigo wondered if her school uniform was too warm for her. "Don't worry about it. I'd be more troubled if I didn't know if you'd gotten home safely."

"O-okay." She said quietly and resumed her pace. She brushed her hair out of her face, and did her best to cover up the small smile she wore.

He and Orihime chatted small talk- exams, answers, and a bit about the weather- while Chad grunted next to them. They were nearing Orihime's home when a group of junior high school girls passed them on the road, each holding a Starbucks frappaccino. Chad frowned and Ichigo grunted disapprovingly. The girls took notice and hurried past them, not sure whether they were desirable company, nor wanting to hear of their disapproval.

"You don't like Starbucks Kurosaki-kun?" Orihime, asked tilting her head to the side. Ichigo folded his arms behind his head and frowned deeply.

"Not since they began springing up like rabbits multiplying in this town. For peet's sake what do we need five of them for? I thought one was plenty."

"Yeah..." Orihime seemed almost lost in her own thoughts.

"Orihime-chan?" Ichigo asked unsurely, trying to start up another conversation. Silence was alright, but he got the feeling it made her somewhat uncomfortable. "What do you think? About Starbucks that is?"

"Well," she looked down, mostly shy and a bit ashamed. "I...well, I just love their frappaccinos! Have you ever tried the java chip one? Oh, I think that one's their best! But then, brownie's pretty good. Actually, I always like eating their frappaccinos with nachos. Nachos with osabi and dango are the best! And cherries!" Ichigo could feel his smile begin to turn into a cringe as they finally stepped in front of her house.

"Right, well—" Ichigo broke off her little speech and scratched his head. "I guess we'll see you tomorrow. Right Chad?"

"Hmm." Chad nodded.

"Okay! Good bye Sado-kun! Kurosaki-kun! And good luck studying for the second part of the exam!" her chestnut head bounded to her front door and she took a small moment to unlock it. Once Ichigo saw her enter her home, he sighed tiredly and looked to his massive friend.

"Oi Chad. Guess I'll see you tomorrow too?" he asked.

"Yeah." Chad affirmed and turned to go to his home, which was fairly close to Orihime's. Ichigo was turning in the opposite direction when Chad stopped him. "Ichigo-" he called to him. "Are you gonna be okay? Walking home all alone." Ichigo scoffed. It was well known, especially by Chad, how Ichigo was beginning to get picked on again from the new arrivals because of his hair color. Of course, he'd had no trouble as of yet getting rid of them.

"I'll be fine." He said with a handful of bravado and stretched out his shoulders to their full width. "See ya."

"Yeah, see ya." Chad mumbled as Ichigo walked away, raising a hand in separation. Chad stayed in his place for a moment, watching the back of Kurosaki Ichigo leave him. Chad never was really concerned about Ichigo; he'd already proven that he could take care of himself. But for some reason or other, Chad just couldn't shake off the bad feeling that Ichigo would be missing by morning.

Author's Note: Yeah, I'm not really promising you anything here. I'll update as best as I can, but this is an attempt at an AizenxIchigo fanfiction, with plot. My first one actually (with plot). So tell me what you want to see and I'll do my best to please you. Um, my humor is a little weird, but hopefully not too bad. You don't see much of that in this chapter, but it comes and goes throughout. I suck at angsty stuff, so that won't appear very much. Mostly British humor and thought process, and I like action, so you'll get a couple fight scenes here. Hopefully I'll finish this within a year or so. Or something. Ugh, High school.

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