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What if Naruto was taken from the village before the villagers ever knew he was the Kyuubi's vessel? What if his older brother took him away? What if they trained in makai and truly became demons?



"Demonic/summon/demon influenced Speech"

'Demon/summon thought'





After sealing in Hokage's office

The newly reinstated Sandaime Hokage breathed a puff of smoke as he pondered over a new and massive dilemma. How would he, or even more importantly, how could he reveal the burden placed upon the surprisingly silent child tucked lightly in a crib next to his desk.

"What should I do?" he asked, thinking of his lost teachers.

"Should I just tell them? They would respect Arashi's dying wish, wouldn't they?" Finding his courage, he stood and lifted Naruto gently from his resting place.

Before he could even approach the door, a burst of fire exploded in front of him, blocking his path. Even as the flame shrank, he maneuvered the child behind himself, ready to kill the intruder to protect the babe.

"Jiji don't worry it's me Kaoru" A young man's voice sounded out from the fire. With it, the tension flowed out of the Hokage and he returned the young infant to his crib.

"Kaoru-kun…It's been three years since you left hasn't it?" He smiled as he plopped back down into his chair, memories of the child running through his mind.

Kaoru chuckled and stepped out of his pillar of fire. Out walked a six-year-old child with blond spiky hair with red highlights, cerulean blue slit eyes, elongated canines and three whisker marks on each cheek.

"Yes, it has been, hasn't it?" He bubbled happily.

"Pleasantries aside, why are you here?" Sarutobi asked, sinking into a more serious tone. Kaoru shifted as seamlessly as his elder, quickly gaining a solemn nature.

"I have come to take my brother with me, on my training." Kaoru answered. This did not process for a few second and even then, Sarutobi had been thrown off.

"W-what? Why?" He stuttered.

"Let's be realistic, Jiji. The villagers won't see him as a hero all they will see is Akane…" Sarutobi's eyebrow rose a few inches and Kaoru realized too late that he had messed up.

"Damn… I slipped up there. Well since I said that, might as well tell you, Akane happens to be Kyuubi's real name. The Kyuubi is female."

'Kyuubi's female? Wait how did he know that?' This small bit of information sent Sarutobi for a loop.

"Kaoru how do you know this?" The question was almost harsh in its delivery. Kaoru sighed before answering

"I'll explain when we return later, ok?" It wasn't a question. Sarutobi would never resist a demand from him, whether unless he saw danger in it.

"Fine then, until next time… now what were you saying earlier?" A redirection both of them needed.

"Right, as I was saying all the villagers will see is Akane and probably try to kill him… to kill the 'demon'." He said retaining the seriousness of one generations older than him.

The Hokage sighed, freeing a puff of smoke. He had been hoping the villagers would be humane, but now…it was too far of a stretch if even six-year old Kaoru foresaw conflict.

"I will bring him with me and he will be trained like I was. He will become almost as strong as I am by time we get back and I will release Akane when I get back to Makai."

"Makai?" An oddly unfamiliar word, for one who has seen and heard as much as he had.

"Ah yes Tou-san never told you where I was sent. I'll explain later, alright? Just trust that he will further his ninja career by the time we return for his gennin exams." Sarutobi closed his eyes, trying to figure out what was right. After a minute, he sighed.

"Ok I trust you Kaoru-kun" his small smile returned.

"Glad to hear it. Bye." With that, Kaoru picked up his sleeping brother. As he raised him, the floor cracked, allowing black chains to shoot up and wrap themselves around the two boys. With one last smile, they were pulled down into what looked like a burning pit, but the smile on Kaoru's face never faded.

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Will be a naruto harem and OC harem starts from Kyuubi attack and Kyuubi is good more humor than action so fight scenes for Naruto and the OC are more for comedy than action

Tou-san – father

Jiji – old man or grandfather

-kun – something usually put after a younger boy's name or a boy whom you're close to

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