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"Demon/summon/demon influenced speech"

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Kaoru beat furiously on the barrier and eventually managed to shatter it as he rushed down into the arena. "NARUTO!" he shouted as the many humans in the area checked themselves over wondering what had happened. Kaoru frantically looked around until his eyes passed over a charred body. "No…" he muttered running over. Flipping the body over, he gasped "No…Damn it…no…!" he whispered as Naruto's face came into view.

"Ani…ki" Naruto whispered cracking an eye open. "That you…?" he coughed as Kaoru grasped his hand.

"Naruto it's me." Kaoru gasped as tears threatened to fall. "Come on stay with me."

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata screamed joining Kaoru at the younger blonde's side "What happened?" she asked tears already falling.

"Angels…" Naruto whispered painfully. Failing to retain consciousness Naruto fell back down.

Kaoru abruptly stood up as laughter rang out through the air. "So the mighty Demon General falls…" the robed figure called out as he cast away his cloak revealing pitch black wings and a fragmented halo. "With this I'm sure to be allowed back in Kami-sama's grace!"

"I'll kill you!" Kaoru stated harshly turning his furious gaze onto the fallen angel. "You think you'll even get a chance to see her?" he asked turning to face the angel. "YOU THINK I'LL LET YOU LIVE?"

The angel staggered as if struck as a massive demonic aura poured forth from Kaoru's body. "You think I'm scared?" he screamed as the others revealed themselves. "You're just another beast!"

The humans around the arena could not do anything but watch as two otherworldly powers collided. "What…?" Kakashi gasped as he covered his eyes. "What's going on?"

Kaoru suddenly vanished from his spot at Naruto's side and reappeared above the angel claws out and ready to rip the angel's face off. "DIE!" he roared as the angel pulled out a sword to stop the claws.

"You think this is enough?" he asked as the other three angels joined the fray. "You're outnumbered!"

"Maybe…" Kaoru agreed as he pushed away and hopped back into the arena. "But not outclassed." He stated as the four angels tried to attack at once. Suddenly his tails, in the form of a devil's spade, appeared behind him and tried to impale the four angels. "Four angels…isn't a problem for me." Kaoru stated coldly as his body began to expand until he easily dwarfed the average man. Slowly horns grew on his head as two large, red bat-like wings took shape on his back.

"You think we're scared?" the leader shouted gripping his sword a little tighter. "We'll kill you like we did your brother!" The angel frantically parried a blow meant for his head as he glided backwards.

"What's wrong? Weren't you going to kill me?" Kaoru asked as his tails retracted from the body of one of the fallen angels. "You were so full of confidence just now…I wonder why you don't seem so now?"

"Y-you monster!" one of the angels gasped as they all gripped their swords with white knuckles. Slowly the angel that was killed began to fade from view until a white sphere flew away from the area and into the sky.

"Yeah…I killed him…you three are next." Kaoru stated softly as he pointed at them. "Try to keep up weaklings." Suddenly he vanished again as the three remaining angels quickly brought their swords up to parry his multiple attacks with their swords.

Frantically backing away the angels made sure to stay close together so Kaoru wouldn't be able to focus on one of them. "HA! This isn't so bad!" the leader shouted seeing their continued success in blocking the attacks.

Kaoru grunted as he flapped his wings rapidly creating a small whirlwind. Bracing themselves the angels were pushed back as one of them fell off balance. Taking advantage of it Kaoru pushed forward and pierced the Angel's body with four tails. Gurgling, the man fell backwards, dead. "Two down." Kaoru stated as blood dripped off his tails.

The leader and the other remaining angel grimaced "Fools." The leader muttered as he began to chant.

"Trying holy spells now…?" Kaoru questioned as the other Angel began his own chanting. "I guess I have no choice." Kaoru muttered as he rushed forward. "spirits of darkness gather onto me, become the knife hidden in the shadows; cut down mine enemy KAGE NO KEN!" as Kaoru chanted a dark energy began to form the shape of a sword in his hand as the two angels formed swords of light. "DIE!" Kaoru was parried by a combined might of the two angels. Grunting with effort Kaoru kicked the leader backwards and pushed the other off balance before cutting him down.

"Damn it!" the leader swore seeing the last of his followers perish. "Our reports didn't say you were this strong!"

"Ah…" Kaoru muttered staring at the Angel in front of him. "I almost never fight at full power." He explained simply. "You just had the piss poor luck in pissing me off."

"DON'T FUCK WITH ME!" the Angel shouted angrily as he charged forward. "I was cast out of heaven for what? Urging Kami-sama to eradicate your filthy kind!"

"Too bad for you." Kaoru muttered lowering his sword as the man drew closer. Suddenly Kaoru lunged forward as if drawing a sword as the man kept going passed him. Coming to a stop the man stayed in position for a while longer before toppling over a deep gash along his chest. "Kami knows a bad idea when she hears one."

Kaoru sighed and let his sword dissipate as he made his way back to Naruto's side where he fell to his knees. "Why?" he whispered as Hinata began crying. "Why did this have to happen?" he asked as Haku and Ino soon joined them having recovered from the fight.

"Naruto…" Haku whispered hugging Hinata. "Why?" she whispered softly as tears started falling from her eyes as Ino looked away unable to bear the sight.

Sasuke stared in shock as they crowded around Naruto. "Wait where is…?" he asked looking around for Gaara. Suddenly a hand broke free from the ground, as Gaara pulled himself up.

"The blast didn't reach underground." He stated seeing many confused glances. "So he didn't escape?" Gaara asked seeing the Naruto on the ground.

Kakashi hopped down and placed a hand on Kaoru's shoulder. "What happened?" he asked noting that Naruto was only barely alive.

"Angels…their abilities are particularly effective on Demons likewise Demon techniques work well on angels." Kaoru explained through teary eyes. "Naruto was just hit with a real big one. Angel techniques screw up the circulation of demonic energies causing a demon's body to shut down causing death."

"Is there something we can do?" Kakashi asked as the rookies and the various teachers began to gather around.

"No…" Kaoru stated sadly. "Either a holy being has to remove the holy energies or the demon has to pull through on their own in order to recover." He explained clenching his fists tightly drawing blood.

Sarutobi soon joined them. "I hear everything." He stated holding onto Orochimaru's body. "Is there any chance of him surviving?" the aged leader asked. "Anbu burn this body to ashes." He ordered dropping the corpse.

"Hai Hokage-sama!" they nodded as they used a small fire jutsu to incinerate the body.

"No way…Naruto's going to die?" Kiba asked softly as his sister bit her lip in worry as her mother wrapped an arm around her.

"Naruto…" Shino muttered stoically not showing his emotions.

"No way…" Chouji muttered sadly suddenly not feeling hungry.

"Damn it…Naruto!" Shikamaru swore unable to watch any longer as he clenched his eyes shut. "Damn it…leaving us behind like this!" he swore repeatedly as his dad hopped down and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Is this what it feels like to lose a student?" Kurenai asked gripping onto Anko's coat for support as Anko pulled her into a hug.

Gai stayed quiet and bowed his head as did his team. "There's nothing we can do by pray" he stated closing his eyes.

Zabuza scowled as he folded his arms. "Damn brat leaving behind my daughter like that." He muttered softly closing his eyes as he bowed his head.

Slowly all of the Konoha Ninja began bowing their heads and closing their eyes in silent prayer for the recovery of their friend and comrade. "I hear your prayers." A heavenly voice stated as a woman beyond all mortal imagination appeared before them. "And I shall answer" she continued as she waved her hand and Naruto began breathing steadily in an unconscious state. "But there is a condition, only the nine can stay." She explained as Kaoru grimaced.

"I…understand." He muttered as he stood up. "Can I say goodbye Kami?" he asked earning a nod from Kami. "Kurenai…Anko" he stated walking up to the two women who opened their eyes. "I have to leave." He stated getting shaky nods in response. "Here…" he stated as a small flame hopped from his body into theirs. "If you die your souls will start to seek me out. And we will be reunited." He stated as he hugged them.

"We cant see you until then?" Kurenai asked softly gripping his coat.

"No." he answered softly as Anko hugged him tighter. "We can't."

"Damn it." Anko whispered "Just when I think I find myself a good man." She mumbled rubbing her eyes.

"Akane…Tsuki!" Kaoru called out after releasing the two. "We're going home!" he shouted as the two girls jumped down beside him. "You will keep your word." He stated looking at Kami.

"Of course." She replied still in that echoing voice. Kaoru nodded his head and opened a portal in front of himself. Looking back at the others one last time he walked through without another word as Akane and Tsuki followed after him without a glance backwards. "Now for my part" Kami stated as the Konoha Nin all closed their eyes as it became too bright for them.

When they could open their eyes again the woman was nowhere to be seen and Naruto was groaning as he slowly sat up. "What hit me?" he asked groggily shaking his head back and forth.

"NARUTO!" they all shouted as Hinata, Haku, and Ino all dived tackled him knocking him over. "YOU'RE ALIVE!" they all shouted crying tears of joy as Hana walked up and scooped all four of them up in a massive bear hug.

"What's going on?" Naruto cried painfully as Hana shook them around causing many of the others to laugh. "Where's Aniki?" Naruto asked looking around. Hana paused and let them down as they all looked away. "What happened?" Naruto asked nervously seeing everyone's reaction.

Sarutobi sighed before he explained everything to Naruto. "That's what happened." He stated once he was done. "What are you going to do now?" he asked as Naruto took a moment to soak it all up.

"I'll run the clan." He stated folding his arms. "Aniki would've liked that." He muttered as Hinata and the others leaned into him having cried themselves to sleep a small smile on her face. "In the meantime we should all go home and rest…we have to start rebuilding tomorrow."

Sarutobi nodded his head in agreement. "Correct." He stated puffing his pipe. "Tomorrow marks a new day, and a new beginning."

There was a general nod of agreement as those who knew him all patted him on the shoulder stating their relief he was okay and that Kaoru would be happy he was taking charge. "Let's go home." Naruto stated using Kage Bunshin to pick up the girls as he began walking home.

Epilogue - four years later

Naruto was working in his office "It's been about four years hasn't it?" he wondered taking a break to look out the window at the newly reconstructed Konoha where the new face of Senju Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage, was located along with the other faces.

His gaze shifted to various pictures "So much has changed while staying the same…" he muttered smiling. "Anko and Kurenai officially swore off men, Tsunade became the fifth Hokage after Sarutobi told Jiraiya to go bring her back to aid the wounded." He smiled remembering the story Jiraiya told him once they returned.

"After that Zabuza fell in love with Shizune at first sight." He chuckled remembering the man's slack jawed look when Shizune had first greeted him. "Kakashi seems to prefer bachelor lifestyle though I noticed he goes to Ichiraku Ramen more often now." Naruto paused in thought. "I wonder…Nah probably not." He waved the thought off.

"Let's see…Azuma started dating a civilian woman as did Iruka." Naruto continued seeing various pictures of each event. "Speaking of which Kiba and Shino each started dating civilian girls as well." He paused as a particularly funny picture came into sight. "Even Shikamaru has a girlfriend now…though I'm not sure how he and Temari are making that work."

He paused as the front door of the house was opened. "Hm…wonder who entered." He mumbled before looking back at the pictures. "Sasuke and Kin became official recently seems like Kin finally got through to him."

He sighed as the last picture came into view. "Chouji…nothing really changed with him actually." He muttered scratching his head.

"What are you mumbling about?" Hinata asked walking into the room.

"Oh just remembering the various things that happened over the four years since the incident." Naruto stated kissing his wife on the lips. "How was your day dear?" he asked as she sat down beside him.

"Oh the usual." Hinata replied simply with a smile. "A few minor injuries to treat nothing I'm not used to." She continued leaning her head onto his shoulder. "It's kind of funny only a few years ago I couldn't even reach your shoulder." She giggled.

Naruto smiled as he ran a hand through her hair. "And your hair used to be shorter." He stated causing her to giggle some more.

"You used to hate formality." Hinata countered pointing at his formal clothing. Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

"Honey I'm home!" another voice shouted out as they barged into the room before jumping onto Naruto's lap. "Can you believe it? Sakura's started dating Lee!" Ino shouted as Hinata's eye began to twitch in annoyance.

"Really now?" Naruto asked kissing Ino on the lips as well. "I thought she hated him."

"I know!" Ino gushed as she leaned into Naruto causing Hinata to growl. "But I heard her ask him out earlier today!"

"What's this about Sakura-san?" Haku asked walking into the room. "Ino…" she muttered palming her forehead.


"…Never mind…" Haku muttered waving it off. "Speaking of new relationships…Otou-sama finally asked Shizune-san out."

"Oh really what did she say?" Ino asked getting off of Naruto's lap. "Tell me tell me!"

Haku giggled as she covered her mouth. "She said yes." The ice girl replied simply

"OHH!" Ino shouted pumping her fists into the air. "I knew your dad had it in him!" she shouted with a big smile on her face. "Shizune-senpai has been wondering when he was going to ask!"


"Shizune-senpai is a very traditional person." Ino explained. "She probably won't let him touch her until after marriage."

"Well I can kind of understand that." Hana voiced as she entered as well holding her bulging belly. "I mean this could happen" she stated gesturing at herself.

Hinata scowled. "I am still upset about that…she sleeps with you the least and she gets pregnant first?" she muttered staring at Naruto.

"Hey…don't blame this on me." He stated holding his hands up in defense.

Hana smiled as she walked forward "That's right Hinata-chan." She stated kindly. "Some girls are just easier to impregnate."

"So what did the doctors say?" Haku asked curiously with a slight hint of jealousy in her voice.

"Twins." Hana stated happily hugging her stomach. "We're having twins Naruto." She cooed sitting down beside him. Haku giving Hana her seat.

Hinata pouted as she tugged on Naruto's sleeve. "When do I get kids?" she asked staring at him in the eye.

"Uh…" Naruto muttered looking away from her.

"You could try today." Hana stated with a smile on her face.

Hinata nodded her head and started pulling Naruto along as she headed towards their room as Haku and Ino followed along. "Come on!" she shouted as Naruto sweat dropped.

Hana giggled before pausing. "Hey…they kicked!" she stated walking after them. "The babies kicked!"

In hell

Kaoru smiled as he cut the visual connection to the elemental nations. "I'm glad they're doing fine." He muttered as someone tugged on his shirt.

"Hey who's doing fine daddy?" a young boy asked looking up at him with bright red innocent eyes.

"Your uncle, Arashi-kun." He stated picking the boy up as Akane walked in.

"There you are Arashi!" she muttered walking over and hugging the two. "I was looking for you!" Kaoru laughed as his wife scolded her child.


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