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Chapter 1

Hi. My name is Isabella Marie McCarty Dumae Volturi. Pathetically long, I know. I was christened Isabella Marie McCarty on September 1, 1920. I had two older brothers, Emmett and Eli, one older sister, Esther, and a younger brother, Edward, and one younger sister, Elizabeth, who were twins. I was a happy person until one night when I was at the age of fifteen. My brother Emmett had been hunting with Eli, and even though my sweet mother had cautioned Emmett never to go after grizzly bears, he didn't listen. They had left before sunrise, and Eli had come after noon to tell my parents that Emmett was missing. Every person that Emmett had made an acquaintance with went searching for him. And let me tell you, Emmett knew everyone, or it seemed like it. There were so many people, it was a hayday. Finally someone found the clearing with blood smeared everywhere and grizzly tracks that were everywhere.

I sat at home with Edward and Elizabeth, who were only eight at the time, waiting for news and hoping that somehow Emmett had survived, but only negative results came back. I was devastated. Emmett and I had gotten in a fight the night before about something so trivial that I can't even remember what it was. But I do remember ignoring the hug he tried to give before he left for hunting, and the kiss he tried to bestow on me to show is sincerity. How I wish I could somehow go back in time and accept that last token of his love for me. We were best friends, more than just brother and sister. When I received the news of his death, I died, just as he had supposedly done hours before.

I was seventeen when I fell in love. He was handsome and kind, cute and loving. He was everything I had ever wished for in a man, but little did I know it was all a mask. Alexander, Alex, Dumae was pale, paler than I, something I had thought impossible, and he had the strangest eyes that seemed to change colors. He was dark-haired, and he had such soft lips, I would blush every time I saw them. I kissed them time and time again, so I would know. He was impeccably forward and a match for my stubborn personality. Together we made the perfect couple. When he proposed to me I jumped for joy and was so delighted, I could hardly speak. He seemed so kind and thoughtful, until a few weeks before our wedding night. He began to be withdrawn and almost sickly looking, if it were possible. We finally got married, but he wasn't happy. Three days after our wedding night, he came to me, grabbed my hand, wrenched off my wedding ring and left. I chased after him hoping to catch him and make him tell me what was wrong. I followed him for so long, until I was in a territory I did not know. I tripped over a rock and fell. When I looked up, three gleaming pairs of red eyes were staring at me. I heard one say, "Alexander is this the food you brought me? She smells delicious." And life as I knew it ended.

The burning pain I felt over the next three days was trivial compared to the pain I felt in my heart from the betrayal of Alex. I finally woke up in an alley, and I wondered why everything seemed so different. I wandered around for a bit, and then I saw a girl. Her bright golden pigtails, her beautiful blue eyes, and her pulse I could see throbbing against her little neck made me hungry. She suddenly looked delicious, appetizing, even. I ran away from her, and I ran fast. I was frightened at what I had become. I knew, suddenly I knew, what I was. A creature of the night, a murderer, a blood-sucking vampire.

I ran into a forest. I didn't know where I was, but when I saw a grizzly bear standing in my path, I wanted revenge for my brother's thoughtless death, so I killed it. I was surprised to find that the blood satisfied my hunger, or thirst. From then on, I lived off of only animals, and I am proud to say I have never touched a human in and kind of harmful way.

It's kind of difficult being a "vegetarian" in the Volturi's castle. I had gone to see Italy and was taken in by Felix and Demetri who have since become my best buddies. Aro basically adopted me and now he treats me like I am his daughter, and I treat him like he is my uncle. Father is just way too personal for me, and I really don't like him that way. He lets me get away with the things that I do with my power, and I don't do anything immortally embarrassing to him with it. I have been blessed, or cursed, it really is what ever way you look at it, with the power of mind control. It has been fun using it with the solemn and stern Caius. My favorite story is when he was in the middle of giving a speech, a long and boring one, and Aro came to me and asked me to make him start singing YMCA. I couldn't refuse. Poor Caius. I don't think he has gotten over it yet.

I asked Aro to let me take a vacation to New York so I could get clothes and get a huge Hershey's bar to display in the castle. He was confused as to why I wanted a Hershey's bar when I couldn't even eat it, but he doesn't understand temptation. Also, I wanted to see the Statue of Liberty so he let me go on the condition that I would call him every day to check in. I left in one of his private planes the very next day. I arrived in New York late in the evening, thirsty and tense. The first thing I did after I got my luggage was to go to Marcus' cabin (don't ask me why he has one—I didn't know until he told me and I don't think Aro did either) up in the hills and among the forests, was drop off my bags and go for a bite to eat.

I finished off two grizzly bears and decided to go for a run. I stopped when I heard a girl's voice complaining loudly.

"Jasper, stop eating! I want to go shopping! I saw this cute red dress, and it had sparkles and cute shoes that went with it and then a cute purse at a different store that would match the ensemble perfectly so hurry up! I don't want it to be gone before I get there."

I circled around till I could see who was talking to who. There were two people so different from each other, I could see they were perfect for each other. The girl was small, about 4'10" with short spiky hair and brilliant gold eyes that matched the eyes of Jasper, who was six or something feet with blond hair. He was feeding off of a deer and the girl was standing over him with her hands on her hips. He looked up to her and said in a sweet and soft voice, "I'm done, Alice, ok? We can go now, no need to be sending of emotions of frustration and desperation. I am feeling it really strong right now."

They turned to go . I didn't notice until too late that they turned in my direction and were approaching me closer and closer. I pressed my back against a tree, hoping that they would just pass me. With my bad luck, a gust of wind sent my scent right to them and they immediately looked at each other shocked.

"Oh my gosh, someone is here!" Alice squealed. She closed her eyes, lifted her nose to the air (I know, I know, it sounds like she is a dog or something) and followed the scent until she stood right in front of me. She opened her eyes and gasped. I looked at her, (more like down at her), and then she pulled me into a great bear hug.

"It's you! I saw you for a moment like a minute ago, but I couldn't figure out who you were! Oh my goodness, how long were you standing there? I'm Alice and this is my husband Jasper! Oh my, are you all alone? You have to come meet my family! What is your name?"

She pulled me along and I didn't resist. I just let her lead me, so I could see what her family looked like. I was interested in meeting other animal drinkers!

"Carlisle, Esme! I found someone! Come and meet her!" Alice called out. As she lead me into a clearing, there stood fou other vampires, each with golden eyes. She pulled me to a man, who was tall and blond, and who looked like he was twenty four.

"This is Carlisle and he plays the father figure in our family. This is Esme and she plays the mother figure in our family." Esme was short and had brown hair. She pulled me into a hug.

"Hello, dearie. How are you?"

Before I could reply, Alice whisked me away to a gorgeous girl. She introduced her as Rosalie. Rosalie had blond hair and a body that every model wishes for. She was the most gorgeous vampire I had ever seen.

Finally, Alice dragged me to the last person who was standing in the clearing. He had bronze hair and he was the youngest looking in the family. He introduced himself, instead of Alice doing it for him.

"Hi, I am Edward," he smiled and then lifted my hand to his lips. Unconsciously I sniffed, thinking of my little brother Edward I had left so long ago. His head jerked up as he heard it.

"Did I do something wrong?" he asked worriedly.

"Oh, no you didn't. My little brother was named Edward too, that's all. I miss him, but it was so long ago, I barely remember him. You didn't do anything. Don't worry!" I smiled at him, using my power to make him happy.

Alice who had been looking around the clearing turned to Rosalie and asked, "Where is your husband?"

"I don't know, but I think I hear him coming," she answered while examining her nails.

"You mean there is one more of you?" I asked in surprise.

"Yes, and he is always the last one done. Those irritable grizzlies give him so much fun, he hates it when we have to leave," Alice replied in aggravation. I had withdrawn within my thoughts when she mentioned grizzlies, but I was quickly pulled out of them when a dark curly-haired man ran through the clearing and pulled Rosalie into a kiss. I looked away, a little embarrassed, but when Alice shouted out "Emmett" I turned around in shock.

He turned to look at Alice who pointedly looked at me. He muttered "sorry" to Alice, or to me, I didn't really know because I was too busy trying to convince myself that it wasn't Emmett, that he died a long time ago, that I was going crazy, but when he looked up at me, and really stared at me, his eyebrows scrunched together as if he were remembering something, and then he whispered, "Isabella?"

I think I screamed and then whispered, "Emmett?"

"Oh man, I am finally going crazy. I really am. I've hit my limit. I am sorry for playing pranks on you Edward. I am sorry for putting pink hair dye in your shampoo bottle Carlisle, but man, I didn't think you would go so far as to make me think I am imagining someone who has been dead for a long time. Yup, I am crazy, nuts, jackpot, insane, mad, batty, cracked, smacked—"

"Emmett? If you are going crazy then so am I. I see you too—maybe we are both dreaming." I smacked myself on the head trying to convince myself that I really wasn't dreaming. To my surprise, Emmett stopped pacing and turned and ran to me. He jumped on me making me fall down onto the ground, and then gave me a huge hug.


"Emmett? You didn't die? You weren't killed by grizzlies?" I was shocked. Man, all the grizzlies I had taken my revenge on had suffered for a needless cause. "Oh, Emmett! I missed you so much!"

Emmett got off of me, pulled me off the ground and then pulled me into a great big bear hug. He kissed me on the forehead again, and then just held me. I was all to happy and would have been happy to stay in that position for years to come, but I was interrupted when I heard one very very very cold voice say in such a frigid tone, "What the heck is going on?"

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