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Biology could get no uglier than this, Miley thought silently as she and Lily were partnered up to dissect owl pellets and write a small report on everything they found inside the dead carcus feces. She'd already uncovered what seemed to be several small bones and what looked to be a small black squishy bead that Lily said looked like an undigested eyeball. Speaking of, Miley jumped a little when she felt a small finger prod her ribcage, she looked over at the nuiscance that was her best friend and noticed Lily holding a note for her, a rather annoyed look on her face, she took it quizzically before Lily nudged her head toward the other end of the classroom where the infamous Zombie slayer, Jake Ryan caught her eye and smiled, nodding his head to the note in her hands. She unfolded it,

Dinner tonight at seven? My treat,


Miley gave a small smile, she and Jake had been dating for a month now, officially, and all the girls in school were heartbroken, that is, except for Lily, who'd been rather shocked that Miley had given Jake another chance, after already blowing him off as an egotistical jerk, but did not voice any further objections, merely stating that if Jake was what made Miley happy, then Lily was happy. Miley looked back over at Jake and then saw that Mr. Erikson had his bald head bowed pouring over their latest tests but more than likely he was asleep, who wouldn't be? Either way the class was still rather uneventfully quiet for a Friday afternoon. She looked back to Jake and shook her head apologetically before mouthing 'Hannah concert' he looked slightly put out but nodded and winked before turning back to his and Oliver's table.

"What did dream boy want?"Lily asked a bit rudely as she pencilled something down on her notes.

"Nothing, just wanted to know what I was upto tonight,"Miley said. She swore she could see Lily roll her bright blue eyes beneath her long bangs that hid them from her view as she ducked her head to read something from her biology textbook. "Have you found out what that piece of yellow thingy is?"Miley asked a bit uncomfortably. Since she and Jake had begun dating, Lily had grown a bit distant, at first Miley had tried to include her in on the fun, along with Oliver, more as a favor to the poor boy whom Miley knew had been seeing Lily in a new light more recently and had been trying to work up the nerve to ask his longtime bestfriend out, but Lily had just started giving excuses to not hang around Miley when she and Jake were together, this limited many of their outings to mostly Hannah concerts, in which they still couldnt truly hang out without having to be under their disguises as Hannah and Lola.

"It's just an intestine, I think, probably apart of the owls colon,"Lily said blankly. Biology had actually become a bit of an interest for Lily, being the only girl in the class to not be afraid to get a little dirty, she was also the only one who managed to pass with an A on all the tests without much effort. Miley watched with fascination as Lily took a pair of tweasers and picked something out of the dissection and placed it under her magnifying glass, studying it. They were sophomores now at Seaview High, and unlike their freshman year, the invincible trio had been split further apart by schedule, Miley and Lily only shared Biology, English and lunch together whereas Oliver shared gym and Biology with Lily and Miley was left on her lonesome throughout the rest of her courses, she'd even taken theatre with the persuasion of Jake, who really used the PAC[performing arts centre as a means to make-out with Miley behind the curtains.

"Miley!"Miley snapped from her reverie.

"Huh?"she asked dumbly. Lily was pointing over at a scalpel on Miley's edge of the desk.

"I asked you to hand me that, twice, whats with you today?"Miley handed Lily the small blade and watched as she cut through the yellow "intestine,"and she nearly gagged as a black-ish gooey substance came out.

"I dunno, just distracted I guess,"Miley said honestly.

"Thinking about Mr. Fantastic? Well think again and put those thoughts on biology while we're in here, I dont wanna have to fail this class because my lab partner is too busy fantasizing,"Lily snipped. Miley felt a stab of anger, and even a bit of hurt from the sarcastic remarks from her best friend. She was about to open her mouth to reply when the bell suddenly rang, Mr. Erikson's head popped up and his beady brown eyes scanned the room from behind his square glasses.

"Don't forget that I want those reports on my desk by next class!"he said. Miley panicked, she'd barely written anything down on her paper and noticed that Lily had done almost all of the work, instantly, she felt horrible for letting her friend pull all the weight.

"Lily I'm sorry, listen, why dont you come to the concert tonight, we could have a sleepover, be like old times? Work on this together maybe?"Miley asked as she packed her books away. Lily looked at her strangely, Miley couldn't place what it was in her eyes that made her hold her stare, but just as Lily was about to answer her, she felt an arm loop around her shoulders.

"Hey sexy,"Jake's voice purred in her ear. Miley instantly noticed Lily's posture stiffen and her eyes went darker, like two gleaming sapphires, odd.

"I'll see you later,"Lily retorted before shoving her way past the crowd toward her locker.

"Whats her problem?"Jake scoffed. Miley shrugged. She wished that she knew, she had managed to talk Jake into allowing her to walk home on her own, before grabbing her study items for the weekend and making her way. It wasnt long until she heard feet behind her,

"Miley! Hey Miley, wait up!"Oliver panted. "Man you women sure do know how to get away when you want to, listen, I was wondering if perhaps, you could maybe talk to Lily and-"

"Oliver, I'm not really in the mood to play matchmaker, besides, Lily's angry with me and I have a lot of work to do to makeup my missed time today in Biology not to mention I have a concert in three hours I have to go prepare for so I'll see you Monday,"Miley took off without another word from Oliver. Jackson was already off working at Rico's by the time she got home and her father was scrummaging through his closet upstairs,

"Hey bud! Have you seen my moustache? I cant seem to find that hairy thing anywhere!"

"Daddy, why dont you just go without it? I mean its not like people will recognize you with or without one, men grow them all the time, it doesnt make you look any different,"Miley complained.

"Found it! Thanks anyway, hey you'd best get ready, is Lily coming along?"Robbie Ray asked his daughter as he put on the hairy contraption over his lip.

"I dont think so, I asked her to but I think she's a bit mad at me,"Miley said with a shrug as she went to her room and dumped her school things on the bed. She then went to her Hannah closet and tried to pick out something to wear, she heard her father come into her room but said nothing.

"Why'd Lily be mad at you, bud? You two fighting over that Jake boy again?"

"Kinda, I mean, no, Lily just hasn't been herself, ever since... well, since I started going back out with Jake, we dont spend as much time together except for some classes and at my concerts, but whenever I try to include her in, she just makes excuses to stay away, I dont know what I'm doing wrong, Daddy, she's my best friend I dont want to lose her,"Miley felt tears sting her eyes, as truth rang into those words.

"I'm sure you dont bud, but hey, listen, I'm sure whatever it is, you'll pull through, ya'll always have, aintcha?"he smiled and gave his daughter a small hug as she came out from the closet. "Ya'll be just fine, maybe Lily just needs a bit of space. Give her time, bud, and get yer pretty butt ready before we're late!"Miley grinned and obeyed her father with a mock salute as he left the room and shut the door behind her.

She then went to her bedside table and turned on the radio as she began to get changed into her outfit, she looked at the pictures sitting among the table, first the one of her beautiful mother, whom she wished were here in times like this, of course, she had to remember, if her mother hadn't died, maybe they would have never moved to Malibu, and Miley would have never met Lily. Either way, she still missed her very much, then there was a set of black and white pictures that had her, Lily and Oliver in them from the state carnival they'd gone to over the summer. That had been such an amazing day;

Lily had managed to get Miley on the ferris wheel after several hours of pleading and trying to trick her into it, Miley agreed to get on the fearful contraption, all three of them together, Miley in the middle, feeling safer as she wedged between the two of her friends, she'd screwed her eyes shut and buried her face in Lily's hair as the ferris wheel began to move, whimpering slightly as the seat gently rocked. Oliver was eating his cotton candy rather noisely and Lily was gasping, her form went slightly rigid, then relaxed,

"Miley, look!"Lily pleaded. Miley shook her head vigorously and whimpered her response.

"C'mon, Miles, it aint that bad, its really pretty,"Oliver said through a mouthful of the spun sugar. "It's not gonna breakdown if you look!"

"Shut up, Oken!"Lily snapped, her voice softened. "Miley please look, c'mon you've made it up here, now take a look at the world around you."Miley felt her nerves grow weaker by the second before finally opening her eyes and softly tilting her neck to look out beyond as the ferris wheel reached the highest point and she noticed the sun setting over the western Pacific. She unconsciously lifted her head from Lily's shoulder and gaped. It was magnificent, the colors of the warm July sun making the sky a brilliant masterpiece of bright pinks, golds and purples, settling over the ocean mirroring its effects, making it unable for Miley to tell the difference of where one part of the Earth ended and the where the sky began.

"See, its not so scary,"Lily smiled. Miley turned and smiled at her best friend, she took Lily's hand in her own and smiled back,

"Thank you for making me come up here, Lils, this is truly the most amazing sight I've ever seen." Miley watched as Lily ducked her head bashfully and Miley wrapped her arms around her friend in a warm hug before then crossing the line and kissing Lily on the cheek. She hadnt known where that came from, but Lily stared at her wide-eyed until they got off the contraption and then settled on making all three of them go to the picture booth and getting a souvenier for their travels.

Lily had never mentioned that kiss, of course it had been just a friendly kiss, but still, Miley pondered, why had she never brought it up before? Could that be a reason why Lily had been distancing herself? Perhaps it wasn't Jake, like she'd thought, she tried to remember that day and thought back on how long it really had been since Lily began to pull away from Miley emotionally and physically. Oh God, could I have scared her away with that kiss? Miley asked herself. She was about to ponder further when she heard her dad call for her. She sighed and went to switch off the radio when a set of lyrics suddenly caught her ear,

"I wanna know that love will surround us, and you will share it with me everyday tell me you care for me now and forever, I'll give anything to hear you say that I'm more than a friend" interesting group. Her fathers loud voice made her shut off the radio before she could find the name of the band so she could download that song later and hear the full version, but hoped to remember those lyrics and just look it up online.

When they got to the concert hall, Miley was already decked in her gear as Hannah and headed for her dressing room when she found a surprise. There was Lily, or rather, Lola, sitting on a stool in front of the large lit mirrors staring at her own reflection, decked out in her long violet wig, dark purple and black socks on her arms and fishnet stockings along with a white blouse and a denim black knee-high skirt, Lily's blue eyes caught Miley's surprised ones.

"Hey,"she broke the silence.

"I didnt expect you to be here,"Miley said as she walked over and deposited her purse on the dresser. Lily played with an invisible string on her stocking,

"Yeah, well I figured I would come and apologize for blowing you off earlier, I didnt mean-"

"Lily, you had every right, I'm sorry, I havent been a great friend really, I know that I havent been having a lot of time for you but I want that to change, I want you to be apart of my life, you're my best friend, please tell me we can still be best friends?"Miley asked, unsure as to why a lump had formed in her throat and she was now struggling to fight back tears.

"Miley I never said we stopped being best friends,"Lily stood and took the punk rocker in her arms, hugging her fiercely. "You are the bestest friend I've ever had, that'll never change, I'm sorry I've been distant but I just- I've been dealing with a lot, and... I had no right to take it out on you, and I'm sorry.. but I figured if you still wanted, I could stick around here for the concert and then we could spend the night together at your place, watch some movies and perhaps... catch you up on your bio homework,"they both shared a smile. Miley sighed happily, she pulled Lily into another hug before a pounding on the door and a yell that told them Hannah was on in five.

"Lily, tonight this concert is for you,"Miley whispered in her friend's ear, she wasnt sure why, but she could have sworn she felt the blonde shudder.

The concert went very well, it started with Bigger Than Us, and ended as she kicked it up to True Friend, in which she turned toward the last few lyrics and met Lily's eyes, and at that precise moment, felt her world fall out from beneath her as she saw tears sparkle in her friends eyes, her stomach seemed to flip and her heart felt as if it were floating in air...what the heck? She thought silently as she sung out the last tune, then turned to the audience and bowed, thanking them all for showing up before running into Lola's arms and hugging her fiercely just for being there. She felt lightheaded, but in a good way, what in the Sam Hill was happening to her?

Lily was a bit shocked at the sudden PDA from her best friend but did not object, instead, the two of them merely walked hand in hand to the dressing room they got themselves in gear and headed toward the Stewart residence after declining party invitations.

They were now both in their pajamas and working diligently on catching Miley up on her biology, not wanting to wait it out until the last minute, just in case, Miley had turned the radio back on midway between working and hummed along to some of the tunes that came through it, Lily even joined her in a singalong when Kelly Clarkson's "Miss Independent" came on only to be silenced by a pounding Jackson on the door telling them to keep their dayjobs, Miley bit back her own retort but Lily voiced her opinion as if reading her mind,

"Miley's dayjob IS being a popstar, doofus!"they heard Jackson grumble something on and on about crazy teenaged girls before his feet clambered back downstairs. They giggled madly, before suddenly, a familiar tune came on the radio and Miley hushed her,

"What?"Lily asked confused.

"I heard a bit of this song before the concert, I really like it,"she hummed along to the lyrics.

"Michael Learns To Rock? Yeah they're okay,"Lily said tapping the side of her notebook with a pencil like she did whenever she listened to music.

"Thats who it is? Huh, never heard of em, but they're good,"she sung along to the chorus after having heard it earlier. Lily just watched, fascinated.

"Lily?"Lily snapped from her daze. "Venture off to Never, Never Land again?"Miley joked giving her noggin a soft knock with her knuckles. Lily batted her fist away playfully with a small grin.

"Hey, I like Peter Pan, forgive me if I visit him sometimes, cant say the Lost Boys miss me though, they wouldnt be Lost with or without me,"Miley burst out laughing at Lily's joke. The laughter became contagious and soon the two girls were rolling along the matress laughing and frolicking and playfully beginnging a tickle fight. Lily soon gained the upper hand however, because unlike herself, Miley was extremely ticklish and this was a fact well known by both Lily and Oliver. Lily straddled Miley's waist and tickled her ribcage, Miley howled with insane laughter, tears streaming from her eyes, her cheeks red from the lack of oxygen. Miley felt Lilly's hands calm down and she blinked, slowly regaining her well-needed air and blinking more, she gained her sight back through the tears and noticed Lilly staring at her with dark eyes, her face suddenly serious. Miley's eyebrows rose,

"Lily?"as if in a trance, Lily's name broke her out of the spell and her eyes seemed lighter, and rounder as Lily hopped off of Miley, muttering an apology, her ears were beginning to tinge red, like what happened whenever she was embarrassed. Miley stared quizzically at her before opening her mouth to speak, however, Lily gathered her books and placed them back in her knapsack before crawling under the covers. "Lily?"she repeated.

"I'm tired, I have to be back home before eleven Mom needs my help with yardwork,"Lily half-lied. Her mother didnt need her help but she had wanted her to be home before noon at most to try and get some dinner started early for her brother and father who would be working til then.

"O...kay,"Miley said, unsure, but nonetheless crawled beneath the sheets and turned off the lamp, leaving the room in a dim glow from the moonlight that shone in through her lone window across from them. "I'm really glad you came, I've missed you, Lily." With that, Miley shut her eyes and promptly fell asleep, not noticing two wide blue eyes open and stare at her before a tear escaped one and ran down her cheek onto the pillow.