Spring break was only a few short days away and the entire sophomore class was buzzing with excitement about the final day before break that would hold the annual Spring Formal. Miley had already agreed to go with Jake, telling him that she'd even pay for his ticket to make up for blowing him off, and Oliver had actually worked up the nerve to ask Lily but the poor boy fainted before she could answer. Lily had not spoken one word to Miley since that day at her house, which was two weeks ago, she was hoping that Lily would show upto the dance with Oliver and she could corner her there. However, by the end of their biology period on Friday afternoon, she had no time to ask Lily if she'd see her at the dance before Lily ran off, not even bothering to stop at her locker. Miley sighed and dropped off her books before steadily walking home. Her phone buzzed and she checked, a text message from Jake:


Cant wait to see you tonight for the dance! Pick you up at 6:30.



She had to grin, she knew that Jake would always sign his real name just for her because it was their little secret together, he knew about her being Hannah and she knew about his real name. So whenever they wrote notes in class, they'd sign Leslie or Hannah so the teachers could not decipher who wrote what if the note got found.

"Hey bud, ready for the dance?"her dad said.

"Yeah, I wish I knew if Lily was going though,"Miley said, somewhat depressed that she'd lost her best friend.

"Aw, bud, just give her time, I know it seems rough but I'm sure things'll work out, who knows, perhaps she'll come tonight and you two'll make up and have a sleepover, anything to make certain that Jake boy dont try and keep you all night,"Robbie Ray only half-joked. In all honesty he wished that his daughter would have better tastes than the teen celebrity and girl-magnet Jake Ryan who seemed a bit too offlandish for Robbie's tastes but didnt object to their dating so long as Jake never hurt his baby girl.

"Thanks for the pep talk, Dad, but I seriously doubt I'll ever hear Lily talk to me again, she seems pretty upset with... well whatever I did,"Miley got up and slung her backpack over her shoulder before heading upstairs to get ready. By six-thirty, Miley was all prepared, she wore a light cotton lavender dress that had an open back and hooked around her neck from the front, not showing a whole lot of cleavage, it barely passed her knees and had a small slit on each side for "breathing room" as her mom used to say, her hair was down in loose brunette ringlets, and she went light on the makeup, applying just a bit of lavender eye shadow and some clear lip gloss to brighten out her features. She also found the lucky charm bracelet that Lily had given to her when they first met, and decided that it would be a perfect conversation-goer, that and it was the most cherished piece of jewelry she owned, besides a few pairs of her mothers old earrings.

"Miley! You're dates arrived!"Robbie Ray's voice didnt bother to hide its rather impatient tone for having the teen heartthrob in his home. Miley came down to see Jake in a pair of black slacks and a navy blue button up shirt with a ridiculous gold tie, next to him stood Oliver, who agreed to come along in case Lily didnt show, wearing black slacks, a white button down shirt and a black formal jacket.

"Woohoo, look at you!"Jake smiled at his own rhyme. Miley gave a half-smile, hoping that he wouldnt try anything too stupid while her dad was in their presence.

"What time does the dance end?"Robbie Ray asked, a bit menacingly, to Jake.

"Nine,"Oliver answered as Jake did not stop ogling at Miley, who kept her attention on her dad, a bit embarrassed.

"I'll see my daughter at nine o-five then,"he said clearly.

"Dad, it'll take nearly ten minutes to walk back home,"Miley said.

"Nine-ten then, not a moment later, got that, boy?"he asked.

"Yessir!"Jake gave a hearty salute and chuckled, but his face fell at Robbie's stern look. They turned to leave after Miley waved goodbye and headed down toward Seaview High where they could hear the music from the gymnasium outside, pounding the streets and making them vibrate in time with the beat.

As they entered the school, lights flashed and decorations were up in all sorts of bright, easter like colors, tables were situated around the room and the main floor was left empty to several couples and kids who danced to the sounds of Blink 182 being pumped out from the large speakers. Jake went to get a drink and Miley followed Oliver, her eyes scanning the room staring, hoping for any chance that she might run into Lily. Oliver asked her to dance and they shared a couple before Oliver moved onto Sarah and she shared a few slower songs with Jake. Right as a very familiar tune, True Friend, popped on, is when she broke apart from Jake and noticed her. Miley could almost feel her eyes pop out of her head at the gorgeous creature standing across the room, just entering the gymnasium doors. Lily wore a silky light green blouse that was left unbuttoned below her collarbone to expose flawless white skin and surprisingly enough, she wore black slacks with shiny black low quarters, her hair was pulled back into a simple ponytail, a bit of light green eyeshadow brought out her vibrant blue eyes and lip gloss made her pink lips shine. Miley snapped her jaw shut and checked to see if she had been drooling. What in the heck was happening here?

Lily looks nice, its okay for me to appreciate my best friend, Miley argued to herself internally. Yeah right, my thoughts just now were WAY more than friendly, she is FINE! with a capital F! Miley felt her heart constrict and beat harder against her ribcage as Lily locked eyes with Miley and gave a genuine smile that made her stomach do flips. Her palms began to sweat and she suddenly felt very timid and shy, like a schoolboy with a crush.

"Hey Miley what're ya starin- WHOA-HO-ho! Truscott, nice entrance!"Jake beamed cockily as Lily made her way over cautiously, Miley noticed that Oliver was on Jake's other side, drooling like a bad habit. Lily's face flushed red, from anger nor embarrassment, Miley wasn't sure. But either way, Miley slapped him in the ribs to silence his eager attitude.

"Lily, you- wha- WOW!"Oliver stuttered out. Lily giggled. Miley felt her heart soar...what the HELL?! While Miley internally debated with herself, she was hardly aware that another dance song had begun, it grew louder as thunder had erupted outside and Jake had led her off into the floor whilst Oliver drooled over Lily and Lily stared after the young heartthrob couple. Miley sunk into the dance as Jake spun her around, catching the lyrics:

So she said whats the problem baby?

Whats the problem,

well I dont know well maybe I'm in love,

love think about it, everytime I think about it,

cant stop thinkin bout it,

how much longer will it take to cure this?

Just to cure it cause I cant ignore it if its love,

love makes me wanna shout it out and taste it

but I dont know nothin bout love, ohhh!

Miley remembered hearing this song once before, she and Lily had danced to it at an after-concert party, and she remembered how nice it had been to twirl into Lola's arms and laugh at the lyrics. It had also been the first dance they'd truly shared together, and Miley paused her dance with Jake and apologized before walking off losing him to a swarm of greedy girls. Miley spotted Lily trying to somewhat dance with Oliver who wouldnt stop staring at her as if she were an ornament or a taco, whichever he preferred but as if Lily could sense her eyes on her, she turned and they got caught in the moment. Miley gave a hesitant smile and walked toward the dancing couple,

"Lily, I believe that this is our song,"she said. Her face went red at the thought of how that sounded, Sweet niblets, could I be any crazier? Why dont I just tell her how crazy in love I am with her? Wait... what?! Lily stepped out of Oliver's arms and bowed slightly to Miley, rather sarcastically before offering Miley her hand,

"Will you do me the honor, Miss Stewart?"Lily asked. Miley smiled and gratefully accepted her hand, they began to twirl in time with the chorus as the song got more hyper-energetic,

So c'mon, c'mon move a little closerr

c'mon c'mon I wanna hear you whisper

c'mon c'mon settle down inside myr loooove

Ohhh, we're Accidentally in Love

Accidentally in looooove

Accidentally in love

Accidentally in looooove...

"I've missed you, Miley,"Lily whispered sorrowfully into Miley's ears as she twirled her back into her embrace. Miley spun back out with a confused smile on her face,

I'm in love I'm in love I'm in love

I'm in love I'm in love!


I'm in love I'm in love I'm in love

I'm in love I'm in love!


"I've really missed you too, Lily, I dont understand why we're even having to talk about this,"Miley said as she wrapped her arms around Lily's neck and refused to let Lily twirl her back out. Lily sighed and looked downcast,

"Miley... I told you, its for the best-"

"Whats for the best? Us not being friends? Because as I can tell right now, you dont think thats true and I think your just spouting off a bunch of B-S to cover up something deeper, something hidden that you're afraid of telling me, so why dont you just say it?"Miley asked. Lily pulled away.

"You think its easy for me? To be able to walk the halls alone and not want to be near you or have you as my friend? I told you, Miley I miss you, I meant it!"she snapped.

"Well telling me you miss me and then telling me you still want to keep me at arms length isnt making any sense! So I dont see what you're problem is!"a loud crack of thunder ceased the room to silence as the power flickered and the music went out, loud complaints were heard but all Miley could see or hear was Lily.

"Why cant you just stop? Stop being Miss Perfect and Proper and see whats right in front of your eyes?!"Lily screamed, the silence around them was deafening and a loud crash ahead warned them of the rain that now pounded on the roof of the gymnasium.

"What are you talking about Lily?"Miley asked quietly, hoping to save herself and Lily some embarrassment from the ongoers who were being nosy. Lily just rolled her eyes which were vastly gathering tears,

"Sometimes I wonder who really writes those songs of yours, Stewart,"Lily growled and Miley's eyes widened in warning for Lily to keep down about her secret. "Then again, you just sing them, they are just words to you, but to others they are so much more."Lily turned and fled the gymnasium, Miley took about four seconds to recover before taking off hot on her heels. She wished that she would have brought a rain jacket or something other than her small purse as head cover but it was too late, she was soaked through and now she might as well try to find Lily.

Lightning flashed through the sky and Miley used it to her advantage to see through the darkened High school grounds, praying that Lily hadn't had a ride waiting for her, but her hope brightened when a flash helped her notice a blur of green and blonde and she followed it off toward the small pond on the side of the school near the cafeteria. Sure enough, there Lily was, on her knees, and from the shaking of her shoulders, she was crying heavily, tears pouring down with the rain.

"Lily!"she called. Lily turned and stood abruptly as Miley approached running. "Lily are you nuts?! What the heck are ya tryin ta prove?!"

"Just go away Miley! Hopefully God will do me a favor and strike me dead here and I wont have to worry about it anymore!"Lily cried.

"What?! LILY DONT YOU SAY THAT!"she roared over the thunder, another bolt of lightning flashed in the sky. "It's not funny! Nothing is worth dying for!"

"Now who's spouting bullshit, Miss singer of love songs?! Dont you believe that Love is worth dying for?"Lily asked.

"Well yeah, but Lily, whats this got to do with anything?!"Miley cried, grabbing her friends shoulders, hoping to shake some sense into her, Lily turned abruptly but didn't bolt, just moved from Miley's grasp.

"Go away, Miley! Leave and be with Jake, he's probably wondering where you are!"Lily got upset.

How the Hell can she think I'd be worried about Jake right now?! She's the one out here acting like she deserves to be killed for some unknown sin... Love worth dying for, Love? Huh? Jake?

"So you DO love Jake?!"Miley cried, outraged.

"NO!"Lily argued, then growled frustratingly, screaming out into open space. Miley grew more impatient and then an idea formed... albeit insane, it was her only option of getting her best friend to open upto her once and for all.

"What the heck do ya think you're doing?!"Lily yelled over another clap of thunder as Miley threw her shoes off and ran for the pond, tripping on some root as she splashed and falling face first into the water, it didnt bother her, she was already soaked. "Miley its lightning out here! Get outta there before you get yourself killed!"

"You said that Love was worth dying for! Prove me wrong, Truscott!"Miley challenged. Lily stood there, staring agape. "You tell me right here, right now, why you dont want to be my friend and I will walk out of here and leave you forever alone if thats what you wish, but until then, I have a right to decide whether I want to die for those that I love!"

"You dont know what you're talkin about, Stewart! Get the heck outta that water or I'll get you out myself!"Lily warned.

"Great, then we'll both die together and at least I'll somehow find out!"Miley giggled, splashing around, she felt a small amount of fear as lightning struck across the sky again, and wondered if this really was a stupid idea.

"Miley get out! C'mon its not funny anymore!"Lily grew anxious. Miley grinned,

"Not til you tell me whats wrong with you!"she cupped water in her hands and poured it over her head. She really hoped that this water was somewhat clean, it looked murky from all the rain and mud that she'd been splashing in, her dress was completely sodden and ruined, her makeup gone, her hair tangled and plastered to her skin. Lily's clothing was likewise stuck to her like a second skin and her hair was now loose from its ponytail and drooping around her face, clinging to the wet face.

"GET OUT MILEY!"Lily warned again, upset now, as lightning flashed warningly.

"Tell me whats wrong and I will!"Miley splashed her arms childishly. "All you have to do is say what it is, Lily, tell me and I'll get out, I dont even see why you care so much when you dont wanna be my friend-"

"I'M FREAKING IN LOVE WITH YOU, YOU DOLT!"Lily screamed at the top of her lungs. Miley felt all the air from her own collapse and her heart had suddenly stopped before resuming at an alarming rate, her eyes widened and her jaw slacked.

She... she loves ME! Not Jake.. she's in love with HER! Her best friend, her best GIRL friend is in love with her...not that this bothered Miley so much as the fact that she realized that all the times she'd thought back to when Lily was there for her, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, a warm embrace, Lily was her strength, her guidance, her support, and had loved her willingly, without a doubt and without question, she'd handled her secret as Hannah and still managed to treat Miley like a regular person. And for that Miley was eternally grateful...She's my best friend, but I dont like girls... do I? Wait.. Lily is beautiful, who am I kidding? I dont like girls, I like Lily, I've always liked Lily, I.. I love her...Oh my God! I'm in love with her! What the Hell?! Her mind pieced together all the glances, the touches, the sparks between them and how Lily had made Miley feel so complete, she'd become her other half since she moved to Malibu and she was certain that she could never love anyone like she did Lily... Lily was sobbing again,

"Are you happy now, Miley? You dont have to worry, I'm going to talk to the guidance counselor after break and have all our classes seperated,"Lily fumbled meekly as she cried, her hair fell around her eyes as she lowered her head miserably. Miley walked upto her out from the pond, lightning flashed and thunder clapped, the rain refused to stop, and neither would Miley, with a newfound determination, she strode upto her friend's form and lifted her face up with a finger beneath her chin gently before locking eyes with two puffy blue ones...By the Gods, I wonder if she knows just how beautiful she really is? Miley looked down and noticed Lily's lips, they no longer held the shine from the lipgloss but still looked oh so sweet. She had to...

Leaning down, Miley closed her eyes and felt an electric like current flow through her as her lips collided with the softest pair she'd ever felt, unlike Jake's rather sloppy and rushed heated kisses, this kiss was slow, deliberate, gentle and loving. She felt Lily weaken her posture and she wrapped her arms around Lily's waist to hold her up, Lily likewise, slid one arm around her neck and the other around Miley's waist, pulling her closer and pressing their bodies together, the wet cloth the only thing seperating them. Miley felt Lily's tongue gently swipe at her bottom lip, asking permission that she gratefully granted and could not hold back the moan that escaped her as Lily's tongue probed every inch of her mouth, sliding along her own, teasing, touching, tasting every drop. She was sweet, like cherries and a tad bit of rootbeer. Only when the need for air arose did the girls reluctantly part and press their foreheads together, Miley stared at Lily, who had not yet opened her eyes but carefully licked her lips, as if worried the taste were just a dream.

"Look at me, Lily, please,"Miley was a bit uncertain whether she had done the right thing. Lily shook her head,

"No, if I do you'll dissappear and I'll be back in my room waking up and this'll all have been a dream, I dont want it to be a dream..."Lily's voice hitched and Miley noticed another tear slip out among her damp cheeks.

"Then open your eyes and I'll prove you wrong, Truscott,"Miley smirked softly, she leaned forward and pecked Lily's sweet lips once more just for good measure before seeing two beautiful sapphire eyes open and stare at her, the love shining in them reflecting in her own, and Miley noticed that the rain had stopped, and the clouds were dissipating and the moon came out, giving her a chance to really see how gorgeous her eyes truly were, she saw herself in them and noticed her own look of love to Lily and hoped that Lily knew that she truly was the other half to Miley's soul and that her eyes would never look this way at anyone else so long as she still breathed.

"Hey there,"Miley grinned.

"Hi...Miley?"Lily asked, her voice sounded a bit offlandish, as if asked by a frightened child. Miley swiped her thumb where the tear had previously marked her cheek.

"Yes?"Miley whispered.

"I'm in love with you, I love you like crazy, I think of you every moment, your the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I think of when I go to bed, even my dreams wont let me be in peace from your sweet face, I want you to love me like I love you, I want you to see me in the same way that I have seen you since I first laid eyes on you, just as you are, Miley Stewart, Hannah Montana, dual popstar, dorky biology student and all,"the girls both giggled, but Lily's face still remained somewhat serious. Miley cupped Lily's cheek and made certain to keep eye contact as she responded,

"I'm sorry it took me so long to realize that all I've ever wanted in my life had been handed down to me in a simple yet beautiful tomboy skater package,"they laughed. "And I'm more sorry that I never realized just how much pain I'd put you through, if I could only go back now, but I know I cant, and I want you to know that I wanna spend every moment of the rest of our lives making up for the time that we've lost because of my... or rather, Hannah's 'blonde' nature, I love you, Lillian Truscott, flaws and all."A moment of silence and loving staring ensued before Lily's face cracked into a smarmy grin,

"Call it what you will darling but I still say that you're a natural blonde."Miley playfully slapped Lily on the shoulder. Honking out ahead forewarned them of parents coming to get students and Miley noticed that it must be nine and the dance was slowly dwindling down, the loud music from the gymnasium however still played loud enough for them to hear from this side of the school as P!nk came through the speakers singing,"Love Song."

"Miley, may I have this dance?"Lily asked, holding out her hand.

"You may, and all the ones for the rest of my life, Lily,"Miley grinned, taking her hand and they held one another close, rocking to the sweet lyrics,

I've never written a love song

that didnt end in tears

Maybe you could rewrite my love song

if you could replace my fears

I need your patience and guidance

and all your lovin and more

when thunder rolls through my life

will you be able to weather the storm?

Both girls giggled softly at that last line,

"I think you could deffinitely, you stubborn hick,"Lily kissed Miley's shoulder sweetly.

There's so much I would give you baby

if I'd only let myself, theres a swell of emotions

that I feel I must protect

whats the point of this armour? If it keeps the

love away too?

I'd rather bleed with cuts of love than

live without any scars

Baby can I trust this?

Or do all things end?

I need you here would you die for me, again

and again, and again?

So tell me when you look in my eyes can you

share all the pain and the happy times?

And I will love you for the rest of my life

Miley looked deeply into Lily's eyes, and kissed her soundly,

"No more secrets?"she asked.

"Never again,"Lily smiled, agreeing to their old promise.

This is my very first love song

that didnt end in tears, I think you've

rewrote my love song

for the rest of my years

and I will love you for the rest of my life.