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This is kinda dark for me. Every time I listen to this song I think about this story, so I thought I'd get it out there.

Alex sat on the couch, unshed tears in her eyes. She put her head in her hands and sighed. She couldn't go on like this. Alex lifted her head and looked at the empty bottles laying around. There were piece of a broken bottle by the wall with rank brown liquid spilling out.

Alex got up and started throwing the bottles away, pouring out all the liquid left in them. Then she cleaned up the mess of broken glass and bourbon on the floor. As she cleaned she remembered the fight she and Olivia had when Olivia stumbled in a few hours ago.


Olivia dropped her keys on the end table and took off her coat. Alex walked in, saw the state Olivia was in and shook her head, "Not again. Liv, this is becoming a problem."

Olivia looked confused, "What?" Olivia was having a hard time keeping her eyes focused on Alex and an even harder time trying to concentrate on the conversation at hand.

"You going out and getting hammered every night," Alex snapped, "You have a problem."

"No I don't," Olivia stated, putting her hand on the wall to stabilize herself.

"You can barely even stand up!" Alex grew angry.

Olivia shook her head, "You're overreacting. I've just had a hard few days."

"Olivia," Alex lowered her voice, "You're hard few days has been two weeks. You need help."

Now Olivia got angry. She stormed off into their bedroom and slammed the door.

Alex picked up the nearest bottle of liquor and threw it at the wall. It shattered and spilled onto the floor.


There was only one way Alex could think of to get Olivia sobered up. Telling Olivia she was going to end up like her mother certainly didn't help. Begging and pleading didn't work either. She was going to have to leave.

Alex walked to the bedroom and opened the door. Olivia was outside sitting on the balcony, watching the cars on the street below.

Tears leapt to Alex's eyes. As hard as it was going to be on her, she had to do it. For Olivia.

Alex crossed the room and stood in the open doorway of the balcony. "I'm leaving. Come find me when you're ready to fix this."

She saw Olivia tense up, but she didn't make a move or a sound.

Alex sighed heavily and walked back into their bedroom to pack some of her things.

There's a boat, I could sail away
There's the sky, I could catch a plane
There's a train, there's the tracks
I could leave and I could choose to not come back
Oh never come back

There you are, giving up the fight
Here I am begging you to try
Talk to me, let me in
But you just put your wall back up again
Oh when's it gonna end

Alex grabbed her coat and her bag. She opened the front door, but paused. She looked down the hallway hoping Olivia would run out and beg her not to leave. When nothing happened, Alex stepped out the door and closed it behind her.

Out of this chair, or just across the room
Halfway down the block or halfway to the moon
How far do I have to go to make you understand
I wanna make this work so much it hurts, but I just can't
Keep on giving, go on living with the way things are
So I'm gonna walk away
And it's up to you to say how far

So, how far did Alex end up going? Did Olivia even come after her?

Suggestions for the next chapter are very welcome...