Olivia looked at the street below, tears welling up in her eyes. How did it get this far?

The first time she remembered drinking herself to sleep was when she shot Eric Plummer. It all went down hill from there. She's run by the liquor store on the way home from work or go out for drink with the guys and Elliot would have to carry her home of call Alex to come get her.

And she kept telling herself that she wasn't turning into her mother, while Alex was telling her that that was exactly what was happening.

And now Alex was gone.

Olivia reached for the beer bottle next to her. It was empty. Olivia completely broke down. Alex was really gone.

Serena Southerlyn was just slipping on her dress when there was a knock on the door. Serena smiled when she looked at the clock, "She's early."

Serena opened the door, shoes in hand and instead of her date, a distraught Alex Cabot stood at the door.

"I-um…" Alex wrapped her arms around herself. She bit her lip as tears filled her eyes.

Serena took Alex's hand and pulled her inside. Alex walked to the couch and sat down, "I don't want to interrupt…"

Serena shook her head and picked up her cell phone. She pressed a series of buttons before closing her phone and tossing it onto the chair next to her. "I don't have a date anymore."

"You broke a date by text message?" Alex asked, sniffling.

Serena smirked, "Welcome to the twenty-first century." Serena walked over to the couch and sat next to Alex. "What's wrong, Lex?"

"I left Liv," Alex could barely answer. Tears started streaming down her face. She covered her face with her hands and sobbed.

Serena pulled Alex into her arms, "I'm so sorry."


Cragen was sitting at his desk, late that night, when his phone rang. He took a deep breath and picked it up, "Cragen."

"Captain," Olivia's weak voice came over the line, "I…I need help."


A week went by and Alex stayed with Serena. She also took a few days off before going back to work. While she was working she avoided going to the 1-6 like the plague.

At the precinct, when someone would ask why Alex wasn't around, Cragen would bark out orders or tell them to get back to work.

Olivia stayed at work later than usual and only went back to her apartment to sleep a few hours, shower, and change.

One day at about three, Cragen walked out of his office, jacket in hand. He looked at Olivia, "You ready?"

Olivia nodded and stood.

They'd been doing that for a few days now and the guys had learned not to ask where they were going since they never got a straight answer.

They walked out together as the three other guys sat around doing their work.

Half an hour later, the clicking of heals on the floor, broke the silence. Alex walked down the hall, taking deep breaths, trying to calm herself down. She paused before the doorway and set her jaw. She took the step and pushed through the doors.

"Hey Cabot," Elliot smiled, "Long time no see."

Alex quickly scanned the room, "I've been busy. Cragen around?"

Fin looked at his watch, "He should be back in ten."

"How'd the Tanner case go?" Munch asked.

"Convicted of aggravated manslaughter," Alex sighed and took her usual perch on Olivia's vacant desk, "He should have been sent away for life."

"You can't win them all," Elliot put his hands behind his head.

"Well, since I'm here," Alex set her briefcase down, "Do you have anything new for me?"

They explained their current cases to Alex who made notes and promised a warrant by the next morning.

Alex looked at her watch, "Well I think I'll go home and see if I can catch Cragen in the morning."

"I'm here," Cragen said from the open doorway with Olivia by his side.

Alex turned around and froze, her eyes locked with Olivia's. Alex studied Olivia, noticing that her eyes were clear and alert. Well she is at work…

Alex shook out of her thoughts and Olivia's eyes to look in her briefcase. She pulled out a folder. "My boss wants to see if you could take a look at this and give us your professional opinion."

Cragen walked over and took the folder.

Olivia walked past Alex to her and opened the top drawer of her desk. She dropped something in and it made the sound of poker chips hitting each other.

Alex looked at Olivia and caught her eyes. She asked the silent question by raising an eyebrow.

Olivia shrugged and gestured to the drawer.

Alex leaned over and peered inside. There were six blue chips in the drawer that all said One day at a time.

Alex's eyes widened and she looked at Olivia, who was smiling. Alex's mouth went dry. She opened it to speak, but couldn't form a coherent thought.

"Alex?" Cragen asked, taking Alex's attention off of Olivia.

"Yeah?" Alex asked looking at him.

"Tell Jack that I'll get back to him on this tomorrow," Cragen replied.

Alex nodded.

Cragen looked at his watch, "Why don't all of you get out of here?"

None of them wanted to look a gift horse in the mouth so the men got up and left as Cragen went into his office.

Alex looked back at Olivia, "Did you really…?"

Olivia nodded and put her hands in her pockets, "I didn't want to lose the most important thing in my life."

Once again, tears welled up in Alex's eyes. She bit her lip to keep from crying.

Olivia took Alex's hand, trying to comfort her.

Alex pulled Olivia to her and held her body close, "Let's go home."

Olivia gently squeezed Alex before pulling away. "Home?"

Alex nodded, "Home."

I really don't know how AA works. Only what I've seen on TV. So if what I wrote is not how it works, I'm sorry.