DC: My friend Zac Guthrie was my inspiration for this poem. This poem is basically describing him but I also thought it matched Hakkia. This Poem is being told through Gojyo's POV about how he sees Hakkia.


The way you act, all wrapped up in darkness, mind, soul, and heart close to the world.

You are sad and lonely, choosing not to cry and leaving it all locked inside.

But when I met you the things you said were kind and promising,

The things you wrote were funny and made me laugh so hard I cried,

And the things you did with me were fun, both of us momentarily forgetting all our problems.

As I got to know you I saw the darkness I did not see at first, yet I did not care.

For I saw the person that darkness was clouding; hiding from me.

Slowly as our friendship grew that cloud diminished and in its place was a genuine smile.

The way you acted, all wrapped up in light, you're very being enjoying the goodness of this world.

You liked my company, crying on my shoulder when needing my compassion to comfort you.

In this time I saw no darkness at all

Just you…

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