One For Sorrow by Bluerock7

Don't own Stargate Atlantis but one day, if I win a billion dollarsm I will. Just you wait and see. This may seem abit ooc for Rodney but I have always felt that he is a sensitive person who would have taken the death of others hard. Maybe some M/M later. Tissues at the ready then.

Rodney walked behind SGA3, slowly. They ignored him as others had been ignoring him. Nobody wanted to speak to him; no one wanted to be with him, to be his friend. All had deserted him after Doranda. He had been kicked off SGA1 by Colonel Sheppard; Doctor Weir had taken his position of Head Scientist away from him and given it to Radek. Everyone he thought were his friend now turned their backs on him. He was all alone.

The only reason he was on this mission was to be the fall guy, for the insult that Sheppard and Ronan had caused, when they had last visited this planet. Rodney was the one who would have to suffer the embarrassment of having mud thrown at him as retribution. And to top it all, he had Cadman here, to film his predicament. It was so not fair.

As they toped the hill, they looked down to see the Wraith attacking the village. Lieutenant Harvey gave the order for the group to go down and save as many of the villagers as they could without being captured or killed themselves. The Lieutenant turned to Rodney and said

"Try not to be too useless here McKay. We are here to save people not get them killed. You're good at that."

Rodney sighed and stumbled along behind the team. He was so weary of all the put-downs and slights. He was so sick and tired of it all.

They entered to village stealth fully, and parted to find as many people that were still alive and save them. Rodney headed down a street to see a Wraith just about to force his hand down on a child, he raised his gun and shot the Wraith repeatedly till the Wraith no longer got up but it bought the attention of the other Wraiths of the Team from Atlantis.

"McKay, you idiot,"screamed Cadman, "You have doomed us all. It's all your fault. I wish you had never been born, you murderer."

Rodney looked at her, so very hurt by what Cadman had said. She was right, they were all right, he was useless, pathetic, a killer, he had caused so much death. He did not deserve to exist. He looked around at the chaos, listening but not really hearing the screams and the whine of the Darts as they flew around, culling the victims.

His heart broke and he steered at Laura, with tears in his eyes. "I'm so sorry."

"Sorry, doesn't cut it McKay, you are so pathetic, when we tell the Coronel and Doctor Weir what you have done, you will be out of Atlantis so fast, your feet won't touch the ground."

"Good riddance's to bad rubbish" snarled Lieutenant Harvey

"Here, here" said the rest of the team.

Rodney couldn't take it anymore; he saw the anger and contempt on the faces of the people in front of him and remembered the attitude of those in Atlantis whom he considered his friend. But no more did they laugh with him but at him. He had had enough. Rodney turned and ran down the street.

"Come back here, McKay. Where do you think you are going? We have to stick together. Don't be such a coward." He heard them shout behind him. But he was not going back, never going back.

Rodney ran out into the main street and into the path of the Culling beam. He was gone in an instant.

"Rodney!!" screamed Laura Cadman in shock, "No!!!"

End of Part One ... Sorry!