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Colonel Sheppard ran through the corridors, as quickly as he could. Hurrying towards the Chair room. He had to get the chair up and running and activate the shield. The Wraith had returned and with them were the Ori and the Replicators. They were determined to destroy Atlantis and John Sheppard was determined to stop them.

The city shook as another Dart hit the city, John was thrown to the side and then staggered back as a Wraith materialized in front of him. John pulled out his gun and fired off round after round but the Wraith did not falter and continued towards him.

"Hallow are the Ori" the Wraith intoned, "Surrender and worship the true Gods, surrender and offer your soul to us"

"Great" muttered John "Look Al...can I call you Al? You look like an Al to me. Anyway, Al. The Ori are not Gods, The Ancients are not Gods, no-one living and breathing in this entire Universe are Gods so we are not going to surrender or give up, what more do you expect from us?"

"To die" whispered the Wraith

"You first" snarled Ronan coming up behind John and blasting the Wraith.

"Sorry Al, must go, got a city to save. You can have a nice chat with my associate Ronan, I am sure you have much to discuss"

"But late for that, this Wraith" and Ronan kicked it "is dead"

"Ah well, them's the breaks"

John and Ronan ran to the Chair room where they found Doctor Zelenka and Doctor Beckett arguing over the Chair.

"No I will not get into this torture trap" yelled Carson

"We need you to help save the city" snapped Radek

"Let someone else save it, I am a Doctor not Hercules"

"Can I be Hercules?" asked John

"You look more like The Flash but you sure don't move like him. What took you so long to get here? demeaned Carson

"Oh, you know, had to deliver a few bombs to the Hives, kill a few worker bees that got into the city and�I had an appointment with my barber"

"You cut your hair?" asked Radek

"What do you think of my new style"

The three looked at Colonel Sheppard's hair but could see no change. They became confused.

"Never mind" sighed John as he sat in the Chair.

It powered up at his touch and with the help of the ZPM, the city's defense systems cam alive.

"Here's hoping that Rodney's new defense system works" muttered Radek

"It will, I have faith in Rodney"

The city vibrated and then with a whump, a beam blasted out and destroyed the Hive-ship that was directly above it. Then smaller beams sliced through the air, ripping the darts to pieces, then like magic it seemed to suck the beaming module from the wreaked ship and transport it down to the Jumper room. This was something Rodney had added so that no lives that had been culled would be lost.

An Ori ship came around and that too was blasted from the air, not one of the Enemy ships stood a chance once they came into range but there were so many of them and all wondered it these Ori had come from Earth or this was a new battleground.

There was a brilliant flash of light, and it took a little while for all to get their eyesight back, Ronan had raised his gun and was preparing to fire when he saw that there four people were human and one of them was a woman. They were familiar to all and Radek dropped down in shock as he stared at two of himselves. The woman, they could see was Elizabeth and this confused Carson as he had seen Elizabeth in the Control room trying to get in contact with earth.

"Rodney!" yelled John and he sprung up out of the chair and grabbed Rodney and kissed him and hugged him.

"COLONEL" screamed the old three and John reluctantly pulled back from Rodney and returned to the chair.

"Missed me huh, Major Sheppard" smirked Rodney

"Colonel" said everyone in the room.

Rodney looked confused then gave an apologetic shrug to John.

"If you can't remember my rank, then call me John" he purred as he destroyed more ships. but still more arrived.

"Ok" smiled Rodney. "Here, use this to destroy the Ori" and he held up a triangle shaped silver object that fit in the palm of his hand.

"The doohickey that can destroy the Ori" crowed John

"Yes, and I will just fit it into the chair and away you go"

"It will not hurt the Colonel?" asked Atlantis Radek

"No." Rodney saw that the Atlantians looked at him in disbelief. "oh please. Trust me"

"Alright, I do" John took a deep breathe, concentrated and thought the doohickey on. A blue light rose out of the city and speed up to the Ships above. It surround the Ori ships and turned them into ice, which became too heavy to fly and fell to the sea below and sink. None of the Ori survived. The blue light then turned to the Wraith and Replicators, turned red and blasted them to smithereens. The battle was done and the great City of Atlantis, with the help of Colonel John Sheppard and the genius of Doctor Rodney McKay, had won. Time for celebrations, explanations and helping Earth to rid themselves of their Ori.

Twenty-four hours later, they met in Doctor Elizabeth Weir's office. All was there, Colonel Sheppard with his arm around Rodney, who was typing on his computer, trying to see what Radek had done to his city while he had been gone, the three Radeks who were speaking to each other in Czech. Carson, who was watching them, with a bemused look on his face. Teyla and Ronan, who looked confused. Colonel Caldwell who was ignoring Sheppard and McKay and what they were doing. General Jack O'Neill and Doctor Daniel Jackson were there as well to express the thanks of the Earth Government. Well Jack was there to do that and Daniel had decided that it was a good opportunity to see Atlantis. Jack wondered what he would need to do, to get Daniel back to earth. And sitting at the desk looking over all the chaos was Doctor Elizabeth Weir and glaring at her in a corner was the Replicator Elizabeth Weir.

"Excuse me people, lets get this thing moving so we can party some more" yelled Jack. Everyone became quite and Jack continued. "so we were up to when the Ori and their allied arrived to confront you" pointing at Replicator Elizabeth "so how did you escape them?"

"Doctor McKay fixed a weapon that I asked him to fix and we used it to destroy the Replicators which were the majority and then were able to destroy the Wraith and Ori using good old fashion Ancient technology"

"We then proceed here, as per the agreement we had with Doctor McKay where he once again saved the day" smirked Radek/Rodney

The other Radeks rolled their eyes. "Yes, yes, once again the great Rodney McKay saved that day, what ever would we do without him" snarked Atlantis Radek.

"I hope we never find out" said John pulling Rodney closer and kissing him on the mouth.

Colonel Caldwell looked on in interest and General O'Neill laughed and thought about kissing his own scientist. Doctor Weir looked on in disapproval. She growled.

"Enough of this open display of affection. It is disgusting and not what a member of my team should do in public"

All looked in shock at her. Jack twisted his mouth in disapproval of her words and Caldwell looked shocked.

"McKay is not staying in Atlantis. We do not need him. He can return to earth or whatever perverted hell he wishes to dell in but I do not want his perversion her. Colonel Sheppard, you will come to my bed or you will go and bed in Leavenworth"

There were gasps and all rose and started to yell at Elizabeth, demanding to know what was wrong with her, why was she acting this way.

Rodney shouted out "This is not the Elizabeth�I respect and know"

"You are right" said Replicator Elizabeth.

They turned to her and demanded in one voice "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?"

Atlantis Elizabeth rose and came around the desk, in her hand was a zat, which she pointed at Daniel.


They became quite and sat down. Replicator Elizabeth smirked at the Atlantis Weir and said "She has a Go'uld in her"

They were all stunned.

"But how?" asked Carson

"When she was on earth after the Siege, she visited her boyfriend Simon, he is a member of the Trust and he placed a Go'uld in her. They plan to fly Atlantis back to the Milky way galaxy and strip it of all it's weapons and then using Sheppard and Beckett here, blast the Earth's governments into submission. This Elizabeth had hoped to entice Sheppard into her bed but when she realised that John was interested in Rodney, she sabotaged�Arcturus with the help of Collins who was also a member of the Trust"

Rodney was in shock, he found it hard to breathe and thought he might fai... pass out. He grabbed John's arm and held on for dear life. "I wasn't to blame?"

"No Doctor McKay, You fixed it, it would have worked and the Wraith would have been destroyed"

Teyla gave a scream and threw herself at Go'uld Elizabeth, who was startled and fell back, Teyla grabbed her around the throat and started to chock her. Elizabeth gurgled and tried to stop her, but Teyla was too strong. There was a flash and beside Elizabeth appeared a large worm. Hermoid the Asguard had beamed the worm out. The three Radeks screamed and Ronan pinned the worm to the floor, Jack, Daniel and Caldwell pulled Teyla from Elizabeth. Carson hurried forward to look after her. He smiled in relief to see that his Elizabeth will live.

"Why the smile Carson" asked Steven Caldwell.

"Oh I hate to see anyone die" Carson said smiling up at him

"This Elizabeth will never be in charge of Atlantis again" said Jack "This is too big of a betrayal and I think once the rest of the Pegasus people learn of what she had done, they will try to kill her, and us as well for defending her"

Teyla wept for the people lost that could have been saved since Arcturus. "I will never forgive her, she is dead in my eyes" Teyla pulled herself away from them and walked out of the room, followed by Ronan who glowered at the two Elizabeths.

Replicator Elizabeth sighed and said "Time for us to leave, we have a battle to fight in our own universe and still many a mile to go before we can rest. Come on Radek, Meridith, Chop, chop"

Radek and Meridith rose, bowed to Atlantis Radek and Carson. Smiled at Rodney, gave a salute to the Military and when Replicator Elizabeth pushed a button, disappeared but not before Radek said "Beam us up Roddy"

"Wow, so how may Rodneys were there?" asked John

"One too many" muttered Radek but he was glad to have his McKay back as trying to contain the Scientists was like trying to contain a child on Christmas morning.

Jack talked to Steven and it was decided to take Elizabeth back to earth in the Daedalus and going with them was Doctor Heightmeyer to try and help Elizabeth because as soon as she had become free of the Go'uld she collapsed in horror at all the destruction and deaths she had caused, even though it what not her directly, Elizabeth still felt she was to blame and wept. Doctor Elizabeth Weir would never return to Atlantis again.

It was decided that until the IOA had made a decision then Doctor Daniel Jackson would be in charge, with Doctor Rodney McKay as his second and Colonel John Sheppard remaining as Head of the Military. General Jack O'Neill would return to earth, explain what had happen. Resign his commission and return to Atlantis as Husband to Daniel and a Civilian Consultant, advising the SGA teams on how to talk with the natives of this galaxy and get along with them.

Colonel Caldwell would remain in charge of Daedalus with a new Doctor by his side. Carson had decided to join Steven and Doctor Jennifer Keller would take his place in Atlantis. Ronan became very interested in Jennifer. Teyla chose to return to her people and joined with Helling, together raising Jinto and three other Children, safely because Rodney built another Arcturus and made it right, using it to destroy the Wraith. It was an exhilarating time for the People of the Pegasus Galaxy to be finally free and able to live free from the tyranny. Rodney was worshiped by all, when it was learned of what he had achieved. But uncharacteristically, Rodney just laughed, blushed and refused all presents. John beamed with pride and kissed Rodney as his reward. Then took him to Canada and married him, witnessed by his Sister and her family, happy that Rodney was alive and had found joy.