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I watched the scenery of Forks go by at full speed. Alice and I were driving to the Cullen's home after Charlie gave me permission to go to her house for a "sleep over". Of course, it won't be spent with Alice, nor would the majority of the people be sleeping, but these details aren't important.

As we drove, Alice keeps mentioning future shopping trips to come and new outfits, both words bringing frightening memories through my head. I was mostly out of it today, to busy thinking about seeing Edward again. He had been hunting for 2 days, which was way to long in my mind.

"Bella, please tell me if I am boring you!" Alice seemed angry.

"What?" I replied as Alice jerked me out of my thoughts.

"Have you noticed how i have talked to you for the whole ride, and you haven't responded once?"

"I'm sorry Alice, it's just not seeing Edward for so long really is taking an effect on me"

"You could at least show some sign of consciousness."

Thankfully, before I had to respond to that, Alice's Porche, drove up to the Cullen's massive house.

As I looked down to unbuckle my seatbelt, I felt to cold, rock hard arms scoop me out of the seat. I looked up to see my life, my best friend, my Edward.

"Hey," the mixture of his silky voice and his intoxicating scent made my head spin.

After gaining control over my thoughts, I tried to form an intelligent thought.

"Hey to you to," was all I could get out, and apparently it was enough. Edward closed the space between us as he leaned over and quickly kissed me. My heart sped up even with that fast kiss and I wanted more but Edward just chuckled and pulled away.

"Be patient my Bella," he chuckled.

A "hmph" and a pout was all I could say.

He carried me to the front door, where he set me down before we went through the doors. I looked around and noticed Alice was no where to be seen. She must have left as I was in my daze.

As we walked in I was greeted by Rosalie and Emmett in the family room. Emmett ran over and picked me up in a massive hug, I was swung around a couple of times before I was set down and started gasping for air. Rosalie gave her usual greeting; sitting on the couch, ignoring my very presence.

Edward gave her a glare, and gently grabbed my wrist as he pulled me to his room.

He opened the door and pulled me to the couch and set me in his lap.

"So, anything you want to do today?" He asked

"This is just fine with me," Edward just chuckled and turned me around to face him.

"As it is with me, love"

I leaned my head against his chest and Edward placed his chin on top of my head. I was perfectly content with the day.

"Oh!" I jerked my head up quickly and accidentally smacked Edward's rock hard chin in my unexpected motion.

I rubbed my head, imagining how bad the bruise would be in the morning, and met Edward's eyes.

He looked at me questionably, his head cocked to the side.

"Is something wrong?"

"Charlie just asked me to call him once I arrived here,"

He motioned with his hands full permission to go and call Charlie.

I quickly pecked him on the cheek and carefully headed out the door.

As I peered down the steps, I saw how the family room was empty of any one of the family members. I continued down the stairs, proud of my unexpected gracefulness. I was on my third step when my ankle folded to the side and I tumbled down the staircase. I was subconsciously expecting hard arms to catch me, as always, but I continued falling, stopping abruptly, as I hit my head on the main floor. At the blow to my skull, my world went black.


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