Sooo sorry guys.

So here are my big crappy excuses!

1. I was gone to Oahu for a week.

2. Piano, i have been cramming like heck, trying to get down these two pieces of music, for a recital on the Fourteenth. my teacher told me to skip the recital cause i'm not ready (this was updated today, at my lesson) so now im can relaxe. (yay)

3 Lacrosse just started, mom's coach, she's always like, Hey Laura, let's go practice (yes my name is laura, i hate it)

4. Homework.


im thinking bout starting another story!

and, after friday i will be updating chapters like 3 times a week, to make up for my laziness! i have it all down, i changed her power like 10 different times (i'm happy with it now).

And my teachers are easing down on homework! Piano practice won't have to be all day after saturday, so that's good too.

So basically the big message is, I WILL BE UPDATING A LOT AFTER SATURDAY!!

sound good?!?

i'm sorry, i've been a crappy author, sorry sorry sorry,

BUT i shall reward you all with a new ORIGINAL story!

i just popped into my head

So make sure to read it,

It involves Lauren and it's NOT AU. It just has her moving from a side character to a main character. But it ISN'T lauren's story, it still involves our lovely vamp coven and Bella.

There's your hint.

there you go

so thanks for reading

you guys are all freakishly amazing.

like ----------------------------------------------------------- That much amazing! wow that's a heck of a lot of a amazingness!

thanks again!

OH BTW, where in the series does it say Lauren Mallory loses her hair?? I DO NOT remember reading it anywhere! well i do sorta speed read, having the tendency of missing stuff. If anybody could tell me, and please don't just say, oh the first book, say when this happened, during this, blah blah blha. PAGE NUMBERS WOULD BE GREAT! OOOH and if anybody answers WITH THE PAGE NUMBER, they get to find out bella's power EARLY! oh my goodness, wouldn't that be freakishly amaszing?!?!