Daddy's Girl

Dear Jonah,

I hope my letter finds you well. I've missed talking to you since Christmas, but I've been so busy this last term studying for my NEWTs that I don't think I've spoken to my own dorm mates, either! I'm sure Jean-Luc can relate, since he's working on his preliminary exams for the university, already. How is he doing, do you know? He doesn't write often. Mama hasn't been writing much, either, being so busy, but I hear she and Mr. Cavanaugh are doing brilliantly. Of course, you're much closer, so I suppose you'd know that better than I would.

Well, I know you want my news. Deborah and I are getting ready to move into the shop and take over for Dean and Lee, but we're staying with her family during the transition. We can still hardly believe we're graduates, now! The graduation ceremony was almost surreal, it seemed like it was happening to someone else. Aidan, of course, cried all over me and said he was afraid he'd never see me again—he has been so annoying since I broke up with him! It's like he doesn't notice he's gorgeous and every girl in the school wants to date him. You were right, of course, about not assuming a good friendship translates into a good relationship, and I know I should have listened to you sooner. I can almost hear you saying, "I told you so." But when have I ever been very good at taking advice? I'm sad to think that we won't be friends anymore, but I don't see how we can be, now. I guess that's one of the mistakes I will have to learn from, like Mama always told me.

By now, I'm sure you're well aware that I'm well aware what you're waiting for, and I'm drawing it out to tease you. Yes, I took your ever-so-cunning advice. I convinced the Malfoys to let me have a graduation celebration at the Manor, since Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny are visiting Charlie and his new wife (did you know, by the way, that his wife Angelina used to have a crush on his brother when they were at Hogwarts together? Peculiar that she ended up with Charlie after her first husband died, at least I think so.) Anyway, it was a nice party, and practically the entirety of Gryffindor House stopped in at some time during the evening. Yes, including Ran. He's got his flat in London close to his Quidditch supply shop and doesn't live there now, but he came over to congratulate us.

All right, all right, I'm done teasing you. I'll just tell you. And yes, Draco and Vianne knew exactly why I wanted to be at their home, and they were extraordinarily helpful. Between the three of us, we convinced Ran to show me the garden out back that he put so much effort into when he was still living there. The man is incredibly thick, for such a smart person. I paid him the most extravagant compliments, batted my eyelashes until I thought they'd fall off, and nothing. Finally I gave up and just kissed him. He finally got it at that point, thankfully, or I'd have had to assault him to make my point! (In other words, he kissed back.) And yes, I know, it's all due to your advice that we're together now. You're such a good sport about these kinds of things, Jonah.

Vianne, by the way, is already gushing about weddings and babies and all that, but I told her in no uncertain terms that I wasn't going to get married right off the bat—unless Ran gives me a particularly good kiss and melts all my good intentions. Kidding! I'm kidding, I swear! I promised you I wouldn't get married before I was twenty-one, and I mean to keep my promise. Besides, my life is going to be very full for a while, learning to run my uncles' store and trying to invent some new inventory to keep it lively. Deborah ought to be a big help with that, she's so creative!

I've rambled long enough, haven't I? All you really wanted to know was if I was dating Ran now or not. And I am! But don't worry—I promise I'll be a good girl and do you proud and whatever else it is fathers want girls to promise. I already had to swear this to Draco with my hand on that photo album of Papa before he'd allow it. You can come visit me at Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes anytime to see for yourself how respectable and responsible I am. No, really! I would love to see you. I might even try to cook you dinner, which ought to be an adventure. Well, I am a Gryffindor, that's supposed to be what we're good at.

Anyway, I love you, Jonah. Take care, and write me soon.

Your girl,


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Whoohoo, double post to finish off the story! Yes, I know, it was a really melodramatic piece about not much at all, but I wanted to write it, anyway. As soon as I started writing Maggie, I knew she and Ran were just meant for each other someday. Plus I wanted everyone to know that I really like Ron Weasley, even though I he's never actually been in my series, being dead and all. Anyway, I have one more one-shot that will completely close the Redemption series, a story that I think is a perfect and fitting ending to all this, so I hope you all read that one. I will likely post it sometime this week. A few weeks from now, I will begin posting the new series. I have now added in a little teaser on my profile page to get everybody excited! Check it out!

See you again soon,