Chapter 1-Understanding Zaraki

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Summary: Several women in the Shinigami become interested in 11th Division Captain Zaraki Kenpachi during a Shinigami Women's Association meeting. What will they learn about the man? Will it be enough to help tame the beast and his troubled heart? Or will they unknowingly do what no other has done before...and slay it.

How does one define the 11th Division of Seireitei when brought up in a conversation among those in its dwellings? How do you describe the Shinigami of that Division?

Do you call them thugs?

Call them animals?



No. Well at least not the last one anyway. That prestigious title is reserved for only one man among the entire 11th Division, who is the proud Captain that has brought fear to the hearts of both Hollow and Shinigami alike.

Zaraki Kenpachi.

Kenpachi himself has gone by several nicknames given to him, though whispered behind his back when they think no one is listening or he is nowhere in sight. This mountain of a man, who spikes his hair to place bells on his head has been called "The Demon of the Zaraki District", "Shinigami Sadist", "The Shadow of Death", and "Berserker's Fury".

Still, even with all these glorious battle nicknames that were given to the Captain of the 11th Division there was one that the man did not have that deep inside of him wanted, but believed he couldn't have.

Zaraki Kenpachi had never been called a husband.

He could barely call himself a Father on account of his Vice Captain Kusajishi Yachiru, who was his adopted daughter and so precious to him that the thought of losing her could send the man into a weeks worth of rage. She may not have been his daughter by blood, but she was to him in mind and spirit, which to Kenpachi was the only two things he ever needed to call her his little girl.

Thus begins our story.

(Shinigami Women's Association Meeting)

Not many surprising things happened in the SWA that its members considered to be the elite in terms of the female gender when you have its President being Kusajishi Yachiru. They had dealt with many of them already dealing with "Candy Friday" and the "Who had the Pinkest Hair Contest", which of course the tiny in height of a President had both thoroughly enjoyed. But now on this day of all days the said President was in a state that the women of the Association had never seen before and were beginning to wonder if the end of the world was near.

Incidentally, the Vice Captain of the 12 Division Kurotsuchi Nemu had checked with her calendar and determined it wasn't for another 1200 years.

But that was beside the point.

The current point was that the President of the Shinigami Women's Association was not her happy, laughing, and chaos making self. Kusajishi Yachiru was currently the exact opposite of how she normally acted like when someone said the word "candy" in a single sentence.

In one word Yachiru was...depressed.

The last time that happened was when Yachiru was banned from the Candy Store for a Month and the Fireworks Store until she became a mature adult. 12th Divisions members still had nightmare about a speedy pink demon lighting off dangerous flying explosives everywhere causing the destruction of countless experiments.

"Yachiru-san why are you not your happy self?" said Nemu looking at her fellow Vice Captain with some remote amount of concern, as she found this side of the pink haired wonder to be strange in itself.

"Its nothing Shy-chan," said Yachiru in a depressing tone before letting out a sigh as she tried to draw on the paper in front of her, but did it without the vigor she normally did.

"Yachiru-san are you ill?" said Captain Unohana Retsu of the 4th Division in charge of healing and medicine of Seireitei.

"No Braidy-chan it's just...its nothing," said Yachiru not meeting the gentle woman in the eyes.

"Is this something that happened with Captain Zaraki?" said Ise Nanao knowing that aside from candy and fighting Hollows, Yachiru cared only for her adopted Father that was also her Captain.

Yachiru stopped drawing for a second before continuing not answering their question, but that simple physical response told the women that ran the SWA that something was not right between the two. Knowing they would never get anything out of Zaraki they had decided to slowly press the issue let they incur the wrath of the pink haired child and later the wrath of the mountain of power that was her Captain.

"Yachiru-san did you and Kenpachi-sama get into a fight?" said Rukia knowing that the two got into several arguments, but never to a point where Yachiru was depressed.

"No," said Yachiru, as the reason behind her depression was not from an argument.

"Did he hurt you in some way? Physically?" said Kotetsu Isane, who was the Vice Captain of the 4th Division sitting beside her Captain.

Yachiru looked at the woman in disbelief that she would ask such a thing of her Ken-chan and violently shook her head "No" at Isane's words.

"Then what happened then Yachiru? You're not really giving us much insight into what happened between you and Captain Zaraki that's made you so...sad," said Rangiku, who felt that whatever was going on was upsetting everyone around her.

"It's not what you think Sake-chan. Ken-chan would never hurt me. It's more that I hurt Ken-chan," said Yachiru looking ready to cry, but held them in knowing that if she did cry or Captain/Father would look down upon it.

The women of the Association were stunned by this news. Yachiru was deeply depressed for hurting Kenpachi? In what way? The man lived for pain and fighting! What weapon did the girl use to wound the great beast of the 11th Division?

"It is my understanding that the last time Captain Zaraki was seriously hurt it was with his fight with Kurosaki Ichigo. Has Captain Zaraki visited 4th Division since then Captain Unohana?" said Nemu looking from Yachiru to Unohana curiously, who shook her head "No".

"No! You don't understand what happened. No one could understand Ken-chan," said Yachiru making the other women look at each other with worry.

'Understand Ken-chan? What the hell is going on?' thought the group before looking at the tiny girl before them more determined to get to the truth behind this enigma.

"Please tell us what happened Yachiru-san. I think if you told us then maybe we can help you in some way," said Unohana looking at the poor girl's struggle not to cry.

"Well...I suppose," said Yachiru telling her tale of how she had hurt her Ken-chan.

(Flashback-1 Night Ago)

Kenpachi and Yachiru were sitting outside on a clear night sky with the moon high above them shining their light down on them, as taller of the two let his back rest against a tree, with the smaller one sitting in his lap.

"It's a good night tonight don't you think Yachiru?" said Kenpachi looking up into the sky and at the moon with Yachiru looking up with him.

"Sure does Ken-chan. The moon kind of reminds me of Baldy-chan though since his head is exactly the same shape. Can I paint his head white and make it look like the moon so I can look at it everyday?" said Yachiru looking up at her Captain, who laughed at the idea though he had to admit it would be good blackmail for any future event that comes up that his 3rd Seat didn't want to do.

"Maybe not everyday Yachiru since Ikkaku wouldn't like the fact his head looks like the moon and will try to remove it. However, it would be interesting so if you think you can paint his head when he's asleep go for it. Go by 12th Division in a few days to see if they can make you some glow in the dark paint so his head will glow as bright as the moon at night," said Kenpachi grinning his infamous shark grin that made many Hollows and Shinigami tremble in fear.

"Okay Ken-chan! Starting tomorrow I'll begin 'Operation: Turn Baldy-chan into Moon-chan!'" said Yachiru excitedly before snuggling up to Kenpachi while using the front of his Captain's coat as a blanket purring a little like a cat.

'You're one crazy girl Yachiru. Now if only you had a Mother to keep you in line when I can't,' thought Kenpachi his eye fell a little into what seemed like sadness for a moment thinking his child wasn't paying attention.

But she was.

Yachiru always had the ability to read Kenpachi's thoughts through his one seeable eye even when he didn't want her too and like before it seemed she could read them again.

"Hey Ken-chan," said Yachiru getting the large man's attention and snapping himself out of the sadness he had been feeling and buried it away.

"What?" said Kenpachi looking down at her with his casual look hoping she didn't see the look on his face.

"How does one have a Mommy-chan?" said Yachiru asking a harmless question.

"Well first, I think you have to be born, but your real parents aren't exactly around at the moment, so I'm technically your Father on account that I adopted you. I guess for you to have a Mother, I would have to get officially married to a woman that loves me and you in the way that I would in return," said Kenpachi looking down at Yachiru, who had now moved her head slightly to the right while looking at him.

"Ken-chan could I have a Mommy-chan some day?" said Yachiru with hopeful eyes at the man wondering if he could get married and give her the "Motherly Influence" she had hear other Shinigami from various Divisions mention in passing.

"Maybe, but I highly doubt it Yachiru. I'm not what you call "Husband Material" and all that shit," said Kenpachi looking to his right as if to see something that only he could.

"Why not? You're Ken-chan! You are the best at everything. I bet if you could you could get a whole group of Mommy-chan's for you and me!" said Yachiru trying to inspire her surrogate Father to set out on this new challenge.

"You mean start my own Clan? Hmmm...'The Zaraki Clan' does have an infamously nice name to it. But even still, what woman or women would even love much less start a Clan with me. Who would ever want to love 'The Demon of Zaraki?'" said Kenpachi looking slightly depressed knowing his own "habits" as well as personality didn't exactly attract the most promising female he hoped to find.

"Ken-chan?" said Yachiru looking worried at her hope and inspiration to be strong after she saw that same look he had earlier come back stronger then before.

"Its nothing just drop it," said Kenpachi looking into the sky hoping that looking up at the stars would make him forget this talk.

"But Ken-chan I...," said Yachiru only for Kenpachi to look down at her and glare at her like she had never seen him glare before.

"Just...drop it!" said Kenpachi before turning away in shame of glaring at Yachiru in such a manner since it was the first time he had done it to her.

"I'm sorry Ken-chan it was just...," said Yachiru only to be stopped again by a finger on her lips by Kenpachi.

"Not another word of this Yachiru. Were going home, its time for you to go to bed," said Kenpachi getting off the ground and heading home with a slightly squirming Yachiru in his muscled left arm.

(End Flashback)

The women before Yachiru were speechless! Zaraki Kenpachi was feeling pain not from a physical attack of a sword, or Kido Spells, but an emotional attack filled with loneliness of not being loved by a female woman he could spend the rest of his days with. It did sort of make sense though seeing as how Rukia had Renji, Ichigo had Orihime, Yoruichi had Kisuke, and Momo had Toshiro.

"It's not your fault Yachiru," said Isane looking at the girl and deciding to give her spirit a much needed lift off the ground it had hit so hard.

"Its not?" said Yachiru looking at the 4th Division Vice Captain with hope in her eyes.

"No it's not Yachiru it's just that you accidentally opened a wound in Captain Zaraki's heart that never healed yet at the same time was never attacked before," said Unohana looking at Yachiru and giving her a calm understanding look that eased the pink haired wonder's heart if only a little.

"I didn't mean to hurt Ken-chan!" said Yachiru, as she still felt guilty for hurting the only person, who ever gave a damn about her.

"We know Yachiru we know, but 'Ken-chan' doesn't. Why don't you go visit him and tell him you are sorry? We can handle the rest of the meeting for you so go along and do what needs to be done to heal his heart," said Nanao getting up from her seat and helping Yachiru to the door before giving her some money so she could buy something nice.

"Thanks Smarty-chan. I'm going to give Ken-chan a really nice gift though I may need to ask Baldy-chan for help since I'm 'under-age'...I think," said Yachiru now happier then before as she was determined to make it up what she said to her Father figure.

Nanao smiled at the girl finding that the girl's nickname for her was much better then her Captain Kyoraku's own of "Nanao-chan", along with his groping hands, and flirting with some of the nurses from the 4th Division. If it wasn't for Unohana's calm yet ever slightly threatening presence, the 8th Division would be piled with law suits, sexual harassment, and eventually paternity suits for the various nurses that fell under his drunken spell.

She could say this about the 11th Division, whether they respected someone or not they will show it and those they do respect are those that were strong in their eyes.

"Go hurry up now. I'm sure 'Ken-chan' will be thrilled to receive his gift," said Nanao, as she couldn't help, but feel she had entered a "parental mode" of sorts in regards to Yachiru.

"Thanks Smarty-chan! I'll tell Ken-chan you helped so he can find a way to say thank you to you too!" said Yachiru running out of the room through building crashing into people and objects as she went to head to her destination.

All Nanao could do was blink.

'Did Yachiru just say she was going to tell Captain Zaraki I helped her? Oh crap! What if she gets him something stupid and wants my head on a pike for retribution?' thought a now terrified Nanao picturing Kenpachi getting angry about his gift before turning into a black dragon glowing with his yellowish spiritual energy and swallowing her whole.

"My my Nanao seems to have developed a Motherly attachment to Vice Captain Yachiru. So when are you going to make your move on Captain Zaraki?" said Rangiku smiling a semi-wicked smile at her fellow Vice Captains looked back at her with an irate and angry expression.

"YOU WANT TO REPEAT THAT AGAIN YOU LAZY BIG BREASTED DRUNK!?" yelled Nanao not able to contain her fury at such an allegation made by Rangiku.

"You heard me four eyes! We all saw it when you comforted Yachiru just now. If I didn't know any better I would say you wanted to become Yachiru's 'Mommy-chan' and be Captain Zaraki's wife," said Rangiku knowing that the Kido master before her couldn't deny that her actions did seem to be around that type of form.

"I'll admit that being Yachiru's 'Mommy-chan' as you put it does sound pleasant if not stressful given her energetic nature in its own way. While I do believe that being the wife of Captain Zaraki Kenpachi is not on my 'to do list' anytime soon, I can at least say that I would make a better Mother then you," said Nanao adjusting her glasses in a dignified manner.

"What? My breasts were designed to nurture children. I probably have more nutritional milk in here then most cows could produce in a month," said Rangiku lifting up her breasts a little with her hands and flexing her body so her breast would stick out more.

"If by nutrition you mean lots of alcohol," said Soi Fong smirking at the larger breasted woman's expense and seeing Rangiku's ego go down a notch.

"Ladies! Ladies! You're getting off track. We have to do something about this or it could hurt Yachiru in the long run," said Rukia looking at the arguing women, knowing that since she was in a relationship already with Renji she could help without making things worse.

"Rukia is right we need to do something to help Captain Zaraki heal this wound in his heart before it one day affects Yachiru," said Unohana, as she felt herself compelled as a Doctor to deal with all pain related matters in the Seireitei.

"We should list the things we know of Captain Zaraki that qualify him as possibly being good husband material," said Nemu thinking from a scientist's perspective about how to deal with Kenpachi's heart.

"That's not much I'm afraid. All we know is that he loves the blood of Hollows, fighting Hollows, killing Hollows, slaughtering Hollows, maiming Hollows, and destroying all Hollows in front of him," said Soi Fong having seen Kenpachi's fighting record finding it to be very impressive with him taking on such tough opponents

"So basically he loves fighting a lot. Anything else?" said Rangiku slumping back in her chair wishing she could have some sake right about now on tap.

"No," said everyone shaking their heads before Nemu went into a thinking pose, as she did when solving something complex and thought as a scientist.

"Normally, when one wants to know more about something or someone, research on the said subject must be done thoroughly and extensively to gather the necessary information to compile all relevant data," said Nemu before writing some things down to plan for her to reason when she spoke to her Father/Captain on why she would have to embark on such a "research" type of endeavor.

"I don't even know why we are even trying to do this. I mean its Zaraki Kenpachi of all people. What has he even done to deserve our attention in this matter anyway?" said an irritated Isane crossing her arms in this matter.

"Isane!" said Unohana not believing her own Vice Captain would suddenly decide that one of her the Captains of Seireitei needed their help whether give or not.

"I'm not trying to be mean Captain, but its hard not to whenever I see him when he visits our 4th Division. I just can't get the nicknames for him out of my mind and that smile of his just freaks me out," said Isane shivering slightly at the thought of that giant standing in front of her.

"Regardless of what we think now of Captain Zaraki, he needs our help and we should help him at least find that one special person," said Unohana hoping they were doing the right thing in messing with the man's love life

She forced down the blush that threatened to creep up thinking she could be that woman.

"Unohana's right! They always say you can't judge a book by its cover so why not give it a shot. Who knows?! It might be one of us!" said Rangiku getting a laugh from some of the women while the others blushed slightly in embarrassment at the comment.

Honestly, how could anyone of them become married to Zaraki Kenpachi?

(At the 11th Division Compound)

Kenpachi frowned at the pile of paperwork in front of him wishing he could destroy it and tell the Captain-General that Yachiru ate it after she accidentally spilled candy on it. It had had happened once before so he could get away with it if he tried, but then decided against it knowing that Yachiru had her SWA Meeting today and the lie wouldn't work. Damn! What he wouldn't give for some freedom right now. Hell if it wasn't for the fact that his 3rd and 5th Seat had been outside training the grunts he would have THEM do all of his paperwork.

But that wasn't his only problem right now. The eye patch wearing Shinigami frowned in regards to his actions against Yachiru the previous night and felt bad about it. When she asked him about her having a Mother, it had wounded him greatly knowing that no sane woman in their right mind would want to be with him let alone help him raise Yachiru. The girl hadn't known that though and had always been optimistic in that regard that he could do anything and everything if he tried to like he did with fighting. Yachiru had to understand that even though he would like nothing more to give her all the "Mommy-chan's" she wanted the only way that would happen was if HE left her.

That was something he could never do.

'I suppose I could apologize to her when she gets back,' thought Kenpachi sighing, as he sat back against his chair hearing it strain against the sheer bulk of his size.

"KEN-CHAN!" yelled Yachiru happily as she made her presence being felt by the sound of her stampeding feet and the many screams of the various members of his Division as they were being knocked aside or stomped on.

Soon enough Yachiru literally burst through the rice paper door, skidding along the hard wooden floor, and stopped several feet from Kenpachi's desk.

"Hey kid. You had a good meeting at your female club?" said Kenpachi smiling at her and glad to see how happy she was compared to when she left that morning.

"Sure did Ken-chan! I got out early so I went to get you a gift," said Yachiru before she jumped on his desk and sat there looking at him with her happy almost cat like expression on her face.

"A gift? You didn't go into the 12th Division and steal one of the psycho's experiments again to keep as a pet again did you?" said Kenpachi recalling how Yachiru got past the security measures on the 12th Divisions experiment hall and freed one of them so it could play with her.

Had the creation not been put down, Kenpachi had no doubt Yachiru would have gotten it to roll over or fetch Ikkaku when she asked. The pink haired Vice Captain kept tossing it a melon that had a face that coincidentally looked just like Kenpachi's 3rd Seat.

"You silly Ken-chan. It's not a person or one of Clown-chan's toys. It's your favorite drink and I got it in large boxes. I had Baldy-chan and some of the others go with me to get them since I'm too young to get the drinks myself," said Yachiru seeing the surprised look on Kenpachi's face.

"You got me my favorite kind of beer?" said Kenpachi getting up from his seat knowing that when Yachiru had him get candy she got it by the bucket load and he was beginning to wonder how much this would cost his Divisions current budget.

"Yep! Smarty-chan gave me a lot the money to pay for it. I wanted to get you this gift so I could say I'm sorry about last night," said Yachiru her cheery face turning into that of a sheepish and slightly sad voice.

"Yachiru I...," said Kenpachi, but before he could say anything Ikkaku, Yumichika, and several other 11th Division members came in with several large cases of beer.

"You don't have to say anything Ken-chan. This is from me to you," said Yachiru before she used her quickness to sit on his shoulder again, kissed his cheek, and gave him a hug around his neck.

'Note to self get something for the 8th Division Vice Captain and find out her real name is before giving it to her,' thought Kenpachi knowing he was going to ask around and have a damn good reason other then getting her a gift.

(4th Division Compound)

"Vice Captain Nemu I still don't know why do you need to see Captain Zaraki's medical file. It is not yours and in me giving it to you I violate his right to privacy between him and Captain Unohana," said Isane looking at the other woman before her with that empty look on her face that resembled shyness.

"I'm well aware of the consequences of what I am asking you to do Isane-san, but I feel in order to understand Captain Zaraki I must know everything about him, which includes his medical records. I won't leave here with them, I just wish to read what was written down and then I will return it to you so your Captain does not suspect a thing," said a very calm Nemu having learned the art of infiltration and deception from her Captain and creator.

She had approached him in regards to Kenpachi and possibly "breeding" with the large 11th Division Captain so the child or children sired could be used for possible research. She of course had no intention of doing such a thing or at the very least the last part of her request, as she only used what felt would be the appropriate words to coax the man into agreeing into allowing her to get close to Zaraki Kenpachi.

As expected, when she asked to pursue Captain Zaraki, the 12 Divisions Captain went into a deep rant calling her a "whore", "slut", and various other degrading names that she didn't want him to speak. He was about to approach her ready to smack her until he made her whole face purple, but stopped suddenly as if finally hearing everything that Nemu had just suggested to him. When the thought of a child with massive spiritual energy from Zaraki of all people possibly being under his control to understand, manipulate, and experiment Captain Kurotsuchi Mayuri gave his ever reluctant approval. After all it was not everyday a chance for a research project that Nemu had suggested as this came along since the potential Father was too much of a brute to do those things too.

Still, the blush that appeared when Nemu gave her request had to be carefully hidden in the darkness of her Father's lab knowing that if he saw it, he would see it as a lie.

As Nemu looked down at the file in question with Isane, who gave into her own curiosity, they began to read the medical reports Unohana had written about the man. It had been well rumored among the other Shinigami of Seireitei that the two Captains had feelings for each other in regards to the whole "opposites attract" type thing. While that was the case there was really no foundation for these rumors and if there was? Well then the two were very sneaky in keeping it from everyone else around them.

"His upper body seems to have suffered more with over 350 slash or stab wounds to his upper torso, he has suffered 20 cases of blood loss, and had powerful Kido healing done to his face after one of Kurosaki-san's slashes hit him there," said Nemu having seen the pictures that went with this medical report.

"According to Captain Unohana when I spoke to her once on Captain Zaraki's condition, she told me he was muttering things and was slightly delusional at one point. Perhaps we should ask her about it?" said Isane while trying to keep her blush down from seeing Kenpachi's muscled body in the picture even if it was mostly wrapped in medical tape.

"It seems other then his stay here after his fight with Kurosaki-san, Captain Zaraki only came here for his one and only physical with Captain Unohana. That seems to be nearly a century ago," said Nemu looking at the single number of times recorded the man coming for the yearly physical.

"Another thing I can bring up with Captain Unohana since as her Vice Captain I can look at Zaraki-san's file," said Isane before closing up the file seeing all that they needed to see.

"Do you think it's possible?" said Nemu her question coming out completely out of the blue.

"What is possible?" said Isane putting the file away in the same manner it had been taken out.

"To love Captain Zaraki and to be a Mother to Vice Captain Yachiru," said Nemu hoping that her fellow female Shinigami didn't notice the possible blush that was rising to her face.

Isane was startled to even hear such a thing from Nemu considering her Father would be most upset if he found out that Nemu was not being entirely truthful in her pursuit of the 11th Division Captain. Granted the Captain of the 12th that created her was not the nicest guy around and it was well known to all that Nemu was hit occasionally for her supposed "failures" in regards to his experiments.

"To be honest Nemu-san I don't know. I personally never held any love for the man in regards to his way of life and how he treats others around him. The only reason I tolerate him as much as I do is because he outranks me and he cares about his Vice Captain, as if she was his daughter," said Isane frowning at the thought that Kenpachi and his men were always making a loud ruckus.

"While you may be right that along with most of the others I would like to give it a try at the very least so that I might see what Yachiru sees and why she always looks up to him," said Nemu having met the man once or twice herself and found his presence to like that of a large animal or alpha male that had no equal hunting for what he desired.

She turned away from Isane calmly, but quickly to hide the bush creeping on her cheeks, as the 12th Division Vice Captain wondered if Captain Zaraki Kenpachi would one day hunt and desire her. To be hunted like prey, to be caught by the power of his alpha male like presence, submitting to him as he took her as his most valued prize, and at the same time protecting her from those, who would try to take her away from him.

Such thoughts were both frightening and yet strangely exciting at the same time for her.

"Come one Nemu-san we should see how Ran-san and Nanao-san are doing in their own search. Knowing the former she'll want to get wasted long before the two even make it within seeing distance of the 11th Division Compound," said Isane exiting the room with Nemu right behind her to meet the others and gather more information on this growing enigma that was Zaraki Kenpachi.

(Seireitei Library)

"Why are we here Nanao? You know the libraries rules for this place won't allow me to drink sake!" said Rangiku pushing her hair back while her breast jiggled a little in the process, as she watched her nerd of a counter part look through one of the larger books involving previous battle records or reports.

"Will you keep it down! If you want to blame someone for the sake1 ban here blame my Captain when he came in drunk one day and started groping practically every woman in sight, including me! Besides all the previous involvements concerning Kenpachi on the battlefield are in here anyway so either you sit down and be quiet or help look through another report filled book," said Nanao in a whisper flipping another page of a current report she was reading involving Kenpachi and his 11th Division finding that the material concerning them was quite impressive.

Aside from the fact, that Kenpachi reportedly drank the blood of a hollow from one of the skulls during the fight.

"Fine I'll be quiet Mommy-chan," said Rangiku laughing at the thought of Nanao trying to take care of both her Captain, Kenpachi, and Yachiru all at once before committing suicide after giving up.

Had Nanao not thrown a book at her, she would have rolled onto the floor in a fit rather then simply be knocked to it.

(1st Division Compound)

Captain Unohana Retsu and Captain Soi Fong sat before Captain-General Yamamoto sipping tea with the elderly leader of all the 13 Captain of Seireitei. The kind man was most surprised to see both Captains's sitting before him asking questions about Kenpachi of all people and what his opinion of the man was. To the only two female Captains the elderly man before them was like a Father, who knew what was best for them. If this man could find positive aspects within Zaraki Kenpachi that made him worthy of dating, then the two women would use this information to further pursue the giant man from the 11th Division.

The only problem was the Fatherly figure before them that was Yamamoto was, like any other Father, curious as to the choice in the male they possibly wanted to date, and later on court with in the near future.

"Why the sudden interesting Captain Zaraki?" said Yamamoto looking at the two women with a raised eyebrow at the two trying to gauge them carefully.

"After the latest Shinigami Women Association meeting, we learned about some things from Yachiru about Kenpachi and after much thought decided to follow up on it," said Unohana smiling slightly at Yamamoto, as she thought back to when she first met the man when he first paid her a visit to her 4th Division Compound.


Unohana had been walking through her Division checking up on patients, nurses, and students that would one day be strong healers like her. She had just finished with one of her patients with a sprained foot when she heard a child's wailing and screaming to be free.

"Damn it Yachiru why are you being such a pain in the ass now?!" said Kenpachi, as he tried to restrain the struggling pink haired girl in his arms.

"But Ken-chan, Baldy-chan said the Doctor is mean and is secretly an evil witch, who can cast spells on children so she can make a stew out of them!" said Yachiru grabbing a hold of the door behind Kenpachi, as she tried to get free only to have the part she held break off from the door itself.

'I'm an evil witch? Well I must make sure to give this 'Baldy-chan' some extra treatment with my needles when he comes in for his next check-up,' thought Unohana approaching the unsuspecting two, as Yachiru continued to struggle to free herself from Kenpachi's unmatched arm grip.

"I'm sure the lady's nice and that Ikkaku was just messing with you and that she's real good with kids. Besides, there's so such thing as witches," said Kenpachi, who was now taking repeated kicks to his stomach in rapid succession from Yachiru.

'Well at least the new Captain of the 11th will give me the benefit of the doubt,' thought Unohana, as she was now behind the two.

"Are you sure Ken-chan?" said Yachiru looking at the tall giant as she finally stopped her struggles for freedom.

"If she's mean then she'll have to deal with me and my sword," said Kenpachi smiling his ever confident and shark like smile.

"YAY!" said Yachiru breaking free from Kenpachi's hands and hugged the man along the neck while the said man just chuckled at her antics.

"Excuse me Captain-san I'm Captain Unohana of the 4th Division here and I'll be the one overseeing the check-up of Yachiru-san," said Unohana feeling somewhat reluctant to breakup the Father and Daughter moment since it was so heartwarming.

"You don't look like a witch," said Yachiru with her head tilted to the side with curious eyes as she focused on the smiling woman looking up at her from Kenpachi's shoulder.

"See! What did I tell you Yachiru?" said Kenpachi looking from Yachiru to Unohana with a look that said "you better not be a witch or you're so dead" hidden behind his smile.

"You were right Ken-chan! Your always right," said Yachiru cheerfully before jumping off the man's broad shoulder's and right in front of Unohana, who continued to smile her ever warming smile.

"Hello Yachiru-san my name is Unohana Retsu. I'm the Captain of the 4th Division," said Unohana giving a small bow to the little girl before her.

"That takes too long to say. How about I call you...Brady-chan?" said Yachiru, who upon giving the female Captain her nickname got a laugh from Kenpachi.

"Don't take her nicknaming you the wrong way Unohana-san. It's her own little way of showing respect for the people around her," said Kenpachi remembering how she kept calling the old man "Yama-chan" or "Motto-chan" since his name was so long to say for her too.

"I'll take that into consideration Zaraki-san," said Unohana bowing her head to the man before taking Yachiru's tiny hand with her own and escorted the girl to the room to give a proper checkup.

(End Flashback)

"Unohana-san!" said Yamamoto almost yelling as he snapped the medical woman out of her thoughts and made her blush with embarrassment.

"My apologizes Yamamoto-sama I was just off in thought," said Unohana hoping her face wasn't too red from embarrassment let the Captain-General further pry into it.

"I see. As for your questions regarding Captain Zaraki and what I think about him I say he is loyal to those he serves, a good fighter, and honorable in some ways that most are not," said Yamamoto summing up what he thought of Kenpachi overall.

"Is he stronger then you?" said Soi Fong smiling to show she didn't mean any harm by it despite the mans sagely appearance.

"Well I may look old Soi Fong, but I'm no pushover when it comes to battle. Still I feel that every time Captain Zaraki challenges me to a duel I find myself becoming ill. Isn't that a strange coincidence?" said Yamamoto chuckling while both Soi Fong and Unohana sweat dropped knowing that the man was slightly afraid of face Zaraki in battle.

Considering the latter had yet to know the name of his zanpakuto, achieve Bankai, and was already stronger then most Captain's with his eye patch on was quite scary indeed.

"Thank you for your time Captain-General," said Unohana getting up with her seat along with Soi Fong and the two bowed before leaving to find the others.

"Zaraki Kenpachi, you may either be the luckiest man alive or the most hated depending on how this turns out," said Yamamoto when the two Captains left his office feeling a little...peeved that the man was getting all the attention from the Shinigami women.

Why was it the psychotic Shinigami always attracted the ladies and not the old looking?

(11th Division)

"You want us to WHAT?!" said Ikkaku and Yumichika together at the same time looking at their Captain as if he said he swore to never kill again.

"You heard me! Invite that smart Vice Captain woman over from the 8th Division over here for dinner. Its Nan-something," said Kenpachi looking in a nearby mirror rubbing his jaw in thought as he tried to remember the woman's name.

"You mean Vice Captain Ise Nanao?" said Ikkaku filling in the missing name for his Captain and getting a nod from the said man.

"Yeah that's the one. She helped Yachiru out earlier today and made her happy after an incident last night made her depressed. I owe that lady big time and I see nothing wrong in paying it back in the form of dinner. You got a problem with that?" said Kenpachi turning his attention to his now scared stiff 3rd and 5th Seats.

"No Captain Zaraki!" said Ikkaku and Yumichika knowing that if they said anything else would send them to 4th Division Emergency Room.

"Good. Oh and one more thing, I want this place looking nice while I'm out with Yachiru on her usual candy run later today. If its not I'll have her bite down on your head twice as hard Ikkaku and have her shave your head Yumichika," said Kenpachi making Ikkaku pale and Yumichika faint in horror of losing his precious hair.

Yachiru with scissors or shaver in hand when it came to dealing with hair was not good.

(2nd Division Compound-Strategy Room)

"So what information were you able to get on Captain Zaraki?" said Soi Fong looking at all the women before her looking a various pieces information written down or gathered during the initial "investigation" that had taken several hours to acquire.

"We were able to make several copies of all battle reports we could get our hands on, but even then all it does is tell us of Captain Zaraki's battle prowess. I mean the guy took on both Captain Tousen and Komamura at the same time, beating them both easily like it was nothing after they both used their Bankai's on him," said Nanao as she pointed to the various reports on the incident as well as others early on as a Captain of the 11th Division.

According to the medical file concerning him I saw the list of various types of wounds he sustained from his battles with both Hollow and Shinigami. A stab wound from Tousen, slashes from Kurosaki, and what look to be inconsistent bite marks from Hollows he has allowed to get close to him," said Isane showing copies of the pictures showing Kenpachi in bandages.

"We also checked Yachiru-san's file and found that she has only been to the Hospital for her usual checkup with you Captain Unohana," said Nemu earning her a side glance from Isane knowing they were pushing the envelope concerning the 4th Division Captain on the fact they looked at patient records.

"The Captain-General doesn't have any problem with Captain Zaraki other then he can get a little wild when in a long lasting fight," said Soi Fong having explained to the others what she and Unohana talked about with Yamamoto.

"Make's you wonder how wild he can be elsewhere," said Rangiku eyeing a picture of a bandaged Kenpachi with his upper body exposed showing he had A LOT of muscle that was hidden under his coat.

"Please Rangiku I don't really need to picture that in my head," said Nanao her eyebrow twitching, as her inner self screamed as it pictured Kenpachi being "intimate" with a female.

"You are just jealous because out of everyone here Captain Unohana is the only one here to see the man's other sword," said Rangiku looking at the 4th Division Captain, who had involuntarily made her face look like a mega sized apple.

"Captain Unohana would never do something perverted like that!" said Isane, as she was nearly shouting before looking at her Captain's ever growing blush of embarrassment.

"Look she's blushing, which means she saw how well endowed he is down there. Come on tell us! Just between us girl's here, how big is he? Did you give it a feel? Did you give it a big smooching ki...," said Rangiku only to have her mouth shut by Soi Fong not wanting to hear the woman finish the sentence and see her fellow Captain die in such a manner as blood overflowing from her head due to embarrassment.

"Please refrain from telling us your own fantasies Rangiku-san," said Soi Fong, as she looked around to see that Nanao and Nemu were both blushing at the 10th Division Vice Captain's unfinished sentence.

"I can assure you Vice Captain Matsumoto, the physical that I gave Captain Zaraki was for all intensive purposes strictly professional, and was not for my personal amusement," said Unohana, as her face was slowly returning to normal while trying not to imagine she was giving the man a bodily physical, only this time in his or possibly her own Division's bedroom.

"Sure you tell yourself that at night when you want him to grab a hold of you and take you all night into the day," said Rangiku before smirking at the other women around her as they all blushed at the thought of such an intimate act.

"Before we decide to get off our original topic let me remind you all that while we have all this information on the man physically what do we know about his personality?" said Isane keeping her blush from taking over her entire face.

"Aside from the fact that he likes to fight strong people...not much," said Nanao since the 11th Division Captain never went in for a psych evaluation knowing full well that the one, who gave it would need to see his or her own shrink afterwards.

"He and his squad constantly pick on the 4th Division when Unohana is not around," said Isane looking at her Captain with a look that said "you should do something about that".

"That's nothing new, but something always bugged me about that happening. Why do you tolerate their antics Captain Unohana? I mean from what I've seen the man's own spiritual pressure alone has made a whole section of your Division collapse, and that's when he's not increasing it on purpose!" said Soi Fong knowing that while the woman seemed to show almost infinite patience, but even that squad pushed her to her limits.

"Not many know this, but I have actually spoken to Captain Zaraki about his squad's behavior concerning mine when it originally started," said Unohana calmly, as if it were ancient history between the two opposites.

"You did!?" said almost all the girl's except Nemu wanting to hear the explanation rather then have it die in the echo left behind by the others in the room.

"Yes. When I originally asked why he was doing it, Captain Zaraki explained to me that his men were 'toughening up' my Division. He made a point stating that if my Division couldn't handle his, then they couldn't handle Hollows on the battlefield. When I asked him about him not 'flexing' his spiritual energy around, Captain Zaraki also said that by constantly dealing with his spiritual pressure, it would help my squad deal with Hollows, or should it happen the members of Aizen's Espada," said Unohana knowing that when dealing with such a large amount of spiritual pressure can freeze a person leaving them temporarily vulnerable.

"He said that?" said Isane, as she remembered when Unohana wanted to talk to Kenpachi privately that day and had smirked thinking her Captain was going to set the man straight only to find the said male Captain's own logic had somehow overridden her own.

"Now that you mention it, I remember how my Father seemed to acknowledge that ever since Captain Zaraki became the head of the 11th Divisions his men receive the most injuries when it comes to training. It is because of this that the 4th Division constantly has to heal them afterwards, but because of this Mayuri-sama noticed that the skills of the healers have become better then before. New medical techniques have been developed, the rate of 4th Division members reaching high seat levels has increased, and the death rate on the other 13 Divisions is also down," said Nemu having seen the bodies of the 11th Division members being carried into the 4th Division on stretchers after a training session with Captain Zaraki Kenpachi and Vice Captain Kusajishi Yachiru.

"If I didn't know any better I'd swear the man was not only single handedly improving how we run things here in the Seireitei, but was also sending you hints that he liked you Unohana-san," said Soi Fong growing more impressed with Zaraki by the minute while smirking at her fellow female Captain, who had the decency to blush slightly at the 2nd Division's remark.

Leave it to Zaraki Kenpachi to be a secret romantic at heart while hiding it through his own sadist ways of fighting and beating the life out of people.

The meeting would have gone further had there not been a knock at the door making the women hide the papers before seeing, who was at the door to the Strategy Room. Upon opening the door they saw it was 3rd Seat Madarame Ikkaku, who looked slightly afraid for some reason due his skin being slightly paler then usual.

"What do you want Madarame-san?" said Soi Fong keeping the door open halfway as to keep the others hidden from view though Ikkaku could easily as well as clearly sense the spiritual presence of the other women in the room.

"Is the Vice Captain of the 8th Divisions in there with you? You know Ise Nanao? I have a message for her from my Captain. I asked around and some of your men said she was here awhile ago so I figured this was my best bet to find her," said Ikkaku, who couldn't believe he was being sent to do this, but then again facing the wrath of his large and quite powerful Captain combined with his slightly psychotic pink haired daughter Yachiru did not bode well if he failed.

Ikkaku didn't think his bald head could take anymore bite marks and drool today.

"Yes I'm here. You said you have a message from Captain Zaraki?" said Nanao making her appearance keeping herself dignified despite the growing curiosity that was looming in the back of her mind.

"Yes. My Captain wished me to inform you that you are invited to have dinner with him at the 11th Division Compound tonight at 7PM sharp," said Ikkaku and almost laughed at the woman's jaw dropping expression, but held back if just barely knowing that if he did laugh, and his Captain found out...well there would mostly likely be an opening for his 3rd Seat position in the near future.

'Captain Zaraki is asking me to dinner? Is this because I helped make Yachiru become her happy self again? Did she tell him everything?' thought Nanao wondering, which course of action was safer, to go, or to not go.

On the one hand if Nanao went she could find out more about the man from the Zaraki District that everyone had been known to fear when in his presence. On the other hand, if she turned it down Yachiru would most likely be devastated, would infuriate Kenpachi, and possibly be the cause of a 40 percent of Seireitei to be destroyed in the process.

Tough decision.

"Please tell your Captain I accept and to see him along with Yachiru tonight at 7PM," said Nanao giving a brief bow to the 3rd Seat, who she believe, if the rumors to be true, was much stronger then his position led everyone to believe.

Another reason for her to find out more about the Captain of the 11th Division.

"I will. Oh before I forget, Yachiru won't be joining you and Captain Zaraki for dinner since she'll be with me and Yumichika visiting the 6th Division Captain so you two can discuss things," said Ikkaku before looking at the rice paper door, then back at the two women, and the proceed to leave to head back to help Yumichika make the 11th look decent for tonight.

For once, the 5th Seat's metrosexual ways would pay off, and be tolerated just this once since the Captain didn't want the woman to think he lived in a slaughterhouse.

"Wow Nanao you got Zaraki Kenpachi interested in you and all you did was be nice to Yachiru," said Rangiku seeing the annoyed looks on both Nemu and Unohana's faces at the 8th Division Vice Captain being invited to dinner.

"I'm sure it's nothing, but a simple repayment type dinner Rangiku-san. He obviously feels that he owes me for helping out Yachiru earlier today and is treating me to dinner to pay me back," said Nanao though she was surprised that Kenpachi would invite her to dinner since the man never invited anyone to dinner.

"If you want Nanao-san I will go in your place if you are not up to it?" said Nemu offered seeing the 8th Divisions Vice Captain was getting cold feet and saw her chance to take the woman's place.

"NO! I mean, there is no need for that Nemu-san I'm sure I'll be able to handle myself just fine. We'll meet at my Division Compound later to talk about what I learned from my interactions from Captain Zaraki. Agreed?" said Nanao looking and seeing everyone nod in agreement since her Captain would be asleep from drinking too much sake as usual.

(11th Division Compound)

So! What did she say?" said Kenpachi glaring down at Ikkaku with a look that said "she better have said yes or your ass is dead" with his spiritual energy putting pressure on the poor bald 3rd Seat.

"Nanao-san said she will see you at 7PM Captain," said Ikkaku sweating under the ever noticeably increased pressure of his Captain's spiritual pressure.

"YAY! Ken-chan has a date with Smarty-chan!" said Yachiru, who was jumping up and down upon hearing the news believing that this was just one step on the road to her Ken-chan getting her a Mommy-chan.

"It's not a date! This is the only type of way I can say thank you that I can think of that will surprise her. Women like surprises. Right?" said Kenpachi looking at Ikkaku, who could only shrug at the question since the reaction women get when it came to surprises varied from female to female.

"I wonder what kind of baby brother or sister I will get if Ken-chan and Smarty-chan get together?" said Yachiru, as she stopped jumping around and put a finger to her chin as if she were deep in thought not hearing the growling noise of annoyance coming from her taller counterpart.

'Calm down Zaraki! It's nothing. I'm just having a nice dinner with one woman. Yeah one woman and already Yachiru is on the stuff that happens after marriage. Wait! Why am I thinking this? It's just a simple 'thank you' dinner. That's it! Right? We'll talk, eat, drink, and call everything even down the line with no strings attached. Right?' thought Kenpachi thinking about it for several seconds before nodding to himself in believing that it was nothing, but a simple dinner with another Shinigami, who by luck of the draw or simple chance if you will just happened to be a woman.

"You think there is more to this then we know?" whispered Ikkaku to his long time friend Yumichika, who was dusting the dinner table that would soon be used later tonight.

"Who cares? I'm just glad the Captain is finally having dinner with a female other then Yachiru tonight and it's with Vice Captain Ise Nanao of the 8th Division," whispered an overexcited Yumichika knowing that the woman was highly sophisticated and could help teach their Captain a thing or two.

"Not that you idiot! It's not just Vice Captain Ise that's been acting strangely, but so also the Vice Captain of 12th, Vice Captain of the 10, Captain of the 2nd, and both top females of the 4th Division too! It's like they are all conspiring with each other and their target of interest seems to be our Captain. For all we know they could be planning some kind of assassination attempt on him and we being the only ones that suspect anything are going to be out with Yachiru in the 6th Divisions Compound tonight," whispered back Ikkaku wishing he could bash Yumichika on the head without causing a scene that would get their Captain's attention.

"You're being as paranoid as you are bald. Besides I think this dinner could be the one hope we have of making our Captain more refined. I mean look at Ise Nanao! She has brains, etiquette, and the sophistication need to make our Captain more beautiful and not act like the big brute that he...," said Yumichika, who stopped when he noticed a large shadow looming over him and Ikkaku making the two sweat knowing just who was creating that shadow.

"That I'm what?" said Kenpachi giving him his all piercing scowl that made weaker men collapse or run on the spot.

"That you have become that we all know and love Captain," said Yumichika laughing a nervous laugh while Ikkaku slowly inched away from him while giving him a "you are so dead" look before Kenpachi grabbed the feminine man by his neck.

"Yachiru...get be a shaver and a camera," said Kenpachi making Yumichika pale before he tried to struggle and make a run for it.

Soon screams of terror could be heard from within the 11th Division Compound making all who heard it shiver in fear not wanting to know, who was facing the wrath of Zaraki Kenpachi. At the time Ise Nanao was wondering whether or not it was a good idea not to wear body armor under her robes and simply go on a leap of faith that she would make it out of the 11th Division alive.

Upon hearing the scream she was strongly considering the armor.

(A/N: YAY! My first chapter of a Bleach fic. HOLY CRAP! Has the world come to an end? I'D LIKE TO THINK SO! HAHAHAHA! Seriously though I'm sure you are all wondering and saying "WTF?" after reading this. Yep that's right ladies, gentlemen, and sports fans of all mature understanding ages. This fic is a Zaraki Kenpachi Harem fic. Now I'm sure you are wondering WHY the man is getting a harem. Simply has never been done before. Plus I'm a big Kenpachi fan. Don't get me wrong I'm an Ichigo fan too, but let's face it what do we know of Kenpachi's past? Nothing! Nada! Zero! I like the guy (not in that way) since he's a big freaking kick ass machine who doesn't take shit from anybody. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS GUY?! Plus all the women that are with going to try and be with Kenpachi do not have potential relationship with anyone in the cannon. Nanao and her Captain do not have a relationship since he is the Shinigami equivalent of Jiraiya (the perverted part) mixed with Tsunade (the drinking and sleeping part) from Naruto. If there are relationships and I didn't know about them I'm sorry, but the mini-harem stays the way it is. I look forward to your reviews and I encourage all, who wish to make a Kenpachi harem to go for it! Until next time...PEACE!!!)