Disclaimer: Dominic Deegan, as well asthe other stories, characters, and games that I have made use of, do not belong to me. I get nothiong from this, aside from a few giggles. Mookie is the great and wonderful creator of D.D. And you should all go read his comic. Now.

And so my insanity begins...

TELEPORT! WTF? What's a Xwing? My father is WHO?

Voip what? Who's Gordon Freeman?
"Welcome to Hellfire Peninsula"
Whoosh "Um… hi. (Pears at uniform )"SG1…"
"You will be baked, and there will be cake"
Crack! "kiill the Sssp… waaiit who'ss the guy iin the ssscaarf?"
"We are the Borge. You will be assimilated. Your uniqueness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile."
"What's a Ziggy?" And why is it talking to me?"
"Oh now this is just wrong! The wooden stakes I can cope with. Same with the crossbow. But pompoms!?!"
Well I hope this is well recieved.