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Pairing: Lavi x Lenalee

Summary: It was just a simple walk around the headquarters, and yet it left a complex feeling. Lavi x Lenalee

A/N: I was watching D. Gray Man and thought that the couple wasn't bad so I wrote this. Enjoy! The song, 'Houseki' from Le Portrait de Petit Cossette really sets the mood while reading this one-shot, so please open the music file while reading. It really sets the grim yet hopeful mood.

Opening BGM: Snow Kiss

A black-haired Chinese girl strolled along the corridors of the circular line of rooms belonging to different exorcists. She smiled sadly at the door of each exorcist's room. Very soon, or later, they would be gone from the headquarters for their dangerous missions, and Lenalee thought, not hopefully, that they'll be gone from the world.

The Earl's movements have been very obvious and open. Everywhere there were Akumas, endangering everyone's life, even the exorcists, for some had been killed by level 2 ones.

Lenalee stared blankly into the air, until a waving hand in front of her brought her back from her trance. The black-haired girl blinked and turned to see her red-haired comrade and friend.

"Lavi," Lenalee acknowledged the eye-patched boy's presence.

"You spaced out just now, Lenalee," Lavi stated as if it wasn't obvious.

"Sorry, Lavi," Lenalee said and turned back to the doors, "But whenever I stared at the exorcists' room, I couldn't shake off the feeling that I'll never see them again. If they die on the battlefield, I…" She paused and looked at Lavi, continuing, "Everyone in the Order is important to me. They're my family."

"Don't worry, Lenalee," Lavi placed an arm around Lenalee, "We won't die. We'll support each other always until the Earl of Millennium is defeated. Until then, you have us, your friends. You have me, Allen, Kuro-chan, Yuu-chan and everyone else. Daijoubu. You have us to fight alongside with you."

"Arigatou." Lenalee said gratefully. Suddenly, she leaped towards Lavi, wrapping her arms around him and pressing her cheek against his chest.

"Lenalee," The red-haired exorcist was a bit shocked, but he smiled a few seconds later and wrapped his arms around her, hoping to give her as much comfort as possible. "You have everyone with you, don't worry."

"Will you always be with me, Lavi?" Lenalee asked softly.

"Yes, Lenalee, I will," He answered, "I'll always be by your side, just like the time when we got separated from Allen and Kuro-chan, I'll always look after you."

They separated from each other, and Lavi saw that the Chinese exorcist's cheeks were pink. He smiled and patted her head, "Well then, Lenalee, I have to go on to my next mission or else Yuu-chan will slice me into bits." He joked.

Just as Lavi goes off, he felt a pair of slim arms around his body, stopping him for a while. "I…I love you, Lavi," Lenalee said softly and the red-haired exorcist widened his eyes, "So, Lavi, don't die. Please? Can you promise me?"

"Ah, Lenalee," He answered, "I won't die, for your sake. I'll definitely return."

As the black-haired girl's arms around him loosen, Lavi walked away. A glint of hope and joy shone in his heart even though he knew he might well be possibly be killed by high level Akumas or the Noah.

I still have Lenalee, Allen, Gramps and my friends. I can't die.

Ending BGM: Houseki from Le Portrait de Petit Cossette

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