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This is Speak and Destroy.

The Story name is a song By Rogue Traders. From their album 'Better In The Dark'

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Song: 'Listen to your heart' Set to the one by D.H.T.



It was 2:25am and Ziva David was standing outside a door of an apartment, an apartment that she found herself inside a lot in the past few months. It was the apartment of Tony DiNozzo.

listen to your heart

They had been dating for around three months, nobody else new. But Tony had suddenly broken it off, he wouldn't even tell her why. It broke her heart. At NCIS things were different too. Whenever she talked to him he would look away from her and just nod. He wouldn't sit next to her in the NCIS van and he would barley talk to her at the crime scenes. She just couldn't do it anymore, she had gone to the Director's office the morning before and requested a transfer back to Mossad.

She had been standing outside for 20 minutes before she had managed to knock on the door. She heard footsteps from the inside, she took a deep breath. When the door opened Tony stood in his boxers gaping at her, her eyes were puffy and red from crying and she shook with silent tears.

"Ziva? What's wrong?" Tony asked her as he placed a hand on her arm, it was the most he had said to her in the past week.

"I am sorry Tony…Goodbye." She said shrugging off his hand and turned to leave, she felt his hand grasp her arm again. She turned to him.

"Just please Tony, do not make this harder than it already is, let me go" She said harshly, fighting back tears.

He let go of her arm "Don't make what harder? Ziva, please tell me what's wrong" He begged.

She started to walk backwards and barely above a whisper said:

"Goodbye Tony"

As she walked out of the apartment building and across the road she heard her name being call. She could see Tony running out of the building towards her. He had put pants and a shirt on in a rush.

"Ziva! Ziva please wait." He called.

When he's calling for you

"No Tony, I have wasted enough time waiting for you. Ever since you broke up with me I have been waiting. And I still do not know why you broke up with me, we were so happy, or at least I was. You have been ignoring me for the past three weeks! I cannot do this anymore. I am going back to Mossad. So this is goodbye."

Ziva got into her car and drove off not looking back. Tony stood watching her, he couldn't believe it, the person he loves leaving for good. He ran back inside to his apartment and grabbed his phone and rang Gibbs

Listen to your heart

'Gibbs' came the voice from the other side of the phone

"THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING, YOU AND YOUR FREAKING RULES. ZIVA IS LEAVING AND IT'S ALL YOU'RE FAULT" Tony yelled into the phone and hung up. He grabbed his keys and ran back out the door.

Ziva drove back to her apartment to get her bags. When she closed the door she leaned her head against it and breathed deeply. She knew she wasn't doing the right thing, she never ran away from a fight, but she just grabbed her bags and walked through her door for what was probably the last time.

There's nothing else you can do

Tony drove to Ziva's apartment, only to see that she was already gone. He thought of driving to the airport. 'I can't lose her' he thought as he drove faster.

When he arrived at the airport he saw Ziva getting out of her own car. He jogged up behind her.

"Ziva?" Tony said as he put his hand on her shoulder.

Ziva instantly grabbed his hand and twisted his arm around to the centre of his back. He fell to his knees.

I don't know where you're going

"Ziva, it's me, Tony!"

Ziva let go of his hand "I am so sorry Tony, what are you doing here?" He stood up.

"Please don't go" He pleaded trying to get her to look into his eyes

"I have to" Ziva said not meeting them.

"I love you Ziva, you can't go"

And I don't know why

Ziva finally looked at him, his eyes were red and she could see the sadness in his eyes.

"I will come back soon" Ziva said as she kissed Tony on the cheek, when she pulled away she kept her face only a few centimetres away from his. She was rubbing her hands up and down his arms. He had his hands rested on her waist.

"How soon?"

"I do not know"

But listen to your heart

Tony closed the gap between them and kissed her, taking Ziva by surprise, but she kissed him back. When they broke apart she had tears streaming down her face, see looked him in the eyes and said:

"I will be back soon"

Tony put his hand on the side of her neck and wiped her tears away with his thumb. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead.

"You better be" he whispered to her.

She nodded "I love you too…" She kissed him again

Before you tell him goodbye


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