For the loyal few who read 'A Night To Remember and 'If you go Down To The Woods Today', this is not the third instalment that I said there would be. This is a new and separate story, but I will add the latest addition to the other two stories as soon as I can.

Summary: Olivia and Elliot are undercover trying to catch out a pimp mob leader who is suspected of raping and murdering 7 of his prostitutes. Olivia is playing his latest girlfriend while Elliot, slightly newer to the cover is playing one of his body guards, however the case starts to get a little to dangerous for both Elliot and Olivia, how long can they keep their cover? Long enough to arrest their suspect?

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Familiar face.

The manor was packed with people, all drinking or high, or both. Olivia hated these parties but as Joanne she had to like them and be a good host. She had been undercover for a little under two months. She had been a prostitute for two nights; luckily both guys she'd had to 'entertain' had passed out before anything had to happen. On her third night her pimp decided she was "too good for someone else's fun" and had decided she would be his new girlfriend, a role she much more preferred.

Except for these parties, they were an opportunity for him to show off his girls to his friends whilst they get high and drink until alcohol is coming out of their noses. There had already been four fights so far this night, but that was good, usually at this time there would have been more.

As she passed through the crowds her only thought was how quick she could get up the stairs and hide away in her bedroom, she was sick of drunks and having her ass grabbed.

Eventually she had made it through the crowd who even littered the stairway and hallway and made it into her room. She shut the door behind her and went over to the couch she sat down and rolled the aches out of her neck. She bent down and pulled the black three inch heels of her tired feet. As she slumped back in the chair there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" She yelled to the closed door.

"It's me Jo…" She got up and walked over to the door, and swung it open. "Then why are you knocking?" She said to Gabriel.

Gabriel, or Gabe as everyone called him, was extremely attractive, but she couldn't help but think that all the psycho criminal ones always were. Gabe was tall, with brown hair, and big chocolate brown eyes just like her own, sometimes she found herself getting lost in them. He was very muscular and had a tanned body that was to die for, he came form Croatian ancestry, through his fathers side, his mother had been born and raised in New York though..

At times she had to remind herself she was undercover and this guy was a criminal and most likely a rapist. For some reason though she was beginning to have doubts, no doubt Gabe was big on drugs and liked to use his fists on guys that forgot their place but she had never seen him so much as raise his voice at any of his girls.

"Are you going to let me in or are you just going to keep staring at me..?" Gabe said with a smile on his face that made Olivia's stomach feel tingly.

"Sorry Gabe…" She said smiling as she opened the door, not realising how long she had been staring at him.

He walked in and closed the door. He walked over to the bed and perched herself on the end of it.

"You okay baby?" He asked stroking her hair gently. "I'm fine, I was just a little hot down there so I thought I'd come up here for a while. Is everything okay down there?"

"Except for another fight. Julian's just brought me some more guys the ones here are all wasted and we need some order back down there. You sure your okay, you look a little pale?"

"Sweetheart I'm fine."

"Good because I…" He paused while he pulled her up from the bed and held her close to him. "Want you to come and meet the new guys."

"You just want to show me off ?" she said with a knowing smile.

"Well I need to show them what they can and cannot touch."


"You know I think they can wait five or ten minutes." Gabe said suggestively as he pushed her back onto the bed falling on top of her, immediately he started to kiss her neck. She couldn't help but moan, he was so soft and gentle, he had never hurt her in anyway she was starting to think this case was all wrong he was possessive, really possessive he hated anyone so much as looking at her, but he was always nice to her.

"Gabe, Gabe, Gabe stop. We need to go back down. We can finish this off after when everyone has gone." Gabe stopped as she asked and rested his head on her chest.

"Okay then, come on." He said, pulling her up so she was sat up. He bent down and picked up her heels. He knelt on the floor and put one on her foot. Stroking her leg as he did, then he put the other one on. He stood up and pulled her to her feet.

He took a moment to look at her, she had a blue strapless dress on that hugged her curves, to him and everyone else at the party she looked sensational, but he knew that she was his and no one else's and he'd kill any other man who tired to touch her.

- - - - - -

Gabe led Jo through the room, holding gently on to her hand as he did. As the got into the foyer there was a group of about 8 men. Gabe led her straight up to them.

"Hey Gabe these are your guys." Julian said stepping next to him. Gabe looked at them all, they all looked muscular, they'd fit the role of body guard great. One of them in particular caught Olivia's eye, it was a familiar face, Elliot.

He spotted her too. They both looked at each other while Gabe took in the others. For a minute Gabe took his eyes of the other guys, he didn't like the way this guy was looking at her, more importantly he didn't like the way that Jo was looking at him.

They were both brought out of the stare as Gabe stood behind Olivia he put his hands around her waist and rested his chin on her neck. Olivia placed her hands on his. "And you are..?" Gabe asked him, tightening his grip slightly, showing Elliot that she belonged to him.

"Scott Dalton." Elliot said holding out his hand for him to shake it. Gabe looked at

His hand then looked at him square in the eyes.

"Well Scott first rule, don't touch her, don't even look at her she's mine." His face was serious. For a minute Olivia thought he was going to smack Elliot.

"Sweetheart, he doesn't stand a chance against you." Olivia said trying to reverse the situation.

"Jo, why don't you go and see how some of the girls are doing." He asked but meant it more as a demand.

"Sure." She pulled herself away from him and walked over into the crowd.

Gabe watched her as she walked away as did the others, including Elliot, who was growing more and more worried for her safety around this guy the longer he was here. Suddenly Elliot's cheek was hit hard by Gabe's fist.

"I don't like the way you look at her, I see you looking at her like that again and I'll cut your god damn eyes out. Get the picture!?" Elliot looked up at him and nodded.

"What I don't get is why your eyes are on me. If I was you I wouldn't take my eyes of her. I'm just watching to see what guy grabs her ass next, bet it wouldn't be the first time its happened tonight either."

Gabe looked at him, caught up in the point he knew he was trying to make. Elliot wasn't quite sure yet though of the point he was trying to make.

"You know what your right. I could do with someone keeping an eye on her. I can see your not a stupid man I think you'd be perfect for the job, so for now you're gonna watch her." He pointed at Olivia.

Elliot wasn't sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing, a set up maybe, but if it meant he could make sure Olivia was safe then he'd do it. "You don't even know me, why trust me around her."

Gabe walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, Elliot was educated enough to know what was coming next, Gabe swung his fist into his stomach, he was tough. "Because your not a dumb fuck I can tell that. Now go keep an eye on her before I teach you a lesson in keeping your mouth shut."

Gabe let go of Elliot and walked off, signalling for the others to follow him. Elliot stood there for a moment.

"Listen, bathrooms down there, go straighten yourself out before you look after Jo, she doesn't want a messy slob following her round." He was referring to Elliot's bust lip and crumpled clothing. Elliot nodded figuring it might be best, he would fit in easier without a bleeding lip, and that was the main objective of being undercover.

Olivia looked around the room, just outside she could see three of the girls, it looked like something was going on, one of them was crying. She decided to go check it out. "Carla, honey what's wrong?" She looked at the other two girls and they walked off leaving her alone with Carla

"That prick, Julian slapped me because I wouldn't give him what he wanted before he went out to pick up some more guys for Gabe. Guy wanted oral and I told him to get lost, slapped me real hard."

Olivia looked at her gently holding her face to examine it. "Okay sweetheart I think you may have fractured your cheekbone. Look I'm gonna get someone to drive you to the hospital."

Suddenly she felt someone grab her arm. She turned to see it was Julian. "What the hell do you think you are doing..?"

"I need to talk to you Joanne." Julian dragged her out of the room, she watched as someone else went over to Carla, before she could do anything Julian pushed her into a room.

"Where do you get off hitting her, does that make you feel like a man Julian?"

Julian walked over to her and held her shoulders his face was almost touching hers.

"After Gabe,
I'm in charge of those girls, which also means that I'm in charge of you, at the end of the day Joanne you can sleep in the boss' bed but that doesn't make you any better than the rest of them your still and always will be a whore…"

She pulled away from his grasp and pushed him back away from her suddenly he launched forward and slapped her. "Bitch! We'll keep this quiet form Gabe won't we?"

Olivia nodded holding her face. Gabe stroked her already bruising chin. "Maybe when the boss is done with you we could get to know each other a bit better."

Julian walked out, she turned around and held her face, it stung like hell, it wasn't like she hadn't been hit harder she had, much, much harder in fact but that didn't mean that it didn't still cause her some discomfort. She heard the door open behind her she turned to see Elliot stood in the doorway.

As soon as he saw her red cheek he ran over to her. "Liv did Gabriel hit you?"

"No it was Julian. Prick if figured he was the one who hit the girls."

"You mean while Gabe holds them down." Elliot said emphasizing Gabe.

"You know El I think we're way off here, don't quote me but Gabe doesn't fit your usual rapist profile, I've never seen him even raise his voice at any of the girls." Olivia stated as quietly as she possibly could, still checking that no one was around.

"Liv you sure your not getting too personal on this." Elliot said a bit to smug for her liking.

"Screw you Elliot, why are you even here, come to check up on me or just keep an eye on me." Olivia said not meaning to be so pissed of but she was tired, her face hurt and she didn't need this.

She walked off, Elliot watched as she walked away from him, she went back upstairs to her room.

- - - - - -

Gabe and a few of his guards were outside, suddenly two of hi guards practically fell out of the house dragging between them a man. "What the hells going on?" Gabe asked not liking to be disturbed.

"We found this rat talking to a pig on Lexington." Gabe looked at the guy, pissed. He had been one of his associates for years now, finding out he was a rat made his blood boil.

"Put him down guys." Gabe said, pulling their hands off him slightly. He straightened out his jacket. "Jack what's going on. I paid for your wedding, I paid for you kids christenings I pay for you hospital bills and you repay me by going to pigs." Gabe said sounding calm, but with a sly smirk across his face.

"No Gabe it's not like it seems I swear, I know not to mess with you." The guy sounded desperate.

"Then why did ya'..?" Gabe asked, Jack stayed silent he just looked at him blankly.

"Thought so." Gabe said as he pulled out a gun, with a silencer and shot him point blank in the head. Jack immediately fell to the floor. "What happened with the pig?"

"We sorted him out Gabe, figured you'd want to sort Jack here out." One of his heavies said nudging Jacks lifeless body with his foot.

"Good work boys. Get rid of him. End this party I got someone waiting for me upstairs." Gabe started walking towards the house.

"Hey Gabe, if I was you I'd keep an eye on Jo and that new guy, they seemed pretty close to me before." Gabe turned on the spot to see Randolph stood there.

"Shut up old man what would you know." Gabe turned towards the house again.

"I've seen woman like that before, once a whore always a whore, that's all I'm saying, don't turn your back on her. For once in your life do as your old man tells you." Gabe had stopped again but still faced the house. He nodded to let him know he'd take it in, but he never listened to his father and he didn't plan on starting now.

As he got into the bedroom, he looked down. Olivia was asleep already. He watched her for a moment, thinking over what his father had said. He couldn't help but think he had been too soft with her. He figured he'd sort it out in the morning.


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