A/N: Hello! Been a while since I posted anything, but I've been busy with school work (curse the evil teachers), getting a wisdom tooth pulled (curse the evil dentist), and the holidays (yay, something decent). It's been hectic. Anyway, here is my third poetry packet! This first SET of poems are known as Diamante poems. Basically, they're poems in the shape of diamonds, hence the name. They're used to compare two nouns (people, places, things) in seven lines total. I've written three of these poems as a set which is titled "Comparing Diamonds" (duh) and it should be fairly obvious why I chose that name.

So, please read and review and sorry for being such and inconsistent writer.

Comparing Diamonds

The Young and the Vengeful


Forward, protective

Flying, hiding, fighting

Girlfriend, best friend, cat, money

Scheming, spying, manipulating

Envious, lustful


Shades of Black


Dark, rebellious

Fighting, shouting, loving

Boyfriend, best friend, make up, riches

Ruining, deceiving, heart-breaking

Pompous, vain


The Fine Line


Obsessive, simple

Freedom-seeking, power-loving, ectoblasting

Power, death, life, weakness

Answer-seeking, power-loving, trigger-pulling

Possessive, hypocrisy