Written for the Song: You Crucify My Heart by Private

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Death Be Not Unkind Songfic

Potions master Severus Snape finished removing his clothing, his heart racing as he approached the bed, and the sultry young witch lying nude on her side, her bushy brown hair falling over her shoulders, her skin kissed by the flickering shadows of torchlight. It had been so long since he had touched Hermione Granger.

Snape climbed into the bed only to find one small hand pressed against his chest.

"Tell me why I should let an old man like you touch me," she hissed at him, dark pleasure in her eyes as she looked at his sallow face.

"Because . . . I need you," he said softly, trying to move forward.

Hermione shifted away.

"Need me?" she said mockingly. "If need is all it is, get a whore, Severus. Need isn't enough. I'm leaving."

Hermione pushed the naked Potions master away and slid out of the bed.

"No. No, Hermione don't leave," the wizard said, desperation in his voice as he clutched her hand, keeping her from reaching her robes.

Hermione gave him a cold smile.

"I like it when you beg me. The great Severus Snape brought to his knees by a Gryffindor. Tell me, why should I stay?" she asked him, her brown eyes glittering.

"Because . . . because I love you," he confessed, his heart twisting in his chest at the look of disdain she gave him.

Hermione studied the pale wizard, then laughed, but slowly climbed back into the bed.

"You love me . . . but I don't love you. You're entertainment, Professor. That's all you are. Pathetic entertainment. You don't deserve me," she said to him, her voice dripping acid as she lay down on her back.

"But I'll let you have me one more time because I feel sorry for you. Come on," Hermione said, opening her arms.

Severus Snape quickly climbed into the bed before the volatile little witch changed her mind. He was always so desperate for her, always willing to do whatever she wished to have access to her. As he mounted her soft body and kissed those sneering little lips, he couldn't remember how he came to this obsession, this madness, this emasculating situation.

Every instinct inside the dark wizard said to leave the Gryffindor alone. She was destroying him bit by bit, forcing him to confess his love, twisting his heart as if she reached right through his pale chest and clutched it in her fist, turning and crushing it until he burned with despair even as he possessed her.

And that burning intensified every time she left him.

She had done it. She really had done it, without saying anything to him. He received the invitation to the wedding by owl like every other Hogwarts staff member. A simple, printed card with two Gryffindor lions facing each other, male and female.

You are cordially invited to attend the Wedding Ceremony of

Ronald Bilius Weasley


Hermione Jean Granger

at the home of . . .

Snape let the invite drop from his pale hand. Hermione was marrying Ronald Weasley. She would be beyond him now, the only woman he ever loved and was able to consummate that love with. It was as if what little sun that shone down on the wizard suddenly went out, and his world was immersed in darkness and deep despair.

He attended the ceremony, pale and sober as he watched the happy couple kiss, turn and be announced as Mr. & Mrs. Weasley. He saw Hermione's narrowed eyes shift his way, a nasty smile on her lips as she walked past him, arm and arm with Ronald Weasley and out of his life forever.

Snape sat there long after the other guests had departed, covered in the darkness he knew would never lift now. Finally the wizard rose and began walking up the tree lined avenue that led to the mansion where the nuptials were held.

When he was some distance away from the mansion, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black bottle. This was his last loss, the last pain he would suffer. He didn't want to live with this. It was time to end the horror that was his life once and for all.

Snape uncapped the bottle and drank the poison down, tossing the empty container away and continued walking. The atmosphere around him became darker and he heard laughter behind him. He turned to see Narcissa Malfoy in a large black hat, the brim worn low and partially covering her face.

"That's what you get for falling in love with a Mudblood," Narcissa laughed, following him as he turned and strode away.

"Leave me to my misery," Snape hissed, walking ahead, Narcissa still flanking him.

"Misery? You mean foolishness. Loving a Mudblood. That's too low even for you, Severus," a familiar voice purred.

Snape looked over his left shoulder and saw Tom Riddle in his human form wearing a suit, tall, pale and sneering at him.

"Go back to your grave, Tom," Snape hissed, "You'll have all eternity to taunt me."

The two people continued to follow the wizard up the road. Snape was finding it difficult to breathe, his heart burning in his chest, his steps slowing.

"You've crucified my heart, Hermione Granger," he said softly as the world began to darken.

Suddenly a black woman with wild, untamed hair and wearing a white coat of some sort walked up to him. She held it tightly clasped around her body. Snape stared at her.

"Who are you?" he managed to get out. It was so hard to speak.

"I'm Sister Death, from the White," she answered him with a smile. "I come to collect the souls of those destined for hell but have died for Love. That's why my coat is white. Severus Snape, you've received a reprieve of sorts. You're a suicide, but you won't go to hell because it was true love that killed you. Sort of."

Snape's eyes narrowed as both Narcissa and Tom broke out in unearthly laughter.

"Shall we break out the violins, Tom?" Narcissa chuckled.

"Oh yes, Narcissa," Tom agreed.

Violins appeared in their hands and they began to play them.

Ignoring his irritating companions, Snape's looked at the spirit. Something was very wrong here.
"What do you mean, sort of?" Snape hissed at Sister Death, who gave him a sad little smile.

"It seems your little Lolita slipped you something called the 'Amortentia Potion.' She did something to it before giving it to you so you couldn't break away from her. It appears she never forgave you for killing someone called Albus. She thought you could have saved him."

"Why . . . that little bitch!" Snape wheezed before dropping to the ground, dead.

Sister Death, Narcissa and Tom gathered around him, watching as a pale, translucent double of the Potions master rose from the corpse, the look on its face terrible.

The ghost looked at Sister Death.

"You can keep Heaven," Snape purred, his eyes turning red as flame. "I have a treacherous little witch to punish."

Pale robes billowing, Snape glided away.

The End

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