Mick walked down the street, hands shoved lightly in his pockets. He was lost in thought, Beth's message replaying in his mind yet again. "Meet me at the corner of Sixth and 42nd," she had said. He had tried to protest but she wouldn't let him. "Hurry." Then she had hung up. His first thought was that she had run into trouble but when he replayed the conversation in his mind, it had been enough to assure him otherwise. She's changed her mind… chosen you over Josh, a voice in his head whispered. But he didn't dare hope.

When he reached the end of the block, Mick looked up at the street signs. 6th Ave, 42nd St. So where was Beth? He searched for her more carefully and finally saw her on the next block. She looked so small, so vulnerable. He hurried across the street, just as the lights changed. Immediately, cars honked at him, drawing attention from nearby pedestrians, Beth included.

"Mick!" She sounded relieved. "I was beginning to think you wouldn't show."

"Even vampires know better than to stand a lady up if she's waiting for you on the streets of New York."

Beth laughed and though it was her usual laugh, Mick thought he detected a hint of nervousness mixed in with her scent. He stiffened. Was something wrong after all?

"Shouldn't you be at the airport?"

"I was on my way," Beth admitted. "But I realized I couldn't leave New York yet. Not without a night out with my favorite vampire."

Mick's breath caught. "What about Josh?" he asked cautiously.

"I'm a big girl. Josh knows that. Besides, he knows not to expect me. I called to tell him that we wouldn't be able to make our flight."

"Beth…" For a split second, Mick closed his eyes. The words seemed suddenly stuck in his throat, unwilling to come out. "I don't want… I don't want to make things worse between you and Josh. He's a good guy; you should fix your thing with him."

Beth huffed impatiently. "For goodness sakes, Mick! Could you, for once, just stop being so noble and just do what you want to do?!"

Despite being the one who had initiated the argument, Mick smiled. "It's been a long time since I've really had fun," he conceded wistfully.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Beth stepped in front of him effectively closing the distance between them as well as making Mick dizzy with her scent. "This is what I want, Mick; you don't have to doubt that. For one night, I just want to forget everything and have fun. With you." She tilted her head slightly upwards and pressed her lips softly against his.

Without thinking, Mick relaxed and leaned into the kiss, wanting more. But Beth pulled back, smiling mischievously. "Come on." She turned and slipped her hand into his, tugging slightly. "If we're going to do everything you promised, we'd better get started."

"We'd better," Mick agreed, not caring anymore about what was wrong and what was right. Just being with Beth was all that mattered, all that he needed. He knew he had a ridiculous grin on his face, but for once, it didn't matter. And when Beth glanced back at him, he didn't try to hide it from her—his smile only broadened.