I was scared. Why wouldn't I be? But I had asked for this myself. And now that he had finally agreed, I was too chicken to take the pain? I knew that if I protested, he would give me all the time I needed. What happened to my courage? What had happened to my dumb, reckless bravery, some might know as... stupidity? If that were so, I would never be changed. I would be a human forever, god knew Edward wouldn't complain.

I closed my eyes in fear, and then opened them again. Who knew when I would see his face again? I felt Alice's grip on my wrist tighten, as my own hand went limp. If he didn't hurry up, my arm was going to get amputated. My eyes wide with horror, I watched as his teeth sank into my arm.

He was right... this hurt like hell! I thrashed around hysterically. I stared into his eyes, as the human being he'd always wanted me to be, for the last time. The pain was shooting up my arm, I couldn't stand it. Why was no one stopping the pain? I screamed in agony. My last bit of comfort was that he stood next to me the entire time, holding on to my other hand.

God was merciful. I felt dizzy, my eyes were closing. "Edward," I whispered. It was the last word I said before my lids shut. I struggled to get a hold of my senses... tried to hear what they were saying. Three days, I had once laughed at him, what a small price to pay for this immortality! Three days, I now moaned in my head, the three longest days of my life. Luckily, unconsciousness swamped me, and I was soon out cold.

I woke up, but the pain wasn't done with me yet. It came in waves... just as I managed to get up, the current would throw me over again. I tried to fight the darkness, the mist that fogged up my clouded vision. I was faintly aware that someone was talking, whispering my name. It must've been Edward. Odd how I could hear his voice when I couldn't tell whether or not my eyes were open. Maybe I was imagining his angelic voice, who knew?

Each time the waves hit me, I was blinded by a brilliant flash... It pulled me under as I desperately tried to right myself. I wasn't sure how long it had been. My physical body was exhausted; I hadn't eaten or drank anything in who knows how long? Then I heard that beautiful voice again.

"Carlisle, why isn't she awake?! It's been four days!" said the angel voice.

I fought against the waves again, and this time I surfaced. I tried to find my voice, but I couldn't. My throat was so dry... I needed something to drink. I slowly blinked my eyes open, and stared up at his face. I cleared my throat. "Edward," I croaked.

I could see the excitement on his face, "Bella? What is it?"

"I'm thirsty, Edward... I need some water! I... it burns, Edward, it burns! I need..."

"It's okay, Bella. But water won't make you... less thirsty."

What did he mean? Unless...