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By the time we got back from Charlie's, it was almost dawn. Edward asked me if I would like to watch the sunrise with him, and of course I said yes. We sat down on the lawn. The grass was still wet with dew, or possibly the rain from yesterday afternoon. I could tell today was going to be a sunny day. For the first time since I was changed, I too, would have to stay in the shadows.

As the sun rose higher and higher in the morning sky, everything was bathed in sunlight. I looked towards Edward. Once again, his skin was sparkling as if it were made of thousands of glittering diamonds. I glanced at my own hand. It too, was shimmering.

"Bella," Edward said suddenly, breaking me out of my reverie, "Would you like to go to Alaska?"

" Alaska?" I asked, bewildered, "Why Alaska?"

"Firstly, I was thinking of visiting the Denali clan—I haven't seen them in ages. And I haven't thanked them for last time. They'll want to meet you—the innocent little girl who made me go insane. Also, I seem to remember that we were attending college in Alaska. I like to be an honest person," at this point, he smirked.

"You, honest?" I laughed, "I'm sorry, but you're the least honest person I know, especially considering the whole I-don't-like-you-anymore thing. But... why not? Alaska could be fun."

"That last comment was a bit upsetting, but other than that, you're sure? I'm not forcing you to go, you understand."

"Of course I understand. I feel like you're questioning my intellect again, Edward," I told him playfully, "I'm still feeling like an idiot next to you."

"You're sure? I'll have Alice make arrangements," he concluded.

The sun was shining high overhead now. We got up and walked over to the house. Just as Edward was about to open the door for me, Alice bounded out, and hugged me. Jumping up and down, she confirmed that I was going to have a great time. "Would you like me to come, Bella?" she asked in a sweet voice, sure I wouldn't be able to say no.

"Obviously! It wouldn't be right without you!"

Edward laughed, at that. I wondered what was so funny, and not for the first time, I wished that I had his 'special ability.' I trailed after him rather reluctantly to begin packing.

In less than an hour, we all had our things packed, considering the fact that we didn't have that much to stuff into our suitcases to begin with. Only Alice had hers full to the brim with clothes, makeup, and various types of items that could be used to torture me (turning into a vampire had not stopped Alice using me as her life-size Barbie doll). Edward already had our airplane tickets—it turned out that he was going to take me anyway, whether I'd said yes, or no.

Soon, we were at the airport. It was only about seven in the morning, so the place wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be. Within another hour, we were seated inside the plane—first class, though I wasn't surprised. The Cullens, which now included me, always got the best of everything—whether they deserved it or not. I was sitting beside Edward, Alice was beside Jasper, and of course, Rosalie and Emmett were seated together. Esme and Carlisle were the only ones absent from our 'trip.'

I was content, sitting in the plane, and I closed my eyes as if I were sleeping. Edward was doing the same beside me. The duration of the ride was silent, but not uncomfortable. I opened my eyes as we landed. Since we didn't have any carry-on baggage, we were one of the first ones off the plane. Alice was wrestling with her bags, and finally had to let Jasper help her. Strong, she was, tall, she was not. The sight was almost funny.

Before long, we had reached our destination. We were immediately greeted by the Denali clan's 'sisters': Tanya, Irina, Kate, and Carmen. The blonde-haired one, Tanya, I remember Edward telling me, came up to me. "Is this the little imp you were talking about, Edward? She doesn't seem so scary to me."

He didn't answer. I attempted covering up the silence, but was rather unsuccessful, "I'm Bella."

"We all know who you are, Bella Swan. No need to advertise," she said icily.

At this, Edward declared a fact that didn't seem to have made it up to the Denali clan, "It's Bella Cullen," he muttered.

"Really? You got married to the little witch? Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, why didn't you tell me?" the way she said it made it sound like a demand.

"Well, you know now," Rosalie stepped in, "Now can we talk about something else besides Bella, Bella, Bella?"

"I agree," said Tanya, "Come Edward! And... Bella."

As we followed her, I whispered to Edward, "Why does she hate me?"

"She doesn't hate you," he whispered back, "She's just not used to... hmm... how should I put it? Lose to a human."

"Ugh... great. I feel so much better now, thanks," I murmured sarcastically.

"Well, on the bright side, competition's always a good thing," he said back to me. I stared at him, shocked, until I realized that he was joking. I slapped him on the arm, then laughed to show there were no hard feelings.