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Warning: It's slash. Boys do things to boys. I personally like it, but will understand if you don't. And if that's the case, don't read!

Choices of a Covenant

Chapter One: The Youngest Son of Ipswich

Winter in the North East. How fresh and crisp everything was. How everything in the forest was so still as if waiting for something to happen. When everything was frozen over and there was always snow on the ground.

Tyler loved the winter the most. He sat alone on a bench outside of the hall where he took Modern Literature at Spenser Academy. To a passerby, he would have been a strange site. There the young man sat, on a bench that had a thin layer of ice on it, wearing nothing more than a pair of jeans a not-so-bulky jacket and a scarf. It would be a wonder if he didn't catch something, that is, if he didn't get hypothermia and die first.

But Tyler Simms was quite content sitting there with his thoughts as his company, and quite warm also when heat was so desperately needed. The whole 'having magical powers' thing came in handy on days like this. Days when his thoughts bogged him down so much that he couldn't see himself making it to his dorm. That, and the off chance that Reid or someone he knew would be walking along the halls and want to talk to him.

No, today everyone would be out on the town; it was a Friday afternoon. And if there were some people back in the dorms, there was a 3 in 4 chance that he wouldn't know them and about a 7 in 8 chance that they wouldn't talk to him either way. It wasn't that he wasn't well liked; he was just never in the talking mood and people picked that up quickly. The only people he felt truly comfortable around were the other member of his group, their Covenant, The Sons of Ipswitch. And even now it was getting slightly less comfortable to talk to them.

Yes, a lot had happened since their encounter with the fifth son, Chase. Sarah had graduated early and gone off to Harvard. And of course, the long distance relationship didn't work for Caleb, or at least that's what he said. After Pogue's ascension, things became strained between him and Kate. He apparently was too reckless for her, but in Tyler's opinion, it seemed that he was trying to aggravate her with his stunts. Either way, the two eldest boys seemed much more happier and much closer with each other. Well, Reid may be blind to their flirty acts, but Tyler was no idiot. He saw their seemingly playful contact as warm expressions of lovingness; their friendly embraces with a deeper meaning of passion. Actions that caused jealousy to flare up in his stomach. Then again, he thought he saw something else in Caleb's eye. He couldn't describe it exactly but it looked a lot like guilt.

But, it was none of his business, and he certainly was in no position to judge. Not when things with him and Reid were so confusing. Well, what was so confusing about it really? They just slept together nearly every night for about the past two months or so. The thing was that, at first, it seemed passionate and real and true. But then a few weeks ago, Reid ascended. Then it turned into almost pure lust.

Tyler just didn't know how he felt about it though. Sure, he felt used and always a bit dirty afterwards. But he was seventeen years old; it was his time to have fun. And he knew he didn't love Reid. Just like he knew Reid didn't love him. It was just for the pleasure, and what was so wrong with that?

Tyler sighed deeply. He was supposed to be clearing his thoughts, not multiplying them. He looked around. Here and there couples were out for a romantic walk, some making out in mid-step. No one noticed him, for which Tyler was fine with, but he did occasionally wonder what would happen if he turned himself a pale blue and pretended to pass out. Would anyone come to help?

He wasn't exactly in the mood to find out, so he picked himself up along with his book bag and headed back to his dorm.

End of Chapter 1

First chapter is a bit short, but then again I can't promise the other chapters will be any longer. We can only hope my attention span holds out for so long. This was basically just an intro in case you couldn't tell. The real story starts with the next chapter: Wiotch, between Caleb and Chase. Maybe it will be my Valentine's present to you all ; )

It's so weird not writing a sex scene for once. Oh, don't worry; you'll get a lot before this story ends. But for those you haven't written any, they're not easy.