Warning: slash, or are you that dense that you couldn't quite figure it out yet

Warning: slash, or are you that dense that you couldn't quite figure it out yet?

Author's Note: Heyyyy. It's been a long time, hasn't it? What can I say? No amount of apologies will ever make this ok. I hope you all haven't lost faith in my attention span yet, but school's been really busy and now it's over! So hopefully I'll be posting much more frequently. But then again, how many times have I said that to myself?

Chapter 3: Baby Boy

Tyler walked through the empty corridor of his dorm building. His feet echoed loudly as they hit the marble tiling. He kept his head down, just in case anyone was actually still inside and came down the hall. But still, as the sun set in its wintry earliness, Tyler knew everyone would still be out, hanging around with buddies, getting drunk, and just blowing off steam. Well, almost everybody. The only person who would be in the building was the person Tyler was, he hated to admit it, most dreading to see. And that particular person was going to be in the exact same room that Tyler was heading to right at that very moment.

"Hey baby boy," said a silky voice as Tyler stepped into he dorm room. "What the fuck took you so long?" Tyler flinched at the sudden slight harshness of Reid's tone. "Was just about to leave. What, do you think you're the only guy who wants to get with this?" said Reid as he gestured to his groin.

Tyler forced a grin. He knew Reid was only fooling around; that he would never cheat on his boyfriend. But sometimes he was just too much. "I wouldn't dream that I'd be the only one who wants a go at you. Just today I must've seen a dozen girls and at least one or two guys eyeing you up." He was just being flattering. Truth be told, Tyler was not very keen on other people's signs of affection. Hell, how many years did it take to learn that Reid shared his same desire to be together? And after fawning over him for God knows how long, one would think that Tyler might've caught on. The only persons whose expressions he could decipher were Caleb's and Pogue's. And that was because their actions were just so incredibly blatant. Or was there another reason?

But if Reid had realized Tyler's own density with those matters and had known that Tyler was really just lying through his teeth he didn't let it show. "Damn right. And that's because of my smoking hot body, right? That's what turned you on, isn't it?" Tyler didn't answer. He just frowned slightly and stared directly into Reid's eyes. The real reason Tyler fell in love with the blond boy before him definitely had something to do with his gorgeous physique, but it was because he thought that Reid would protect him from anything. He had thought that Reid was the sweetest boy he knew. Well 'had thought' was definitely what should be emphasized.

Reid, sensing the awkwardness solidifying, gave a faltering chuckle before saying, "Well, come on then, strip and let's go."

Tyler obediently shed his cloths and hops into bed with the blond boy. There is no affection in what they're about to do, simply two boys succumbing to the necessity of releasing their sexual tensions after a long day. They might as well not even be gay. (Don't worry, they definitely are.) Reid lubes up his 9-inch dick and slams it into Tyler's well-prepared ass. Simple, rudimentary actions not made to entice the lovers but just to get it over with. After all, they're two handsome teenage boys. They have places to be after this, don't they? Tyler likes to think that if it was the dead of night, things might be different, slower and sensual, but he knows they wouldn't. Reid was an animal in bed. Hadn't he heard it before after all? He was warned. How many of his girlfriends had said those exact same words in hushed tones to their other friends? Tyler always wondered how Reid could get so freaky with those other girls when apparently he was completely gay. He suspected it was a lie. There just must've been something about pussy and breasts that appealed to Reid, although Tyler of course, could not for the life of him understand why.

And dealing with a bisexual boyfriend was very frustrating. Double the competition after all, for although Tyler knew that Reid would never cheat on him (just one of those weird contradictions with him), that still didn't stop him from being flirtatious with absolutely every fucking girl and guy who might be gay. He felt like Joanne from Rent, not that he ever got Reid to see that. Actually, come to think about it Reid was most likely a pansexual/paraphiliac, just sticking his dick into whatever had an appropriately sized hole. He had fucked a goat when they were both thirteen. Tyler politely reminded him that three hundred years ago that could have gotten him hanged, and they had a good laugh about it and that was the end of that. Of course Tyler spent about the next week and a half jerking off to that image and thinking about how lucky the goat was.

Tyler suddenly felt a cold tingle on his body that usually came from someone using their powers on him. What the fuck could Reid possibly be doing!? Tyler absolutely hated when Reid did that. Releasing two urges at once. But as suddenly as it the sensation came on, it vanished, and Reid made no explanation to what it was so maybe Tyler just imagined it.

Reid was fucking Tyler in a spoons position when Tyler started to feel guilty about having these thoughts in bed. He tried to turn his neck around to kiss any part of his lover's body that he could reach, but Reid seemed to back away from the lips while still providing forceful blows to the younger boy's ass. He too looked guilty about something, or possibly angry. Tyler turned around and mulled things over.

More quickly than that bottom boy had expected, it was over and Reid pulled out. It took a minute for him to catch his breath before saying, "Listen, I don't think this is going to work out." He removed himself from the bed, got dressed and walked out of the dorm, the whole time not daring to look at Tyler, who lay numb in the sweat-covered bed. When he was alone, Tyler thought things through still not knowing what exactly it was that he felt. He eventually gave up on deciphering the emotion and pondered whether anyone else in the school had ever been dumped in bed.

So, hey, that was pretty long for me. Hope you enjoyed it, although to be honest this would be the chapter that I mostly just skim through trying to piece together the sexual parts. Gotta say, I love the goat part. Anyway, how low of Reid to do that huh? And Tyler's so cute too. Oh by the way the magical sensation was Reid reading Tyler's mind. Tyler eventually realizes this, but I just forgot to add it. Oh well, it's not important. Next chapter is entitled "Covenant in the Showers." Sounds hot right? Well now I'll probably fail everybody's expectations. But it's between Caleb and Pogue and takes place mostly in a flashback. I may be working on this at the same time I finish my Zoey 101 fic. So be patient please. Please? I know I'm really not in a position to require this of you or anything. But, come on, you wanna know what happens right? Alright I'll stop talking now.