I got a review! So here is another chapter...thanks for poking me along. :D A brief musical song is in this chapter to honor the musical aspect of this story which inspired me to feel like I knew these characters from the start.

Chapter 21 Had her chance for the moon on a string

The scene ended. Mrs. Lovett had closed and opened her eyes and the lot of them were left standing in front of the Old Bailey's.

It was clear to Sweeney and Benjamin that this would be the very last time he saw Lucy,even though neither of them could have described why.

They turned to face Lucy who was still holding the Judge's hand and his own. She met his gaze with tearful but unwavering eyes.

"We were great once, but that was long ago." Lucy nodded unsurprised at this statement. "I have lost everything, but that doesn't mean that for you it has to be so."

Lucy looked at the ground. "You think you know what I want? How can you possibly assume this about me after all this?" She seemed hurt rather then angry.

Sweeney nudged. Benjamin nervously sang to her for the first time since they had arrived in the godforsaken hell or even in many years before that. The two of them had once sang together often in flirting courtship and doing so again just felt right.

"I wouldn't know what you want, I won't presume.

but I leave you free to do, what you want to do.

Stay if you like, you know I wouldn't mind.

But it has been a long time

and you mightn't feel the same,

and I wouldn't blame you."

Lucy looked up again and her voice rang back quietly but clear as a bell.

"I have always loved you,

this you know to be true.

I would stay if you wanted to me to.

But only because I love you."

Benjamin didn't resume singing. He smiled for the first time since death. "I love you too. Be free."

Lucy turned around and hugged Hope who was still tearful. Lucy looked up at the Judge who was standing behind her. "Goodbye Richard. You know it must be thus. Maybe had life happened differently, but..."

He tightened his grip on his sister's shoulder and nodded.

Lucy approached Mrs. Lovett who appeared to be trying to ignore the whole scene before her by starring intently at the architecture of the building before them.

Lucy placed her hand on her shoulder, and whispered in her ear. Nellie turned her head away from the rest of the group. Lucy came around to her front side. They shared a look, and then Lucy hugged her. When she broke away, she looked back at Benjamin and smiled. She began humming a familiar lullaby and she faded off never to be seen again by anyone present.

Hope broke the silence. She turned to her half brother her eyes still full of tears. "My son, my beautiful baby, we need to go back, we need to do something."

The Judge seemed at a loss for words, so Mrs. Lovett stepped forward. "Indeed we do!"

She looked at Benjamin, who slowly moved back over to the group.

He coughed quietly, "We all have a lot to make up for."

Richard Turpin muttered awkward thanks and took Mrs. Lovett's offered hand. The four of them stood in a circle and closed their eyes.