So my newest pairing obsession is PeinxKonan, and it's really taken over. In nine sheets of paper, I have written "God" fourteen times. I'm convinced that Pein is really Yahiko, but who knows? After all, Tobi…

Disclaimer: Sure, Kishimoto Masashi just happens to be writing fanfiction for his own series…

- - -

Pein is God, and God is divine, and glorious, and all-powerful, and just, and above everything. And Konan is his angel.

And she is obedient, and loyal, and humble, and faithful.

But deep inside, she knows that she's only a girl who desperately wants the attention of her male teammate.

(And she wants Nagato back, and she wants Yahiko to be the way he used to be, and these are but memories and empty wishes.)

She wants Pein to love her. She wants him to turn around and hold her in his arms.

For once, she doesn't want to be a strong, independent kunoichi. She wants to be protected.

She trails obediently after him, hooded eyes betraying nothing

(but if he looked hard enough, he would be able to see the pain in her eyes, the suppressed longing)

and she is his most faithful archangel, and the only female in his collection of tools

(she wonders if this is because of a long forgotten childhood bond, but quickly dismisses the thought, because it's absurd.)

She understands that he is God, and God does not have time to spare for just one person, even an old teammate.

But she doesn't want to be a teammate. She wants him to look at her not as God to an angel, but as a man looking at a woman.

(And maybe Itachi will dance a jig and Kisame and Zetsu will become vegetarians and Kakuzu will give all of his money away to charity and Hidan will die and Sasori will blow up and Deidara will play with puppets and Akatsuki will fall.)

Each time she thinks about him (all the time), each time she sees him (most of the time), her heart breaks a little more.

Because she does have a heart, despite her being an S-class missing-nin. Deep down, she hasn't grown up, matured, at all.

Perhaps someday Pein will turn and look at her and realize that his number one angel is no angel.

Konan is no more than a girl dressed up in a cloak that is far too large for her; a girl who folds cracker wrappers into flowers and looks to her teammates for approval.

His angel is paper, and she is delicate, and she is ripping, ripping, and someday she will be in pieces too small to refold and use.

And he will see that there has been no angel all along – merely a young girl wishing for God's love.


- - -

There's just so much potential angst with this pairing. Somehow, I can't imagine Pein being all lovey-dovey, and Konan doesn't look like the type to give declarations of undying love.

Plus, she was so cute and happy when she was little…