Because the way I imagine it, Sakura and Konan are a little similar.

- - -

They finally have a captive, and she will be bait for the Kyuubi's container.

Konan appraises the pink-haired girl that Itachi and Kisame drag in with dismissive, cold eyes that betray nothing, even as the girl (Haruno Sakura, she thinks without really thinking about it; she's going to die anyway) lifts her head and light jade orbs been Konan's own.

There is no emotion in those emerald doors to the soul, the blankness carefully cultivated and mirroring Konan's guarded mask.

The blue-haired kunoichi's respect for the girl climbs a notch; after all, not just anyone can lock away everything in their heart in the face of one who has been trained in the art of hiding emotions for far too long.

Neither woman speaks, each meticulously observing the other with slate-smooth face. The only sound is the Konoha kunoichi's harsh breath (courtesy of Itachi and Kisame's ground-devouring pace) and Konan's light, even breathing.

Both know why the pink-haired girl is here at the Aktasuki base. No questions are asked; no answers are given.

The door opens and Pein strides in, the epitome of confidence – but not of foolish cockiness. He knows exactly where he stands and who he is, and acts precisely that way.

Konan's eyes follow her God as he crouches where Sakura is chained to the wall and looks her over before speaking, unchaining her as he goes.

"Your name?"

There is silence as Sakura takes in the sight of Akatsuki's leader. Her lips tighten, and she deliberates for a moment before replying, "Haruno Sakura."

Pein nods; he already knows this (after all, he is God). "Sakura-san, you will be kept here until Naruto-kun comes for you."
"And then I will be killed." It is not a question. It is a flat-out statement. The kunoichi stares straight ahead, face carved of stone.

He does not bother to answer; instead he stands and pulls open the door, barely sparing Konan a glance. "Konan, lock her up again."

Only after the door is firmly shut and they are alone does the younger woman speak.

"If one wants to be seen, one had best not stay hidden in the shadows." Her voice is empty, devoid of anything.

Konan tears her eyes away from where she last saw Pein and glances sharply at her; the quick motion is the lone thing that betrays her thoughts.

Correctly interpreting that tiny sign, the green-eyed kunoichi shrugs fluidly, seemingly detached from the world.

"Men never seem to see the women who care for them until they are placed directly in their face," is all she offers by way of explanation.

Konan's eyebrow arches, requesting further elaboration wordlessly.

Again, the other shrugs. "So many potential relationships are severed before they begins by ignorance and lack of the will to act."

"I suppose you would know?" There is no malice in her voice. It is merely a question.

Still there is no expression on Sakura's face, but Konan can imagine a cynical, twisted smile on those lips.

"I have seen bonds cut by lack of the will to accept what is repeatedly offered. One more bond to make up for one that will never be would be fitting." Beryl eyes close briefly. "One does not know the outcome before one tries."

Konan offers a polite noise that can almost be labeled as a snort.

There is, for the first time, a grim amusement in Sakura's voice. "If I were back home, I believe that the correct phrase would be 'Go get him'." Her tone is dry and mocking, but the words are sincerely meant.

Konan hesitates, reaching for the door. She nods once to Sakura (who is not so different from her) and leaves to seek out Pein.

Neither woman mentions the abandoned shackles on the floor.


- - -

Maybe she'll get lucky this time.