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A girl sat in the back of an expensive car. He parents stood outside. They were talking to her doctor. Her cream colored hair was replaced with brown stubble. She rest her head against the window. Her mom looked at her for half a second. Emerald eyes met emerald eyes. Her mother looked away first.

"She can't even stand to look at me…" The girl sighed.

It was raining and the heat was running. Even though the noise was there the girl could stil hear her parents talking to the doctor. She didn't need him to tell her she was dying. She already knew she was. Everyday she grew weaker and weaker. She felt herself dying, slipping closer to what lie beyond life as every second ticked by.

"Isn't there anything you can do?" Her mother asked.

"Your insurance doesn't cover the treatment she requires," The doctor said, taking off his glasses.

The doctor polished them on his shirt. He looked up at the girl's father. The girl nothing the doctor proscribed would help ease the pain she felt. Her father wouldn't pay for it either. She wasn't his favorite child, particularly since she was adopted. Her adoptive father was livid. The girl sighed. She knew what was going to happen. Her father was the most factious man she had ever met.

"Three… Two… One…"

Her father started to march to the car. Her mother followed behind helplessly. They got in and drove away, leaving the poor doctor standing in the middle of the parking lot. Her father hated to waste money. Since her disease had no cure it was stupid to waste money on the treatment. The girl knew she only had a few days left before she died. She could feel it in her heart. She was going to die soon.

It was odd, knowing she was going to die. She felt strangely calm about the whole thing. She felt as if her life wasn't ending at all. To her this was just a stepping stone that would be her last. She wasn't scared but she wasn't happy to die either. She was only twelve, after all. She had just barely begun life. She had barely gotten to explore and know more about the world she lived in.

"I'm sorry, Reiko."

"Sure, you are, mom…"

Her father glared at her. Reiko shrugged. She was normally nice to everyone she met. Her parents just pushed her to the limit of even expressing kindness. Her father didn't even want her in the first place. They had only gotten her because she was left at an orphanage and no one wanted to adopt her after seven months. They felt sorry for her. She wished they had just left her there.

"We can't afford-"

"You mean you won't. I know… I mean… I'm not Riko," Reiko shrugged.

Her mother was close to tears. Reiko got out of the car as soon as they pulled into the driveway. She waved, halfheartedly, as they pulled out again. The odds were auspiciously stacked against her. She knew nothing would hold her out of the hands of death. Riko, being her parent's actual child, was better taken care of and once she died, he'd get whatever he wanted.

As she walked towards the house she hummed to herself. It was freezing out and the rain seemed to cut into her like a razor blade. It made her cold to the bone as she shivered and pulled the house key out of her pocket. She sighed and closed her eyes until her foot bumped into something. She looked down, finding a small box on the front door step. It moved slightly. She opened it up and found a black cat inside. It had a sock on its tail and its front right paws. There was a small white heart shaped spot above her eyes.

Reiko picked it up. It was a female and it was also pregnant. She smiled sadly and took it inside. The cat snuggled against her open coat. She was freezing. Feeling benign Reiko carried the cat inside. She threw her coat over the back of the couch and kicked off her shoes. She'd worry about the water it was dripping later. The cat came first.

She gave it some milk in a small cup. The cat mewed gratefully and began to drink it. As it greedily drank Reiko pet her head, absentmindedly. Reiko smiled sadly. It was starved. It wasn't good for the kittens. The house seemed desolate as she pet the cat, looking around her home as she did so. It was nice, everything was modern and there wasn't any trash anywhere but no matter what she did she didn't seem to feel at home in that house. She always felt isolated.

"We're alike… you and I…" Reiko told the cat. "We're unwanted, useless…"

The cat didn't respond. Reiko didn't expect her to. She laughed when the cat jumped into her lap. The cat nuzzled her cheek, affectionately. She guessed it was the cat's way of thanking her for the meal. Her heart felt warm, despite the cold of her skin. She was happy to bring happiness to someone before she died. She wouldn't be leaving the world as someone completely useless.

"Hello to you too…"

The cat nuzzled her hand. Reiko got up from her chair and got into the pantry. She found a can of tuna, knowing the cat wanted more food. She needed the food more than her father did, that much was certain. Sure, her dad would be pissed but he'd get over it in a few months. After all, Reiko didn't have much time left. The cat ate the tuna just as quickly as she downed the milk.

"What to name you…? Neko? No… That's too original…" Reiko mused. "How about Mio?"

The cat meowed. Reiko laughed slightly. Then she nodded. She liked Mio. It seemed to fit the cat perfectly. Under her veneer Reiko seemed happy and light hearted, underneath she was saddened and her heart was racing quickly. She was going to overexert herself if she kept moving around the way she was.

"Mio it is, then…"

There was a sudden crash outside her door. Reiko pat Mio's head. Miolooked up. Both of them were slightly alarmed by the noise. Reiko more so than her smaller compainion. Slowly she got up from the table and walked to the door. Her heart was thudding and she was sweating as she swallowed hard.

"Be right back, Mio."

Reiko made her way to the front door. Cautiously she unlocked it. When she opened it she gasped in horror. There was an elderly man on her front porch. He was slumped against the swing. Blood poured from a wound on his side. Reiko rushed to his side. She very gently touched his shoulder. The instant she did he looked at her and groaned.

"Old man, what happened?" Reiko asked.

Asking if he was okay was just plain stupid. It was obvious that he was not okay. He coughed up blood. A knife protruded from his side. Reiko lifted him up. He was lighter than she thought he would be. Then she carried him inside. She didn't care that there were now blood spots on the floor, trailing to the couch. She set him down as gently as she could. She pressed a hand to her heart, trying to calm her erratic heart rate, unless she wanted to keel over sooner.

Mio ran over to her new mistress' side. She mewled. She sounded worried as Reiko ran upstairs to the bathroom for the first aid kit. When she got back Miosat waiting for her at the man's side. Reiko set to work by binding his wounds. He was struck with several foreign weapons, a couple that looked like knifes, and some that looked like stars and other that looked like needles. Reiko examined the weapons, confused. They looked like something out of the old fashion kung fu movies.

The man groaned when she was done. His eyes fluttered open. She leaned back. Her hands were coated in his blood. She didn't dare wipe them on her clothes or her shirt. She was already going to be in enough trouble for the blood on the floor and the tuna that Mio had eaten. She found that doing both of those things were worth it so any punishment she'd get was okay.

"Do you feel better?" Reiko asked.


"Do you feel better?" Reiko repeated, calmly.

"Where am I?"

"You're in my living room. You were hurt rather badly…"

"Yes… I was…"

Miojumped on the man's head. She started playing with his hair. The man merely watched the cat surprised. Reiko's eyes widened. Her hands instantly flew out, reaching for the cat. Mio danced out of the way, hiding behind the man's head. She was purring. To her this was like a game and Reiko was just making it even more fun.

"Mio! No, Mio! Oh, I'm so sorry! I don't know why Mio is acting this way!" Reiko said, shocked.

"It's quite alright," The man said.

The man smiled. He took the cat off his shoulders and handed her back to Reiko. He pet Mio behind the ear. Reiko hid her face in the cat's fur. She was embarrassed by the cat's antics but glad the man wasn't making a big fuss about it otherwise it would have been even worse and Reiko would want her disease to kill her then.

"What's your name?" The man asked.

"Reiko… and you?"


The cat mewed. She seemed miffed about something and Reiko could hear it in the tone of the meow. She nuzzled Reiko's chin, as if trying to her her point across. Reiko smiled. She knew what the cat wanted. Mio obviously liked the attention she was getting and she wanted some more of it. Reiko was glad to comply the cat's wishes.

"And this is Mio."

Mio meowed again. Sarutobi laughed softly. Mio purred as he pet her.

"Your name…"


"Your name means 'cold child' but you seem rather kind," Sarutobi said.

Reiko looked up at him. He looked just like the Hokage from Naruto as show she had only seen posters for since it had just come to America. She smiled but kept that fact hidden. He'd probably just think she was weird if she told him he looked like a guy from the cartoon she had seen. She had been interested in the series. She'd never get to see how it went since she hadn't much time left.

"I had always been like that…"


"Yeah… I'm dying. I probably only have a few days left before I die," Reiko explained.

"That's a shame…"

"Death is the debt all men must pay. No one can escape it," Reiko shrugged.

Sarutobi looked at Reiko sadly. His heart went out to her. She had to have had a hard life if she were to think like that. That kind of mindset can only be brought on by a lonely, difficult life. Others could be so cruel, some without even knowing just how cruel they were being. He was glad that she hadn't opted to commit suicide.

"You have had a hard life…" Sarutobi said.

"We all have, some more so than others. Some people who really deserve it aren't given a second chance."

"Do you want a second chance?"

"Wouldn't we all?"

Sarutobi nodded. He pulled something out of his shirt pocket. Reiko watched him warily, waiting to see if he pulled out a weapon to use against her. But instead he pulled out a necklace. He held it out for her to take from him. Reiko looked at him confused. He just watched her. Hesitantly she reached for it and took it from him. She could feel a spark under her finger when she touched it.

"What's this for?" She asked.

"It's your second chance."

Sarutobi vanished in a puff of smoke. The blood on the floor was gone and the water was cleaned up. Reiko frowned. She looked at the pendant. It was a Celtic necklace. Three eternity symbols and a knot were on it. The symbols meant a warrior's kindness lasts forever… Her mind couldn't seem to contain all of the information that was just hurtled at her.

"Saru… tobi…sama?"

Reiko didn't get a response. Her mother walked into the room. She looked at Reiko strangely.

"What are you doing up? What's with the cat?"

"I'm up because I was taking care of Mio," Reiko said.


Reiko picked Mio up and walked out of the room. "Mio is my cat."

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