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"This is ridiculous!" The Avatar shouted as he met up with teammates after he stormed out of the forest and bushes.

"What is it Twinkle Toes?" Toph said as Aang puffed and stomped around the campsite.

"It's HER! She…she's…ugh." Aang stormed off as he saw the person he spoke of return to camp.

"What happened now Katara?" Sokka questioned in an uninterested tone.

These fights had been going on for days. Neither of the two contenders backing down to let the other win. This was odd seeing these two were always in constant harmony.

This confusing state of the young Avatar and master Waterbender goes back a few weeks, when they were reunited for the first time in years.

After the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai four years ago our team went its separate ways.

Katara and Sokka headed back to their village in the Southern Water Tribe and Toph back to her home, Gaoling, to the Bei Fong mansion. However, before heading off we must see what how these plans came to be at the celebratory festival held in honor of the Avatar's defeat of the Fire Lord, along with his friends. All this happened on the fateful night four years ago…

The night was filled with merriment and glee as the palace was filled with peasants, warriors, nobles, and with anyone who was anybody. The defeat of the Fire Lord did not fall upon deaf ears. So it spread around the world how the Avatar had liberated all the lands from the great tyranny of Fire Lord Ozai.

In celebration a great feast was held that was so large it could probably fed the whole Earth Kingdom.

Unlike most party guests who were free of worry and only expressed happiness for their freedom, one lone teen sat alone contemplating the state of the worlds.

Yes, the young Avatar was not taking part in the merriment. Aang was wondering about the parts of the world that supported the Fire Lord, the parts of the world that needed rebuilding, the parts of the world that might rebel against the new rule of the Fire Nation.

Aang sighed in disappointment. He had rid the world of its biggest dilemma and now smaller ones sprung up in its place.

The Avatar who sat at the highest chair, at the highest table, in the center scanned the crowd in thought.

'What am I going to do?' Aang thought as he buried his face in his hands.

Spending a few moments in thoughtless pondering he jolted out of his thoughts when a hand was placed on his shoulder.

He looked up at the owner of the hand and saw it was Katara. He relaxed as he realized who it was.

"Hey Katara." Aang greeted as he again focused at the crowd of party goers and honored guests.

Katara slid into the seat beside him, where she had seated when they were eating. But the feast ended an hour ago and the guests were dancing and mingling among each other.

"What'cha thinking about Aang?" Katara asked as she, too, looked out at the crowd.



Aang nodded solemnly, "About what ending this war has brought."

"Peace and security?" Katara questioned.

Aang shook his head, "The long and hard rebuilding of the Earth Kingdom. Reestablishing the Fire Nation throne in fair rule, with a counterbalance system to ensure this tragedy never happens again. And reuniting families back together that were separated by the war." As Aang finished his ideas of reconstruction he slid lower into his chair.

Katara placed a gentle hand on Aang's shoulder to comfort him, "Aang it will be all right. We'll get through this."

Aang started to think, 'We'll…that means Katara and Sokka would stay…and help me…but they wouldn't return home.'

"No, Katara, we won't do anything for the world."

"Aang we have to do somethin-"

"No, Katara, WE have done enough. Now I have to do MY part."

"Aang don't be ridiculous! Sokka and I have been in this since the beginning! No way are we going to back out now! We're your family, Aang. We won't leave you." Katara hugged Aang tight as she ended her speech.

'I'm never going to get her to leave…even if I don't want it. Sokka and her have been away from their family way to long. They need to go back.'

"Fine Katara, you can help me."

"Thanks Aang, I knew you would understand." Katara spoke as she pulled back from her tight embrace.

"In fact I have the perfect the project for you and Sokka to do." Aang's eyes gleamed as he spoke.

"What is it?"

"You have to promise to do it. No matter what."

"Sure Aang anything…I promise."

Aang's face darkened as he condemned himself to solitude, "I want you to return home and rebuild the Southern Water Tribe…and I want you to stay there and teach waterbending."

Katara's eyes widened in shock, "Aang I won't do it! I won't leave you here to work on your own. You might be the Avatar, but that is too much work for one person! I will not-"

Aang grabbed Katara's hands to get her attention, "That's where you are wrong Katara. I am the Avatar and this IS my job. And besides it's too late…you already made your promise." Aang looked up at her with sad eyes.

Katara was about to fight back when she realized. This WAS Aang's job and SHE did make a promise. She submitted to Aang's will and nodded in defeat. The waterbender started to shed tears of sorrow.

Aang wiped away the tears with his thumb and pulled her close, "I'll visit Katara…and I'll write you letters. Don't cry Katara…I'll miss you too."

Katara's sobs subsided as she took a few shaky breathes in. She wiped the remaining tears from her eyes and looked at Aang.

He looked absolutely miserable, she could tell, and she was only making it worse by making their goodbye harder.

"You better write." Aang offered the gloomy Waterbender a halfhearted smile.

Katara giggled, "You better show more enthusiasm; right now the world needs a strong leader."

Aang, this time, gave a stronger, happier smile. "That's better Aang…So I guess Sokka and I will leave tomorrow with the other water tribe warriors." Katara responded to the smile. She stood up and straightened out her clothes which wrinkled while she was sitting.

"Yeah that would be best."

Katara look wistful, "You will see us off though, right?"

"Yes," Katara and Aang gave one last hug as Katara headed off to tell her brother the news. But, as Katara started to leave, Aang hesitated. He needed to do this now or never.

"Katara wait!" Katara spun around only to be met with a kiss. It was a gentle kiss on the lips. A kiss that person receives on a first date. The soft, uncertain kiss that always sends shivers down your spine. At first Katara was shocked by the sudden motion. Aang thinking that Katara was uncomfortable with the sudden kiss started to back off. However, was surprised when she started to lean into the kiss.

It was short and sweet, but it made a lasting effect on both teens. Katara slowly opened her eyes after Aang cut off the kiss, but was surprised to see he was no longer there. She surveyed the area still to find no one there.

Katara shook her head. She had important things to do. She couldn't waste time. The waterbending master raced off to tell her brother of the plans of the Southern Water Tribe and how they were to return to their homeland tomorrow with their father, Hakoda, and Bato.

The next day came and Katara and Sokka were about to ship off. Katara waited nervously for Aang to arrive…but he never did. The ship even wait and extra two hours, when word that the Avatar left the city late last night, Sokka was disappointed that his best friend did not come to say goodbye. But Katara, she was heartbroken.

She spent the whole trip to the water tribe in the crow's nest, as close to the sky as she could get, scanning every part of the sky waiting for Aang to come sweeping in on Appa. The other warriors could sometimes hear quiet sobs drifting in the breeze for a few minutes every couple hours.

Aang wasn't any better off. When he returned after the water tribe left, he spent the next few days moping about locked up in his quarters in the palace.

When Toph went to leave, Aang did see her off. For the reason he was to afraid what Toph would do to him if he didn't. That was the last time the two, Katara and Aang, ever saw each other…until four years later.