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As the Gaang reached the top of the hill, they all stopped in shock. The village they had come to help was in shambles. Many of the buildings were in ruin. Only about five or six of the buildings were pretty well off, but even they had been bathed in scorch marks and had many holes in their rooftops. A couple of the buildings had even collapsed and there was debris left in their wake.

With the village being in such ruin, you would think most of the villagers would be scurrying about rebuilding their destroyed village. However, the odd fact was that no one seemed to care the slightest bit. Villagers were walking around the village minding their own business; children were even outside playing among the dirt and debris

Still in shock, the Gaang slowly made their way down from the hill and into the city. When they thought that the buildings were the worst of the destruction, they came across a man, broken and bleeding just lying in the mud. Everyone was passing him, no one stopped to help him, and no one even looked at him. It was like he didn't even exist.

"Oh no…." Sokka's face had lost all emotion. The village they were supposed to protect was in shambles and people were just dieing in the streets.

Katara immediately rushed up to the man and started to tend to his injuries. Aang, sick to his stomach, immediately followed Katara to also help the man.

Toph stood behind with Sokka and asked, "We're too late, aren't we?"

Sokka nodded his solemnly, "Yes…yes we are."

"Sokka! Toph! We need to get this man to a doctor's!" Katara shouted urgently back at the two.

As they approached Katara told them the condition of the man, "This man has a fourth-degree burn on his leg, two third-degree burns one on his left forearm and the second on his collarbone, a gash is across his stomach and it is bleeding pretty bad, he is suffering from starvation, and he is about to lose consciousness." She looked up at the two with desperate eyes, "He needs medical attention" she looked back down at the man's broken body, "or he'll die."

Sokka's eyes widened with shock, "Can't you heal him!"

Katara shook her head, "No, I don't have enough water for this and this isn't the perfect place for healing." Gesturing to where the man laid.

Aang hoisted the man up onto his back, "There has to be a village doctor or a healer around here somewhere. This use to be a soldier rest camp," Aang looked around desperately, "there has to be someone!"

As on cue a villager walked by. Toph pointed the kid out and questioned-shouted at-him, "Hey kid, where's your doctor's place?"

The little boy was shaken at Toph's cross demeanor, but answered, "He is the fourth house on the left," the boy lowered his eyes, "the only building that the firebenders hadn't burned…yet."

Aang, receiving this news, rushed past the kid with the man on his back, "Thank you!"

Katara followed closely and Toph strolled on after them.

Sokka studied the boy. He had to be at least seven years old; and by the looks of it he hadn't been fed in days. The boy's skin had obtained a light tan, probably from working in the fields. His shaggy brown hair kept getting in the way of his green eyes; no matter how many times he tried to brush it out of his sight. He wore a tattered green shirt and brown pants that were in good shape. His feet had no shoes and they were covered in mud, you could even see some cuts from sharp stones on his feet.

Sokka took a few steps forward before kneeling down to the boy's eye level, "What's your name kid?"

The boy, once again adverting his eyes, hesitated for a moment before answering, "My n-name is Dai."

"Okay, Dai, can you tell me what happened this village." Sokka asked while scoping out the village.

Dai looked nervous, but after seeing the calm look on Sokka's face, he relaxed and began to tell Sokka the story of what had happened to the village that left it on the brink of extinction. "Well it all happened when the Firebenders attacked…"

Aang kicked the door open to the house. A woman, working on some papers, jumped at the sudden intrusion. However, her shock ended when saw the injured man on Aang's back and immediately she rushed to his aid.

"Come with me." She ordered as she walked through the door into the back room. The Gaang was surprised at what they saw.

In a small room, about twenty-six people were packed into the small area. Most of them were resting in small beds, but others were slumped on the floor, seeing there were not enough beds for everyone. Two jars of water were strategically placed in the two right corners of the room so water was easily accessed in cases of emergency.

The lady, who seemed to be the secretary, spoke to the doctor, who was busy with a patient, "Sir, we have another patient. He is in critical condition; fourth-degree burns and is on the edge of consciousness."

The voice of the doctor replied back, "Give me a second. I'm almost done stitching up this wound."

A few second later a man appeared from behind the curtain, which separated everyone else from the patient he was working on.

He was young, very young; he could be only eighteen at the most. Long black hair was pulled back in a low pony tail with his bangs spiking out in front. He had piercing blue eyes. He was also had a light tan. He wore tan pants with a hunter green shirt. Unlike the boy, he was actually lucky enough to have shoes, in fact brown boots. To top it off he a white over coat. It looked like he was in good shape, muscular and lean.

Immediately, once he laid eyes on the dying man, the doctor rushed up towards Aang and taking the man off Aang's hands. He turned to the lady, "Lin, I need you take the man I jus finished up on and take him to my room. He'll sleep in my bed. He is in no condition to sleep on the floor and no one in here can give up theirs. We're already pushing it as it is." The doctor Waterbended some water from the jug at the front of the room. He pressed it on the man's chest. He froze for a second and then started barking commands, "We're going to need to hurry. Lin hurry up this is going to be a rough procedure. You two," the doctor looked at Aang and Katara, "I'm going to need your help with this one. Also you," now he gestured at Toph with the man still in his arms, "could you help Lin with the other patient? Now let's hurry up, we don't want to lose this man!"

Everyone was off. Toph and Lin were working together, lifting the man as carefully as they could off the table and into the doctor's room.

After Toph and Lin were gone, the doctor placed the man on the table and went to work on the man's fourth-degree burn. The doctor, trying his hardest healing the man's injury, calming worked.

"Um, sir?" the doctor lifted his eyes from the wound and was looking directly at Aang.

"It's Aang." Aang said rubbing the back of his head.

The doctor nodded, "Okay, Aang, I need you get some cloth and wet it with cold water. It seems the infection from the wounds has given the man a fever. He's burning up."

"Yessir!" and Aang was off.

"Okay ma'am…?" The doctor looked up once again. He was surprised to see Katara was already working on healing the man's burn on his collarbone. "You're a Waterbender?"

Katara looked up only for a moment before once again focusing on her work, "Yes, I am."

The doctor flashed a smile, "Well that's going to make this a hell of a lot easier!"

The three worked on the man for more than an hour. Aang was in charge of making sure they had supplies, while the doctor and Katara worked on the burns. The two third-degrees had been healed completely, while the fourth-degree had been healed as best as it could and had been dressed. The last injury was the gash across the abdominal region. It had stopped bleeding, but the wound was still wide open.

The doctor had a needle in hand with the string attached. Yet, it wasn't a regular needle; it was made of ice. The doctor started to stitch the wound. The ice slid through the skin effortlessly and the string followed. After it had been completely closed he melted the ice and coated his hand with it. Applying pressure to the wound his hand glowed. After he removed it the string started to dissolved and the wound was closed completely.

Aang and Katara stood in shock. They had never seen any Waterbending like that. It was amazing. The doctor started to wash his hands.

After that he motioned for Katara and Aang to follow him out of the room. Just who was this guy and how did a Waterbender get all the way up in these mountains?

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