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Also, in this I am taking some liberties with Sasori's abilities to feel. He cannot feel physical pain, but still has some, albeit long unused, emotions. In this, he is also aware of touch in the same way he was as a human.

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There was something about him, so intoxicating, like a drug, or a poison. A poison so potent, once you were infected, there was no escape. Ever. A poison that could be deadly, if angered, a poison that resided in your veins, unnoticed until it was too late and you were caught. A fly in a spider's web. Not that you'd want to escape, of course. Sasori sure as hell didn't want to.

Despite his attempts to quell that anarchic streak that lit up that half mad smirk his partner wore while blowing something to pieces, Sasori had realised that although he could control most things, he couldn't control life. That smirk that made long dead feelings ignite once again and wage war in his mind, depriving him of the sleep he hadn't needed for years. The peace of mind he'd grown used to, rudely shattered by a brick. A young, blond haired, blue eyed brick, to be precise.

When Leader had introduced Deidara as Sasori's new partner, he hadn't even looked at him twice, and now he wondered why. The bomber's ridiculous amount of energy and bouncy personality certainly livened up the Akatsuki Head Quarters. The normally deathly silent halls were now filled with the bangs of small explosions and Hidan's voice telling him to shut the fuck up before he shoved said explosives where the sun didn't shine. A small smile graced Sasori's lips at the memories. These corridors that once held nothing for him, now held a multitude of feelings. A crack here, a scorch mark there, all reminders of Deidara's presence.

The first time they'd shared a room, Sasori had found it damn hard not to stare as Deidara pulled off that oh so tight fishnet shirt, revealing a very nicely toned stomach and flawless skin. He was skinny, but not overly so. Perfect. Then he'd retreated to the bathroom for a shower and Sasori told himself he was not imagining what lay beneath those tight black pants. When the blond returned, Sasori was damn glad he had no blood otherwise he would have been dealing with the mother of all nosebleeds. Deidara, half naked, wet and a slight blush creeping over those chiseled cheek bones was, in a word, heaven. And at that moment, Sasori was sure he'd pledge himself to anyone, hell even Jashin, if he could only taste the gorgeous boy stood in front of him. But, his pride held him back from pouncing on Deidara and ravishing him. No. He would act like he didn't give a toss about him, and hope that maybe it would stop the blond from walking around that that.

It wasn't until a year later, when they were yet again sharing a room in some god forsaken inn in some shit heap of a village, that Sasori realised what had kept the blond going through the past months of insults. No matter what he'd called him, how many times he'd demeaned his art, those plentiful sharp smacks with Hiruko's tail (and he swore another long dead part of him died again when he heard his partner cry out in pain. Pain that he was inflicting.), the young artist had kept his head high, continued to ask Sasori's opinion on those damned sculptures of his and crave his acceptance. Deidara was spirited, passionate, able to brush off Sasori's words with a smirk, but after a year of all this, both were close to breaking point. They could both feel the tension, Deidara had been sulking more than usual and Sasori had been trying to avoid him so as not to exacerbate the situation with more names and slaps that he didn't mean. As was the norm, Deidara locked himself in the bathroom, and several moments later, the shower was turned on. Sasori sighed, leaning back against the double bed they were being forced to share. Hiruko was safely stored in a scroll, more and more ninja were becoming aware of his preferred form and this was a stealth mission, they really didn't want to be recognised. He forced himself not to look up as Deidara re entered the room, probably half naked, dripping slightly with that delicious red tinge across his cheeks. No! He had to stop thinking this way if he was going to get over this. He felt the bomb technician lie down on 'his' half of the bed and Sasori stole a glance out of the corner of his eye, as he'd guessed, Deidara was stretched out, hands behind his head, still damp hair spread around him like some kind of halo, eyes closed, and yep, blushing slightly. Suddenly, those eyes opened, revealing those blue pools that Sasori would give a limb (He could always get a new one in no time but that wasn't the point) to drown in,

"Danna?" Shit, he'd caught him looking,

"What?" Sasori answered, narrowing his reddish-brown eyes a little,

"Are you okay un?" Deidara rolled onto his side, so he was facing Sasori,

"I'm fine you stupid brat. It's none of your business anyway." He snapped, dying a little more inside at the hurt look in his partner's eyes,

"Okay un." He replied simply, rolling onto the opposite side so Sasori was left staring at his back. The puppet master closed his eyes, furrowing his brow, wishing he didn't have to hurt him like this. He reached over to the bedside lamp,

"I'm turning off the light Deidara." he said simply, wincing at the coldness that came so naturally into his voice now. He got no reply and hit the switch, glad for the slight solace the darkness brought him. Even with the moonlight shining in through the annoying thin curtains, Deidara wouldn't be able to see Sasori gazing tenderly over at the smooth skin of his back. He looked like an angel, bathed in moonlight as he was. My angel. My fallen angel. Sasori thought with a slight smile. As if. He frowned again and closed his eyes, wishing that this futile replacement for sleep could plunge him into unconsciousness. This puppet body, engineered so carefully. It felt no pain; physical pain anyway. Apparently, he could still feel the tides of emotion still locked into his chakra core heart.

Sasori wasn't sure how long he was led there before he caught movement out of the corner of his still open eyes as Deidara curled into a ball, hugging his knees to his chest, still led on his side. Sasori shifted noiselessly to get a better view, biting his lip out of habit. He saw the slight tremours across his partner's back before he heard the muffled sobs. His eyes widened a little and he felt a strange pain in his chest. It got worse as the sobs continued, Deidara's attempts to hide them failing. Sasori moved closer to the blonde, sitting up and reaching to rub his back a little. Deidara stiffened and flinced away a little at the touch, evidently expecting the puppet to hurt him. Sasori was certainly glad he couldn't cry otherwise he'd be putting Niagra-fucking-Falls to shame right now,

"Deidara? What's wrong?" He asked, fighting the coldness that wanted to lace itself into the words as it had done for far too long,

"Why do you care un?" Came the tear thick reply.

Aw fuck it.

Sasori pulled Deidara into his arms, one hand stroking his blonde hair, the other wrapping around his waist, holding him in place. The younger artist struggled instantly, trying to break free,

"Deidara, it's okay, I'm not going to hurt you." He whispered, burying his face in that mane of yellow as its owner's struggles lessened slightly,

"Why the hell not? It's all you've done the past year un." He replied, one hand coming up to wipe uselessly at the tears still streaming down his cheeks. Sasori sighed,

"Dei, I'm so...sorry...for all of that..is that what this is-?"

"Of course it fucking is. You don't give a shit about what happens to me, I thought things would be different in Akatsuki un." He shot back, his unoccupied hand clencing into a fist.

Here's my big moment.

Sasori cupped Deidara's cheek, forcing him to look at him. The broken look on the blond's face made something in his chest drop to the pit of his non-exsistant stomach, knowing he was the cause of his angel's pain,

"Deidara, I do care about you...more than you know...I just urgh...I shouldn't be feeling this..I did this to myself so that I would feel nothing and yet I still feel mental pain, and damnit I cannot give into it..." Deidara's reddened eyes widened a fraction, then closed. Sasori copied the movement, moving to let go of him, but Deidara clung to him, reopening his red-brown orbs the puppet master was shocked into silence as Deidara leant a little closer,

"Why supress them? You must be feeling them for a reason Danna un." He said softly, his voice still thick from crying,

"Deidara, are you asking me to love you?" Sasori asked, utterly baffled by his partner's new behaviour,

"Yes. If you don't, who will?" That settled it. Sasori closed the gap between them, pressing his lips against Deidara's. The blond, surprising responsive, returned the kiss hungrily.

"Damnit...Deidara...You're too fucking...Sexy for your...own good.." He half growled between kisses. The latter chuckled,

"You have no idea un." He whispered in the red head's ear, making him shudder. Sasori pulled Deidara against him again, feathering kissed on his face and neck, kissing away all traces of tears,

"Consider your offer taken, brat." He said, a smirk gracing his lips which the blonde returned,

"I love you too Danna." He replied, snuggling into Sasori's chest, eyes closing and sleep taking him to a dream only slightly better than his new reality.

There was something about him, so intoxicating, like a drug, or a poison. A poison so potent, once you were infected, there was no escape. Ever. A poison that could be deadly, if angered, a poison that resided in your veins, unnoticed until it was too late and you were caught. A fly in a spider's web. Not that you'd want to escape, of course. Sasori sure as hell didn't want to. Not now, not when he'd gotten what he'd dreamed about for so long. The masterpiece in his arms, so beautiful. Dangerous. Perfect. Deadly.


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