Shirosaki has too much free time. So he muses. This little drabble is also a result of too much free time if you know what I mean

There were clouds in the sky. Again.

Damn that King. Couldn't he stop angsting even for a minute?

ForGod's sake. Or whatever's sake his king believed in. It didn't matter. He was the horse after all. For now.

So it shouldn't matter.

But it did.

For Shirosaki was bored. And needed something to think. The concept of God would have to do for now.

Lately there hadn't been any fights, with anybody.

That sucked.

Okay, back to the God business.

Now, don't get the wrong idea, Shirosaki had nothing against God. But if you'd try to get him to join the, ah so holy, group of believers, he'd kill you. Slowly and painfully.

Shirosaki didn't need a god.

In this world, Ichigos world, gods bled to death.

In this fucked up sideways world, religions crumbled down to their feet.

There was no room for Gods in the middle of a fight that was all aboutcontrol.

They'd just end up as innocent side victims.

Innocent, yea right.

No one, not even the gods, were innocent.

They were all tainted.

Especially his King.

Kings friends saw him as their hero for they were as naïve as he appeared to be.

The shinigami saw him as an idealistic child.

They both viewed him as innocent.

Damn shinigami. They might see him as a child but it didn't stop them from using his king.

But Shirosaki knew. His king wasn't innocent, not in any ways. Shirosaki was inside him too. And, no matter how hard his King tried to deny it, they were the same being.

Then we should remember Byakuya. He had the sense to actually think Ichigo as a thread. He wasn't as stupid as the others.

Sorry, got off topic a little. We were talking about God, right?

But, Shirosaki decided, gods didn't matter one shit.

If he was to decide, everyone would be swimming in a pool of their own blood.

Yes, gods weren't excluded from that everyone.

Because in this sideways world,

King was the synonym of God.

What did ya think? I know it freakishly random.

Happy New Year