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Once Upon a Time warp in a galaxy very, very, very far away there were ruthless beings known as Space Balls. There was the Separator's Council that joined with the Space Balls and formed the galactic empire. President Scroob known as Dark Silly has declared himself emperor and has recruited Dark Mask and Count Cooku.

In over those years Lone Star and Princess Vespa had twins named Kristia and Jason. Than they had Banakin. The off springs of Lone Star have been trained with him to be Schwartz strong. Also they have trained Ilea Secure, Adi Guild, Plow Kootz, Status Alley, Quiggle John, Pablo Hill and Mace Window.

Prince Valium has became General Grease who wanted to marry Princess Vespa. Lone Star and Team fight to stop the Space Balls from ruling the galaxy. Yogurt comes out of hiding and goes up against President Scroob known as Dark Silly.

Now there is a battle to restore freedom and peace to the galaxy…

If you can't read this you won't need glasses. Just look close up.


In Outer space. There are battles going on. Lone Star is on his star fighter. He shoots down droid control ships. Also on a fighter jet is Banakin Star the son of Princess Vespa and Lone Star. They are shooting down at droid control ships. Lone Star: "The Separator's flag ship has a radar screening. I will jam it." Lone Star shoots a jar of jam onto the Invisible Foot.

On the Invisible Foot. There are Schwartz warriors Ilea Secure, Adi Guild and Pablo Hill. They have their rings. Pablo Hill: "You are under arrest General Grease for the murder of Prince Valium." General Grease: "I am Prince Valium. I want Lone Star." General Grease shows up with Count Cooku. Count Cooku: "Deal with them. The Space Balls will rule the galaxy. I fought against them first." General Grease has Schwartz rings on his middle fingers. General Grease takes on Adi Guild and Pablo Hill. Ilea Secure: "I will face Count Cooku." Pablo Hill: "Don't give us the middle finger again!" Ilea Secure takes on Count Cooku. They all ignite their rings.

They are all fighting with the Schwartz. Count Cooku slices down Ilea Secure. General Grease stabs Pablo Hill and Adi Guild with his rings. General Grease flashes the middle fingers at the heroes dead. General Grease: "You are the scum of the galaxy." Count Cooku: "I will face Lone Star personally. He jammed our satellite." General Grease: "Vespa has become the queen of Baboo." Count Cooku: "That's a planet of the apes but Baboons on this planet are human." Count Cooku and General Grease vanish.

Back to the space battle. Banakin is shot down by the Invisible Foot. Banakin: "Dad. I am shot down. I am landing in the Invisible Foot." Lone Star: "I will follow you. Count Cooku and General Grease are aboard this ship." Lone Star follows him on.

On the Invisible Foot. Lone Star and Banakin come out of their star fighters. Lone Star and Banakin ignite their rings. Lone Star: "It must be battle droids." Banakin: "I sense Count Cooku. We're mocking the Star Wars prequel films but before I was born you and Mom were mocking the original trilogy." Battle Droids fire on Lone Star and Banakin. They duck. They block the blaster fire with their Schwartz rings. They throw back the blaster fire destroying those droids. They go after Count Cooku.

At the main hanger on the Invisible Foot. There is Vinnie the metallic person taken prisoner. There is present Count Cooku. Count Cooku: "I was a galactic law enforcement officer strong in the Schwartz. I lost my apprentice Moby One Cantaloupe to Adseij Venture. I slew Adseij Venture and took her place." Vinnie: "I took over Pizza the Hutt's organization after he killed himself. Lone Star and Barf destroyed Purge the robotic bounty hunter." There are 3 slain warriors.

Lone Star and Banakin ignite their rings. Lone Star: "I guess the Separators go them." Banakin: "You will pay for those Jetty warriors that you killed Count Cooku you clock head." Count Cooku shows up. Lone Star rescues Vinnie. Lone Star: "My son will deal with the count of Scenario." Banakin takes on Count Cooku. Lone Star also takes on Count Cooku. Count Cooku: "I will twist both of your Schwartzs." They are fighting with the power of the Schwartz. Count Cooku slices down a camera man. Count Cooku kicks Lone Star and throws him aside. Count Cooku: "Your dad killed another camera man." Banakin: "What?"

Banakin and Count Cooku bang their swords into each other's. Count Cooku points his finger at Banakin Star. Count Cooku: "Now jetty warrior. You will be put on the oceans." Banakin: "We will end the stink order." Count Cooku: "Dark Silly has changed the rule of 2. Now there are 4. A master with 3 apprentices." Banakin bangs his sword onto Count Cooku's. Banakin and Count Cooku cross swords. They are fighting that way. Banakin defeats Count Cooku by making him go flying across the room and into the self destruct button. Self Destruct Voice: "Thank for pressing the self destruct button. This ship will self destruct in 5 minutes." Vinnie: "You better get us out of here with your father before this ship blows up." Vinnie and Banakin carry the unconscious Lone Star.

Nearby the Invisible Foot. There is the RV. Barf is driving it. Also with him is Jug Jug Banks. General Grease escapes onto his escape pod. Barf: "There is my friend Lone Star. Also there is Banakin. It looks like General Grease has escaped." Lone Star and Banakin hop along with Vinnie onto the RV. It goes flying off into space. Lone Star: "Let's go to Baboo. I am married to the queen of Baboo." The Invisible Foot blows up.

On planet Space Ball the next day. There is President Skroob present in his office. President Scroob gets in contact with General Grease on the wall. General Grease: "Lord Silly. The Invisible Foot has been blown up by the offspring of Lone Star. They defeated Count Cooku." President Skroob: "The Separators have failed. I am sending Dark Mask to Manipur to deal with the situation." General Grease: "Is he the replacement for Dark Tyrannosaurus?" Dark Mask shows up. He is a reptilian man with a red face and black mask on. President Skroob: "He is right here. Go there Dark Mask and take care of the Separators." President Scroob is done talking to General Grease. Dark Mask: "At last I will reveal myself to the jetty. At last I will have Revenge." President Skroob: "You have done well. Count Cooku will be replaced by Lady Luminate. She's Shakira Brimm. She wants to be a dark warrior as she is mocking a Star Wars expanded universe dark jedi who became the sith after Darth Sidious. I am the parody of Darth Sidious and you are the parody of Darth Maul but the sith were limited to 2." Dark Mask: "Darth Maul was Darth Sidious's first apprentice and than there was Count Dooku known as Darth Tyrannus and than Darth Vader who Dark Helmet is a take off on." President Skroob: "Take out the Separator's council. They have failed me. We were mocking the Clone Wars and than Adseij Venture went by Adventure. She was slain by Count Cooku." Dark Mask is being beamed to Manipur.

On Manipur at the Separator's base. There is General Grease with the Separator's council. On the council is Shoe My a woman, Topple the Lesser an alien with wings and a wattle who's a human turkey, Sand Pill a skinny looking human, Mute Convay another alien, What Tamper an alien specie with a tooth look alike head, Castle Argentina a male alien and others in the Separator's movement. General Grease: "You will be safe here. I will face the jetty. It was like in Return of the Jetty that a bear threw President Skroob back onto Space Ball 1 when it was blown up and they went onto the planet of the apes. I am going to the star systems and destroy Queen Vespa." General Grease leaves for space. Dark Mask shows up. Dark Mask ignites his ring. Mute Cunvay: "Welcome Lord Mask." What Tamper: "Tamper with him droids. He's getting even with us for failing to capture Lone Star and his kids."

Everyone gets up in fear. Battle droids fire on Dark Mask. Dark Mask deflects blaster shots hitting them. Mute Cunvay: "No. Not that!" Dark Mask uses the power of the Schwartz on the Separator's council. Dark Mask: "Yes that." Dark Mask throws them all into a computer hanger. They are all zapped. Everyone falls down. Dark Mask: "Get out of here. If any of you return in our sight again or in a Space Balls 3 you will die." Dark Mask gets in contact with Dark Silly who is really President Scroob. They are talking. Dark Mask: "Master Silly. I took them all out. They will die if they come back in Space Balls 3." President Skroob: "Good work than. You will go to Baboo aboard Space Ball 2. Bring me Queen Vespa. I will beam you back to here." Dark Mask is beamed back to Space Ball.

On Baboo in the day time at the Capitol City of Thread. In the palace. There is Queen Vespa present. Also there is Princess Kristia the off spring of Princess Vespa and Lone Star. Also is Kristia's brother Jason. There are palace guards there too. Also there is Senator Jug Jug Banks who's an orange skin half man half dinosaur. Also with them is Dot Matrix. Queen Vespa: "Old troopers shot at my hair. I shot them down. The fighting will go on until we take down General Grease and President Skroob. I am sending you Captain Pancake with your nephew Captain Tycho aboard Space Ball 2 and you will capture the imperious forces there." Lone Star shows up with Barf, Banakin and Vinnie. Lone Star: "Banakin defeated Count Cooku. I think that President Skroob threw out the separators." Kristia: "Many of us are called the apes since we moved onto this planet." Jason: "I will face Dark Mask. He's mocking Darth Maul the Phantom Menace villain." Dot Matrix: "C-3P0 was programmed as a male but I am mocking of him. Yogurt has been training others in the Schwartz back in Return of the Jetty. We fought during A New Dope."