In President Skroob's office. There is President Skroob standing there with the twin women. Yogurt comes in. Charlene: "Get out of here you midget." The 2 women go after Yogurt.

Yogurt with the power of the Schwartz bangs the 2 women into each other. President Skroob: "We meet again Yogurt." Yogurt: "I will beat you this time. You sent me onto the desert planet. Now we mock the Yoda vs. Darth Sidious fight scene in Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith."

President Skroob with the power of the Schwartz shoots down Yogurt. He goes over to him. President Skroob: "This is something that Palpatine didn't do to Yoda in Revenge of the Sith." Yogurt ignites his light sabers on his ring. President Skroob next ignites his ring. Yogurt: "Yoda and Darth Sidious fought each other in a light saber duel in Star Wars Episode 3." They are slicing at each other.

Back to everyone else vs. the remains of the Space Balls. There is sword playing going on. Mara Jayne slices Shakira Brimm with her sword. Sparks come out of her. Barf is shot on the hair by the storm troopers.

Barf fires back at them. Queen Vespa spots a can of crazy glue. There is a squad of storm troopers firing at Queen Vespa. Queen Vespa shoots the can of glue.

It explodes sticking the troops to the ground. Queen Vespa: "Now you troops are stuck to the ground." Barf: "That's what you get for my hair. I will shoot down President Skroob like Han Solo in the Star Wars graphic novel called Empire's End shot down Emperor Palpatine."

Queen Vespa and Barf go to the control room. Shakira Brimm is sliced down to pieces by Mara Jayne. The feet of President Skroob continue dueling Lone Star's kids. Lone Star and Dark Helmet keep on fighting. Dark Helmet: "Please don't Lone Star throw me in the lava. We aren't on Manipur."

Lone Star slices off the top of Dark Helmet's helmet. Lone Star: "Let's keep fighting. It's not like Obi-Wan Kenobi almost killed Anakin Skywalker as the human Darth Vader." They continue fighting.

Back to Yogurt vs. Dark Silly. Yogurt and President Skroob continue dueling each other. They bang their swords into each other's. Yogurt sends an uppercut onto President Skroob. A person from the production comes to the screen. Producer: "Whoopsy!"

In the senate main chamber. There is Snotty with other imperious squad members. Barf and Queen Vespa show up. Yogurt follows President Scroob to over there. Yogurt: "Come back here President Skroob."

Barf and Queen Vespa aim their blasters at Snotty and the rest of the imperious troops. Vespa: "Hold it right there Snotty." Barf: "There's Mel Brooks vs. himself. It's Mel Brooks as Yogurt vs. Mel Brooks as President Skroob slash Dark Silly who were both played by Mel Brooks in the original film."

Dark Silly Schwartz throws a tool box hitting Yogurt. Yogurt throws the toolbox back hitting Dark Silly. Queen Vespa is holding the imperious remnants captive. President Skroob throws a seat striking Yogurt.

Skroob with his light saber goes after Yogurt. Barf shoots down President Skroob making him go flying down the senate pods. Barf: "I got your back Yogurt."

Back to the President's feet and Dark Helmet vs. Lone Star and team. Lone Star's kids all strike down the feet of Skroob. Banakin: "Now striking down President Skroob's feet we have tripped him." Lone Star and Dark Helmet keep fighting each other. Skroob cuts off Dark Helmet's ring and throws Dark Helmet into a wall.

Dark Helmet's costume is damaged. Lone Star with the power of the Schwartz removes Dark Helmet's helmet. Lone Star: "I have defeated you Dark Helmet." Dark Helmet: "I was destined to stop you all. I put together the tree federation, the commerce guilt, the banking can, the company alliance, technician unit and the Turkeys to form the Confetti of Independent Systems."

Back to the senate main chamber. Yogurt has his Schwartz ring still on. Dark Silly shows up. Dark Silly shoots from his Schwartz ring at Yogurt. President Skroob: "I will kill you now Yogurt and destroy blue berries." Yogurt with his power ring deflects the shots back at President Skroob. He is struck and goes flying throughout the room. Vespa and Barf are moving Snotty and team out of their.

Later on outside of the senate main chambers. There is Queen Vespa present. There is Barf. With them are Lone Star, Yogurt, the off springs of Lone Star and Mara Jayne. Mara goes over to Banakin. They kiss.

Barf has Dark Helmet and Snotty taken prisoner. Yogurt: "I won't live for very long. I am now 900 years old. I have earned eternal rest just as we saved the galaxy from the Space Balls." Queen Vespa: "Now I will be queen of the galaxy." Barf: "We have defeated the Confetti of Independent Systems."

Many days later on Baboo. There is a parade going on. There is President Vespa standing there with Queen Kristia. Also with them are Banakin Star, Jason Star, Mara Jayne, Lone Star, Jug Jug Banks, Vinnie, King Roland of Druidia, Dot Matrix and many of the Baboon people. Next come the spirits of Yogurt, Mace Window, Plow Kootz, Adi Guild, Status Allie, Pablo Hill, Ilea Secure and Quiggle John. Quiggle John: "Now the daughter of Vespa and Lone Star is queen of Baboo." Mace Window: "Queen Vespa is now know as President Vespa. The Schwartz is with us all just as the living forgot about us." Kristia holds up the peace globe. The spirits of the Schwartz users give dirty looks to the living. Peace reigns in the galaxy.