"Blah"- Normal Speech
'Blah'- Thoughts
"BLAH"- Jutsu
"Blah"- Demon, Inner, Summon

List of new Transformers
Thundercracker– 2007 F-22 Raptor (G1 colors)
Skywarp – 2007 F-22 Raptor (G1 colors)
Blackout – 2007 MH-53M Pave Low IV
Scorponok – 2007 Mechanical Scorpion
Onslaught- CLAS- S.W.A.T. vehicle
Wild Rider– Acura
Dead End- ALT- Dodge Viper
Runamuck- G1 Pontiac Trans Am
Runabout- G1 Lotus Esprit
Frenzy – G1 Robot Warrior/Microcassette

More Then Meets the Eye

Chapter 4

Sakura ran. It was all she could do. Around her the village was in ruins and flames arose from them, the clouds of smoke blocking out the sky above. The sound of thunderous footsteps in the background forced her to pick up the pace when something hit her leg causing her to tumble to the ground.

She looked over her shoulder to see what she had tripped over and the sight made her blood run cold, lying there was Naruto his tanned skin ash grey and his normally bright cerulean blue eyes empty and lifeless. "Naruto, no!"

It was then a large shadow descended over her and looking up Sakura saw a tall figure, the fire light glinting off its armor as well as its arm mounted weapon. Sakura stared up into the giant's cruel face its red glowing eyes fixed upon her sending a shiver of fear through her body


Sakura's eyes burst open her breath heavy and sweat pouring from her brow. "Shhh, shhh. It's alright." A soothing voice said and she felt a hand running through her pink locks. Shizune looked down at the girl who's head was in her lap "The dream again?"

Sakura nodded. She smiled at her 'Poor girl, she's lost so much.'

She then looked upon the other people who were gathered here 'And not just her, everyone has lost someone or something precious to them.'

She could help but remember the attack happened although to be honest she would rather forget it but she couldn't, the scars ran too deep and she was doubtful that they would ever fade. It had changed everything.

The day the Leaf Village fell.

It had started off like any other day. The sun had risen and the people of the village had been going about their business. The students of the academy were preparing for another day of class. The village ninja were either about go off on another mission that would help their homes financial security or get ready for another day of training. Civilians went about their lives providing the very heart and sole of the village. At the nearby bathhouse certain white haired Sennin was making himself for another day of 'research'. And finally in the large tower that dominated the rest of the village the blond haired Hokage was sleeping off her latest sake binge.

Hatake Kakashi watched the village from his vantage point atop the Hokage monument seated on the head of his former master. 'This village, everyone seems to carry on as normal. But the same time this doesn't seem right. It's like a vital part is missing.'

It seemed like ever since the failed attempt to retrieve the AWOL Uchiha, the village seemed to be...fake. It was if someone had torn down the village then replaced it with a carbon copy of itself; however like any copy it was missing something that gave it its heart and soul.

He closed his eye(s) the image of the bright light in the sky and his student being sucked up into it. He didn't know what it was or what it had done with his pupil, all he knew was Naruto was gone. By the time he reach the valley itself all he found was a Konoha headband that had a slash mark running across it. He had relayed this information to both the Hokage and the council they had immediately been told to keep his mouth shut by the old farts and informed he would be charged with treason if he breathed a word about what happened.

Not long afterward a statement was released to the public announcing the failure to retrieve Sasuke, in which also included that Naruto had died during the mission fighting against Sasuke.

Outside the main gate two Chuunin were standing guard watching for any sign of someone approaching. It was a fairly boring task and to be honest everyone hated it, however they knew it had to be done. What happened next they couldn't explain. The first thing they noticed what the noise, a noise that neither of them had ever heard before and would never hear again. Then from over the horizon came a large white and black mechanical behemoth rolling towards them

"What the hell is that?" one asked.

"I have no idea." The other replied.

Just then the white and black object stopped a yard away from them, the inside of the large barrel then rose up and began glowing. Before either of the two guards could comment on this, there was a loud almost deafening sound and a large blast of pure energy was released from the barrel, moments later the main gate was blasted off its hinges sending them flying for half a mile before crashing to earth, people scrambling to get out of the way.

Megatron rolled towards the opening he had just made, taking in the sight of his surrounding as he entered: he was not impressed. Just then three blurs overtook and sped off into the village itself, Dead End Wild Rider and Barricade who also contained Soundwave, and three jets and a helicopter passed overhead, Starscream Skywarp Thundercracker and Blackout.

At the same moment there was a disturbance at the east gate which had been assaulted by Brawl and his fellow Combaticons Onslaught and Swindle. And from the West came Scourge along with Blitzwing Runabout and Runamuck.

Despite only being in vehicle mode the Decpeticons wasted no time in causing havoc, the carbots and Swindle tore their way through the streets, Wild Rider taking the opportunity to smash his way through several small shops and run down several people including the Ichiraku ramen stand, its owner Teuchi meeting his end.

Whist Starscream and the jets where making passes, Blackout was searching for a place to put down and await the order to strike, his sensors found an ideal location and headed for it.

Neji had been running through his Hakkeshou Kaiten at the Hyuuga clans privet training ground when the destruction of the main gate happened. Confused he went to find some answers and found the rest of the compounds residence in a panic, guards were rounding up several junior and seniors no doubt to get them to safety.

"Neji-san!" hearing his name called he caught sight of Hinata who were heading towards him.

"Lady Hinata, what the hell is going on?" Neji asked

"I…I don't know, I was going to run through some drills when there was a loud noise. Next thing I know the whole place is in a panic." Hinata informed him "Neji-san, you don't think it's another invasion do you?"

"I don't know." Neji replied. Just then a noise from above caught their attention and looking up saw Blackout heading towards them, a large cloud of dust was kicked up as the large helicopter Decepticon touched down his rotor blades slowly coming to a stop.

Several of the village's shinobi had surrounded Megatron who had come to a halt just inside the city walls. Suddenly cries of terror rang out as the Decpeticon leader transformed and rose up to his full height towering over just about every structure in the facility.

Megatron then raised his fusion cannon into the air and fired a shot signalling the other Decepticons to transform his voce ringing above the sounds of terror "Their defences are broken, let the slaughter begin."

Seeing their leader signal the other Decpeticons transformed, Barricade ejecting Soundwave who mass shifted as he transformed in midair. Touching down the Decpeticons communications operative pressed his eject button and the front of his chest opened "Eject Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, Laserbeak. Operation: Destruction."

Four tapes flew out of his chest and transformed in the two smaller bots as well as the jaguar and condor. The village was filled the sounds of cries and destruction as the Decpeticons tore their way through the village. The ninja's discovering that their weapons and techniques had to affect on the invaders armor.

Above the village Skywarp and Thundercracker were shooting at the people from the air

"Ha ha, Look how they run Thundercracker." Skywarp chuckled.

"Ha. This is way to easy, like shootin cyber ducks in a barrel." Thundercracker replied.

Skywarp let out a laugh before vanishing and reappearing on the other side of the village coming into land his feet dragging along the ground.

Starscream meanwhile was flying in low over the roof tops of the buildings in jet mode towards the Hokage's tower, pulling up he twisted and transformed landing onto of the tower. He transformed his hands into his weapons and began firing off missiles, several of them striking the academy killing almost everyone inside.

The moment the order was given, Blackout transformed and immediately went about causing as much damage to the Hyuuga compound via the use of his arm mounted Gatling cannons and detaching his rotor blades and using them as a flail, his weaponry tearing through both people and the surrounding buildings. The back area of his 'backpack' that formed the tail are of his helicopter mode opened up released his partner, Scorponok, to take care of anything he missed.

Neji stared at giant monstrosity before him, his limbs refusing to move. He could not help but watch as Blackout and Scorponok tore their way through the surrounding as if they nothing but paper. His senses overwhelmed by the sounds of people's cries of terror and the smell of burning that assaulted his nose. However what chilled his bones the most was the cry that the larger of the pair gave before it began its rampage "All hail Megatron."

"Neji-san, Neji-san." The sound of his name being called snapped him out his trance like state and found his cousin tugging on his arm "Come on Neji-san, we have to get out of here." Hinata was pleading.

Somehow she was able to drag him in attempt to get away from the carnage. Unfortunately their retreat hadn't gone unnoticed, Scorponok quickly burrowed into the ground in order to sneak up on trio unnoticed by them. The three of them continued to run headed towards the gate that led out of the Hyuuga compound when the ground beneath them began to shake before it began cracking open and Scorponok's form emerged. He lashed out with one of his spinning pincers at the two clan members were able duck out of the way just in time.

Enraged Scorponok tried stabbing at them with his tail blade however the three Hyuuga's ninja reflexes allowed them to dodge each time it tried to stab at them. Scorponok then drove his pincer into the ground debris flying at the three of them. Neji pushed Hinata out of the way the way of the debris and preformed his Hakkeshou Kaiten to knock the rubble that was flying towards him out of the way creating a cloud of dust as he did so.

Then from out of the cloud came Scorponok's tail blade came hurtling towards him, not being able to move Neji shut his eyes tight waiting for the blade to pierce through his body hoping that his cousin were running like hell and he'd delayed the mechanical creature long enough for them to get away. However the feeling of the blade piercing through him never came. Opening one of his eyes he found before him with the blade sticking through him was his uncle, Hiashi Hyuuga. "Neji, take Hinata and get out of here." The clan leader told his nephew, blood pouring from his mouth as he spoke.

"But...lord Hiashi..."

"Don't argue with me Neji." Hiashi snapped "Your duty is protect the main house hold, now go protect her."

Those were Hiashi's final words, Scorponok pulled his tail back with his prey flapping around like a piece of cloth, the tail trashed about until Hiashi was thrown off and hit the ground his body making a sickening cracking sound upon impact whilst Hinata could only watch as her father was tossed aside like he was nothing. Neji's insides felt as though they had been put through a blender and nauseous feeling welling up inside him as he looked upon his uncle's dead body his final words being replayed in his mind

"Neji, take Hinata and get out of here...Don't argue with me Neji...Your duty is protect the main house hold, now go protect her." Swallowing his fear, Neji ran towards Hinata and grabbed her. "Come on, were getting out of here."

"But...but what about Otou-san?" Hinata said, her voice beginning to crack.

"There's nothing we can do for him, we have to go now." Neji said, keeping his voice as steady as he could.


"Damn it Hinata, your father sacrificed himself so we could have a chance of getting out alive. If you're just going to sit there and break down on me then it means nothing." Neji said, his tone carrying a harsh tone to it, he let go of her and began running "Now are you going to sit there and get crushed or are you going to try and extend your life by running? Either way I don't really care."

Hinata stared after him before taking one last look at her father. 'Otou-san...' getting to her feet she ran after her cousin. Scorponok made to go after them but Blackout told him not to bother, after all it was not like they were going to escape.

The moment that the Decepticons had made their presence known in the village, like many others, Sakura had been trying to find a safe place to hide from the seemingly unstoppable metallic invaders. She was running through the streets amongst the large crowd who were trying to escape from the carnage going on around them. Just then she felt someone grab her shoulder, hoping to see a familiar face she looked round but instead saw the face of a both terrified and furious woman

"Outta my way you pink haired freak." She snarled before shoving Sakura to the ground before disappearing into the crowd. Sakura used her arms to shield her head as the seemingly endless ocean of people swarmed around her miraculously no one stepped on her.

After what seemed like hours the crowd thinned and then vanished, Sakura slowly removed her arms and slowly rose herself onto her knees. Just then the sound of growling caught her attention, slowly turning round she found herself face to face with Ravage, the jaguar like bot was glaring at her with his cold blood red eyes. Sakura stared wide eyed in fear at Ravage her breathing heavy. Ravage let lose a high pitched snarl which resulted in a scream from the pinkette. Ravage made to pounce upon her whilst Sakura tried to shield herself.

"KONOHA DAI SENPUU! Leaf Great Whirlwind!" from seemingly out of nowhere a figure appeared and delivered a powerful spinning kick to Ravage, knocking him back down onto his side and skidded along the group for several meters. "Sakura, are you alright?" hearing a concerned sounding voice Sakura uncovered her eyes and saw before her the self proclaimed 'Handsome Devil of Konohagakure' and 'genius of hard work', Rock Lee. "Lee..." Lee turned his focus back on Ravage "Have no worries Sakura; I will protect you from this strange metallic creature."

Lee and Ravage then charged at one another "KONOHA REPPUU! Leaf Violent Wind!"

Lee then got down low and preformed a spinning kick. Knocking Ravage's front legs out from under him.

"KONOHA SENPUU! Leaf Whirlwind!" wasting no time Lee leapt up and began to spin his body performing a flying round house kick sending Ravage crashing onto his back.

Satisfied Lee turned to Sakura and gave her his mentor's symbol of victory, the thumbs up accompanied by the legendary grin. Sakura stared at the green wearing bowl haired ninja, she recalled how she had thought the boy to be an annoyance (not to mention a little creepy) however after he came to her aid in the Forest of Death as well as his fight against Gaara during the Chunin exams she began to see him in anew, despite his rather dramatic personality (adopted from Gai-sensei) he was a passionate and driven person who had achieved all he had through nothing but hard work and perseverance.

He and Naruto were very much alike, neither one of them had had an easy life and had to achieve everything they had the hard way instead of it being handed to them on a silver platter.

Just then something up in the sky caught her eye 'Huh, what is that?' the thing grew closer and closer with great speed and revealed itself to be Laserbeak.

Sakura's eyes widened and cried out "Lee, watch out!"

Before Lee could even reply the robotic condor fired off a shot that struck him in the back and he fell to the ground unmoving. Sakura felt her entire body go numb; she didn't want to believe what had just happened; however there was no denying no matter how much she wanted to...Lee was dead.

Laserbeak flew over to Ravage and turned him over, the moment the robotic jaguar was back on his feet his glowing red eyes set themselves on the immobile form of Sakura. Letting out a loud snarl he lunged at her with the intent of tearing her head from her body, then from out of seemingly nowhere a whilst of wind and leaves appeared around the pink haired girl however Ravage was undeterred as he pounced his fangs and claws connecting with something solid, however it wasn't the girl instead it was a wooden log.

In a nearby alley Sakura watched as both Ravage and Laserbeak looked about them no doubt confused by what just happened before rushing off. Looking behind her she saw a woman with black hair and dark eyes dressed in a black robe and also supporting an unconscious Ino who was now breathing heavily, Lady Tsunade's assistant Shizune.

Even in her semi functional state Sakura could tell what had happened, first Shizune had used the Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique) to teleport herself to her position then used Kawarimi no Jutsu (Change of Body Stance Technique) to get them out of danger. "Shizune-sama..."

"Quiet." The dark haired woman replied as she set Ino on the ground and went to check that the coast was clear then walked back of her and picked Ino off the ground and offered a hand to Sakura "Come, I doubt we'll be safe here for long."
"Shizune-sama, what happen to Ino?" Sakura asked.
"Don't worry, she's fine." Shizune replied, she then took hold of Sakura's and the two of them began leaping away Sakura taking one last look at Lee's corpse

'Goodbye Lee.'

Megatron walked through the village taking in the sight of destruction that that his Decepticons were unleashing. Thanks to the Autobots he knew that this planet was rich in Energon, he would use this village as a base of operations and starting point putting its people to work to mine it for him and ship it back to Cybertron. By the time they'd harvested all the Energon in the area he would be in a position of power and would call in more of his followers and have them spread to another area and repeat the process.

"Stop right there." A voice caught his audio unit and scanning the area saw a woman standing on top of a tall pole "Just who are you, why are you attack this village?" She demanded.

Megatron's eyes narrowed "And just who are you to stand in my way?" he replied

"You first." The woman said sharply

"Very well then, I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons." Megatron said introducing himself. A hard scowl decorated the woman's features

"And I am Lady Tsunade, Godaime Hokage of Konohagakure and granddaughter of the Shodai Hokage who helped to found this village." Tsunade snapped "Whatever plans you have I suggest you forget them because I will not let you or anyone harm this place." 'Nawaki ...Dan...Naruto...I promise I will protect this village with my life.'

A small smirk spread across Megatron's face, he had to admire the woman's spirit, it reminded him somewhat of Primes. Just then the sound of clapping got both their attention and looking round Tsunade saw Jiraya standing on top of a building

"Nice speech there flat chest, but don't kid yourself." The toad sage said firmly "If this guy's the leader of this group then it's safe to assume he's more powerful then all of them. You're going to need my help with this one."

Megatron glared at the man "Pesky insect." He then raised his fusion cannon and unleashed mighty blast of energy that demolished the building that Jiraya had been standing on. Just then there was a gust of wind and Jiraya appeared beside Tsunade

"I believe that just proved my point. This guy surpasses anything Orochimaru could do, if I'd had to guess he might even rival the Bijuu in power." He told the blond woman. He then but his thumb till he drew blood and smeared it on his palm. Tsunade regarded her former teammate for a few seconds before swallowing her pride and mimicked his movements.

"KUCHIYOSE NO JUTSU! Summoning!" the two of them cried and a large cloud of white smoke and from it emerged a large brown toad with a pipe in its mouth wearing a black Gi and a short sword at its side as well as a large white and blue slug.

"Jiraya you old coot, why have you summoned me?" Gamabunta demanded, he then looked around and saw the carnage that was going on around him "Oh I get it; you need me to clean up this mess."

"Well I didn't call you here for a social visit."Jiraya retorted.

Meanwhile Tsunade was giving orders to her summon, "Katsuyu I need your assistance." "Yes my lady."

Although he didn't show it Megatron was slightly taken aback at the two fleshlings ability to summon these two giant creatures from out of nowhere but he would not allow this to faultier his plans. "Do not think these creatures will change anything, even they cannot halt my plans." He told the foursome.

"Really well I'd have to disagree with you, you pesky little tin can." Gamabunta retorted, he then drew his drew his yakuza blade "GAMADOSUZAN! Toad Yakuza Sword Beheading!"

He then lunged forward at the Decepticon leader with the intent of slicing him in two with his giant blade. Megatron raised his fusion cannon and began charging up energy within the barrel, he then unleashed a large burst of energy that struck the toad bosses blade causing it to shatter.

Megatron leapt into the air and landed on top of Bunta's head driving his fist into the giant toad's head, the momentum being strong enough to knock him to the ground.

"Jiraya, get out of the way." Tsunade told her teammate. Jiraya could tell what Tsunade was planning to do and ordered Gamabutua to leap upwards into the air. "Now Katsuyu." Tsunade ordered

"ZETSUSHI NENSAN! Tongue Tooth Sticky Acid!" A stick looking fluid was expelled from Katsuyu's mouth; it then struck Megatron who felt it start to eat into his armor.

"Good work Katsuyu, now let us finish him off." Jiraya told the giant slug "Time for some oil Bunta."

"GAMAYUDAN! Toad Oil Projectile!" Gamabunta's face began swelling up and from his mouth he released a torrent of oil whilst at the same time Jiraya was running through hand signs.

"KATON: ENDAN! Fireball!" he then fired a jet of flame from his mouth.

"KATON: GAMAYU ENDAN! Toad Oil Fireball!" The fire of Jiraiya's katon jutus hit the oil; setting it ablaze. The burning mass struck Megatron consuming him and he vanished from sight.

"You think that did it?" Jiraya asked

"Hard to say, he's powerful so I don't know how much damage that attack might inflict." Bunta replied. The flames burned black smoke raising off it just then something inside it caught both Sannien and their summons attention, there amongst the inferno was a figure the fire light reflecting off if armor and arm cannon.

Megatron emerged from the flames like Sephiroth and pointed his arm cannon charging up another shot before firing another burst of energy, this one more powerful than the one he had fired to destroy Gamabuta's Yazuka blade, the shot struck Katsuyu blowing her into millions of smaller clones of herself. With the destruction of her summon Tsunade found herself hurtling towards the ground only to be grabbed by Jiraya who Shushin'd in then out again to save her reappearing on a nearby rooftop.

"Tsunade, are you alright?" The white haired sage asked.

"I'm fine; get your hands off me you old pervert." Tsunade replied as she wriggled her way out of Jiraya's grip and turned back to the battle that was taking placed between Gamabunta and Megatron.

"SUITON: TEPPOUDAMA! Bullet!" several spheres of water were fired from the giant toad's mouth at the Decepticon leader who either dodged them or destroyed them with his shoulder cannon creating a small rain storm.

"Stand still you little bug." Gamabunta said, he was beginning to grow tired of his opponent. And idea came to mind and he slammed one of his front legs into the ground creating a shockwave that knocked Megatron off his feet.

"Gotcha." Bunta prepared to finish Megatron off when something stuck him in the back of the head, looking round the best he could he saw Starscream standing atop the Hokage's tower his weapons smoking, the seeker began firing and was joined by Skywarp and Thundercracker firing off barrages of laser blasts and missiles striking the toad boss.

Megatron rose to his feet, seeing the giant toad was distracted he began charging up his fusion cannon for another shot, the barrel glowing with power he fired off a shot that struck Gamabunta causing him to cry out in pain.

"Jiraya, I'm sorry." The toad boss said turning to his master before both he and Katsyu vanished in a puff of smoke.

Breathing heavily the damaged form of Megatron began walking away from the sight of his latest battle, mech fluid seeping through the cracks in his armor. He walked through the ruins that had once been the leaf village towards the Hokage tower.

Stopping half a mile from the structure he raised his fusion cannon and took aim, energy building inside the barrel before firing. The blast struck the base of the tower destroying part of the load baring beam that ran up the centre of it causing it to collapse.

A brief second before the tower began collapsing Starscream leapt off the top and flew towards Megatron

"What were you thinking, I could have been scrapped." The seeker demanded as he touched down.

"Well sometimes sacrifices have to be made." Megatron replied.

The destruction of the Hokage's tower brought about an end of the invasion, in that moment everyone surrendered. The Decepticons were victorious.

Shizune sighed as she ran her fingers through Sakura's hair as she looked about the gathered about, each of them had lost friends and family in the attack.

Ino had witnesses the destruction of her home, courtesy of a missile fired by Brawl; the explosion had killed both her parents.

Asuma was killed by Thundercracker, Kurenai was still pretty beat up about this crying in her sleep and having to be comforted by Anko.

Chouji had fallen to Barricade.

Kiba had been killed by Ravage, Akamaru was now being cared for by Hinata.

Gai had been killed by Rumble and Frenzy when they used their pile drivers to collapse a building on top of him, Kakashi had taken this pretty hard as although he had never came out and said so he respected the bowel haired loon as a shinobi and had been the closest thing he'd had to a friend since Obito and Rin died.

Just then a siren went off signalling that the working day had begun. The sound of a locking being opened was heard and Rumble and Frenzy appeared in the doorway of the facility where the survivors where kept. "Alright you lazy bums, get up." Rumble ordered "Time to get to work."

The purple bot took out a remote and pressed a button, a neon yellow chain came into existence attached to the people's ankles. Soon enough everyone was on their feet being led towards the area where the academy once stood at the base of the Hokage Mountain.

Light years away from Konoha on Cybertron the Autobots were preparing to mobilize, the Ark was finally finished and all its systems were operational. In the handing bay Optimus with Naruto sitting on his shoulder and Magnus was standing before a crowd of other Autobots that had been picked to be the ship's crew.

"Autobots, we have reached a crucial moment." Optimus said, addressing the crowd in front of him "This vessel is a symbol our future, but for now it must also serve another function. We cannot allow Megatron to plunder other planets of their resources or bring their inhabitance to be crushed under his iron fist. Others shouldn't have to suffer because of our war with the Decepticons."

He then looked over at Magnus who took a step forward "We have chosen the crew for the ships maiden voyage, please board as soon as your name is called.Jazz. Ironhide. Ratchet. Bumblebee. Arcee. Jetfire. Powerglide. Blaster. Preceptor. Red Alert. Inferno. Hound. Mirage. Sideswipe. Sunstreaker. Wheeljack. Prowl. Grimlock. Landmine. Hotrod."

One by one each member of the announced crew boarded the ship, taking up their positions. Once all the final checks were made, the safety clamps were released and the engine flared into life launching the craft from the ground gaining speed and into the upper atmosphere until it was free of the planet's atmosphere and into space.

If Megatron were described it then this would be hell, spikes stuck out of the wall and strange tendrils emerged from the floor. Looking around he saw Prime pointing his ion rifle at him, he then fired his weapon and the blast zipped past his head striking several tendrils that were coming up from behind him. Just then more tendrils appeared behind Prime and Megatron returned the favour by blasting them with his fusion cannon.

Around them Acree Jetfire Starscream Brawl and Astrotrain who were also dealing with their own threats

"Come on, we have to keep moving." The Autobot leader "The longer we spend doing this the less time Cybertron has."

"Save the speeches Prime, we all know what we have to do." Megatron replied as he blasted more tendrils, he then pointed his fusion cannon at a wall and fired blowing a hole through it which slowly began to grow back

"Come on, move it." He yelled.

Megatron's optical sensors activate and got up from the chair that had been constructed from the debris of the Hokage's tower. Shaking his head he rid himself of the images from his 'dream', a bot in his position did not have the luxury of nostalgia.

Just then Soundwave came up to him to give him a report of the progress that the slaves performance and the amount of Energon that was being uncovered and being prepared to be shipped back to Cybertron. I

t was almost ironic, there was a time any stellar cycles ago before the war and before the rise of the Decpeticons that he himself was in a similar situation being part of a colony in the Cybertronian system being forced to mine Energon to be sent back to Cybertron.

For now things were going good, their occupation of this village had gone off without a hitch, none of the surrounding nations had come to investigate and their first shipment of Energon was almost ready to be shipped back to Cybertron, however he knew that it will not last. It was only a matter of time before others would come to investigate what was happening here and he was certain that Optimus and the Autobot wouldn't come after them.

Far away from Konoha a man with long ebony hair and pale skin was seated in a darkened chamber surrounded by various different items displayed on the walls ranging from strange fettle creatures in jars to a severed hand with a ring on one of the fingers. Just then a door opened and a grey haired man wearing glasses entered.

"What is it Kabuto?" the pale skinned man demanded.

"Lord Orochimaru, I bring news from Konoha." The grey haired young man replied "It seems that the rumours going around hold some weight."

"Do they now!" Orochimaru was silent as he considered the information that had been brought to him. "Maybe I should go and look into this myself."

"Are you sure that is wise?" Kabuto asked. 

"Why not, after all if the rumours are indeed true then this is an ideal opportunity to put a spanner in the works in the Akatsuki's plans."

Cue creepy maniacal villain laugh here.

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