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The low rumble of the Gibson Tour Bus had become such a constant background noise for the boys that they barely took notice of it anymore.

Kevin sat on his bunk, strumming his guitar, obviously deep in thought. Joe sat on the floor playing Mario Kart on their Nintendo 64. The couch by the window was occupied by the curly haired Jonas.

They were driving through Missouri on their way to Sacramento. They seemed to be the only people on the road that day. Other than Miley's bus of course. Nick smiled as he thought of his girlfriend. He would rather be on her bus hanging out with her and Billy Ray.

He stared out the window, looking out at the snow covered ground. There really wasn't much of anything in this part of Missouri. They hadn't passed a town for hours. The only sign of life he'd seen for miles finally came into view.

A black Pontiac Grand Pix drove up alongside the bus. Nick looked at the driver for a second and got an uneasy feeling as the driver starred right back. The kid in the passenger seat looked like he was around Kevin's age. When the guy looked at Nick he got the same feeling of unease as he had when he looked at the older man. These guys scared him. He didn't know why, but they did.

The passenger in the black car adjusted himself so he was facing Nick directly. When Nick got a good look at him he realized that he'd seen him before. He couldnt remember where, but he knew they'd met.

Nick got uncomfortable looking at this car and moved away from the window. As soon as he did so, he noticed the car slow down and change lanes till it was behind the bus now.

Nick decided to join Joe on the floor as he picked up a controller.

"Hey man, I'm in the next race." Nick plopped down next to Joe and watched Joe finish his game.

Joe looked at him with a goofy grin, "Alright little bro, but prepare to eat the dust from my little go-cart."

Nick laughed at his brother and enjoyed the game. Playing took his mind off things and he completly forgot about the black car after awhile.

Later, around six, they finally came to a town. They were all hungry and decided to stop off at Taco Bell for some food. Lucky for them, the only people in the restraunt were older people. No screaming fans. Miley had come in to join them and the three brothers and her all enjoyed their meal together.

Once they were done they all headed back out to their buses. Nick kissed Miley goodbye and ran to catch up with Joe and Kevin. As the turned the corner together Nick stopped.

"Whats wrong man?" Kevin looked at Nick who looked like he'd seen a ghost. Joe stopped and turned around as well. Both brothers looked in the direction Nick was looking to see what was wrong. All they saw was a black Grand Prix.

Nick was shocked. That car had followed them for over a hundred miles, "guys, that cars been behind our bus for hours. Now it stopped at the same food place and they didn't even get out."

"Nick, come on man, it's Missouri!" Joe said, "There aren't really many roads to take that go anywhere interesting. And plus, this is the first town for miles. Theres no where else to stop."

Nick looked at Joe. He was right. They weren't being followed, it was just in his head.

"Yeah, your probably right," he nodded and followed his brothers back to the bus. He still couldn't help but feel worried about that car. As the doors to the bus closed Nick looked back at the car through the glass. It started it's engine, the driver starring at Nick.

Nick turned around, walked up the steps and sat down on his bunk. He starred at the floor but it didn't keep him from noticing that the black car pulled out of the parking lot right after their bus did.

He gulped.

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