So unfortunately, this is the last chapter.


Joe tossed the remote control to the side of the bed after he turned the TV off. He didn't know how much longer he could stand staying in a hospital bed. It had been almost two weeks and he had experienced nothing other than bad hospital food, bed, and the painful healing process. He was waiting for Nick and Kevin to return from Nick's latest physical therapy session.

After a few minutes, Kevin entered the room, pushing a drained looking Nick in a wheelchair.

Joe sat up as Kevin helped Nick back into his bed. "How'd it go?"

"It was good," Kevin said.

Nick nodded in agreement. "Yeah, it's getting stronger." He laid back and relaxed into the matress. "It just takes a lot outta me."

"I bet," Joe replied sympathetically.

"How are you feelin?" Nick asked, changing the subject.

Joe shrugged, "Fine I guess."

Kevin looked at him skeptically. "Is that just the Joe Jonas definition of fine, truly meaning 'not good'?"

Joe smirked. "Nah. I'm fine."

"If you say so," Kevin said, taking his regular seat in between the two beds. The three brother's hadn't left each others side in over a week, other than when Kevin and Nick went to physical therapy.

As much as the horrific ordeal had been like a living hell for them, it had truly brought them closer. Their brotherly bond had been severely strengthened by the tough situations they had been put through.

"How much longer are we gonna stay here?" Joe asked no one in-particular.

"Not long," Kevin said. "Dad's gonna talk to the doctors when he gets back from the hotel."

"Finally!" Joe shouted.

Nick laughed. He felt the same way Joe did. Being confined to this hospital room was really starting to get to them all. Kevin hadn't gone back to the hotel yet, other than to shower.

"Did you talk to Dad about the thing?" Joe asked.

Kevin nodded. "He said if it's something that we feel we need to do, then we can do it."

Nick smiled, "Good."

"So, do you think he'll let us go tonight if we get out."

Kevin shook his head. "I doubt it. We've gotta get the plane and everything still."

Joe knew it was unrealistic to expect to go tonight, but they all wanted to. It was something that each Jonas felt like they owed to someone.

Much to the relief of all three boys, they found themselves at the hotel that night. Nick and Joe had been forced back into bed by their mother, but they didn't mind. It was better than the stiff hospital beds.

Their father had booked a plane for them, leaving the next morning. A car was arranged to pick them up and take them where they needed to go.

Each Jonas slept well that night.

When they woke in the morning, they all got ready in record time. After a hotel-cooked breakfast their Dad drove them to the airport. The plane ride was long, but Nick, Joe, and Kevin slept the entire way their. At around two o'clock they arrived in Augusta, Maine.

The car ride was silent. Each brother began to get anxious. For some odd reason they were nervous about their visit. They knew that they had to do this for themselves, and for her, but they just didn't know how to act.

When they turned a corner, they saw a sign that read:

You may not end up where you meant to go, but you will end up where you're meant to be.

The pulled past the sign and into the 'Live in Eternity' cemetery. Joe smirked at the coincidental name. They exited the car. Kevin helped Nick out and Joe held him steady as Kevin got his crutches out. Together, the three boys made their way quietly through the mass of headstones.

It took them what felt like they had be searching for hours as they scanned each stone, looking for the name the needed to find.

In the back corner of the cemetery, they finally stood in front of a large marble headstone. They all stared at it for a while, reading the engraved words over and over.

Kasey Jo Reynolds

July 12th, 1992 - May 17th, 2007

Beloved Daughter and Sister.

We'll See You In Eternity.

Looks of shock, disbelief, and honor were displayed on their faces.

"Guys?" Joe said softly. "They put our lyrics on her gravestone?"

Kevin and Nick nodded, not knowing what to say. The situation had become that much more real to them and they felt for the girl that used to be a fan.

To them their fans were like their family. They meant everything to them, and the fact that Kasey was no longer in this world hit them on a personal level.

"Should we say something?" Nick asked.

"Yeah," Kevin said, looking up from the headstone for the first time. "Yeah, I think that'd be good."

It was silent for moment, then, "Hey Kasey. It's us, the Jonas Brothers here." Joe greeted her as if she were standing in front of them.

"We wish we could've met you," Kevin said. "We're so sorry that this happened."

Nick propped himself up on his crutches more. "You obviously meant a lot to your Dad, and of course your brother. We want you to know Kasey, that your one fan that we aren't ever going to forget."

"Your gonna be in our prayers and our thoughts forever," Joe said.

"We'll see you in eternity girl," Kevin finished.

They stayed for a minute, looking at the grass, under which she lay. At the same time, they all began to walk back to the car. Joe ran his fingers along Kasey's headstone as he walked by.

It officially felt like their lives could start to get back to normal now. They had their closure, Cane was in jail, Blake was no longer a threat. They could move on at last.

Once they were in the privacy of the limo, they let themselves relax.

They all looked at each other, feeling the same thing. They figured they may as well voice it.

"I love you guys," Nick, Joe, and Kevin all said at the same time.

They drove out of the cemetery and back into their lives.

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In case your wondering about the whole 'Eternity' thing: Eternity was a song that they wrote when they're grandma passed away. It's not on an album, but it's an amazing song. If you've got time, go watch them play it on youtube.

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