SUMMARY: While Sam and Mikaela are out with the Autobots, they get caught in a storm. When Optimus Prime gets struck by lightning, which arcs to Mikaela, they have more problems than they bargain for, and Sam's life suddenly gets a LOT more complicated than he bargained for.

SETTING: Movieverse

RATING: T for language

PAIRINGS: Sam/Mikaela

DISCLAIMER: Hasbro and Dreamworks own Transformers. I don't.

Sam leaned back , just lightly resting his hands on the steering wheel.

"This is the life!" sighed Sam, turning his head to look at his girlfriend, Mikaela.

"Sam, I know Bumblebee's doing the driving, but you should at least look like you're driving. What if the cops come around the next corner?"

"After facing Barricade, normal cops would be a relief." Sam told her. "Anyway, I've never seen cops on this road."

Mikaela went pale at the thought of Barricade, but recovered herself.

"I guess if Barricade does show up, we have enough metal muscle with us to make him think twice." she said.

"I'd figure so." said Sam. "Although if he DOES show up we'll know that rumour's untrue."

Sam and Mikaela had decided to go out for a little drive with Bumblebee, and with nothing better to do, Ratchet and Optimus had elected to go with them. Ironhide wasn't with them, because he was investigating a reported sighting of Barricade a few towns over.

Sam had instructed Bumblebee to drive them to a nearby hill that overlooked Tranquillity. He chose this location for two reasons-firstly, because it was isolated enough that the Autobots could transform, secondly, it was a beautiful area that he, Mikaela, and the Autobots all knew. Optimus Prime had gone there to send out his invitation for any other surviving Autobots to join him.

Mikaela looked uneasily at the gathering clouds.

"Looks like a storm." she said.

"Well, a little bit of rain shouldn't be a problem." he said. "Should it?" he asked Bumblebee, patting the dash of his car, who was also his guardian and his closest friend.

"No, our circuits are insulated. After all, Ironhide landed in a swimming pool, and was unharmed, remember? We can withstand immersion in water for several hours before we have to even think about worrying." Bumblebee assured him.

They reached the top of the hill, and Sam and Mikaela got out of Bumblebee and Bumblebee, Optimus, and Ratchet all transformed. They stood, looking at the scenery.

"You have a beautiful planet." Optimus said. "We are privileged to be permitted to share it with you."

"Well, the President and Congress couldn't really do anything else once you put in your request and promised to aid the Army in repelling any further Decepticons. Especially when Secretary Keller and Will Lennox both put forward your case, and pointed out that you had saved not just the asses of Americans, but the world's collective ass." Sam said.

Mikaela and Ratchet wandered over, and the three Autobots and two humans talked about their future hopes and plans. Optimus was hoping for more Autobots to respond to his signal, and Sam and Mikaela had their own plans for their future. Bumblebee said he wailed accept this, but requested that Sam keep him, and Sam reassured Bumblebee that he would never send him away.

It was only when the rain increased from a drizzle to a downpour that they realised the storm was getting worse.

"It might be an idea to take us home!" yelled Sam to Bumblebee.

"I can't! " Bumblebee replied. "If the lightning strikes me while you are in me, you could be killed, I am too conductive."

Optimus stood, and put his back to the wind. "Stand to the front of me, I can intercept the worst of the wind, and therefore the rain." he said. Bumblebee and Ratchet both took vehicle form. Optimus pout out an arm to help shield them further, and they stood and watched the storm's ferocity. Sam sat, while Mikaela wrapped her arms around herself and edged closer to Optimus.

Suddenly a lightning bolt spiked down and struck Optimus, who convulsed. The lightning ran down his body, lighting him up incandescently. At hip level it arced away from him, and struck Mikaela, who cried out and twisted in the lightning's grip. The lightning released them both as quickly as it had struck, and as Sam rushed to the crumpled form of Mikaela, Ratchet transformed and went to Optimus.

"Overloaded. He'll regain consciousness in a few seconds." said Ratchet. Moving over to Mikaela, Ratchet extruded a fine needle, and gave her something, then stimulated her with a mild electric shock. "Sam, breathe for her. I'm too large, you have to do it." said Ratchet. Sam bent, expelling air into her lungs, and a short time later, she took a breath, just as a groan from behind him told him that Optimus was also regaining consciousness.

Mikaela's eyelids fluttered.

"Primus, that hurt!" she said. And then: What's happened to my voice. Sam, why are you suddenly so large?"

Before Sam could answer, or even query the weirdness of what she was saying Optimus spoke, as Ratchet helped pry him upright.

"Sam? What the-" and then Optimus' voice break off, to be replaced by the most appalling sound Sam had ever heard from Optimus' mouth. It sounded like……a scream?

Ratchet's processors whirled. "Optimus, what's wrong?" he asked.

"You tell me." replied Mikaela, who then looked at her hands, then back at the screaming Optimus. Ratchet quickly ran a conductive line to Optimus, sending a sedating pulse. He stopped screaming and slumped.

"Ratchet…..this is most odd. That is my body over there. These are organic hands."

"Oh my God……" said Sam. "Ratchet, have they sort of….?" Sam brought up his two index fingers, then swung them together and beyond each other so they crossed paths.

"It appears so. We must get them both back to base. We are going to have to calm Mikaela down, and hope we can teach her how to transform in Optimus' body." Ratchet said.

"And I will have to learn to walk as a human. I'll have a different locomotive action, mass, and centre of gravity." Optimus-in-Mikaela said.

Sam put his head in his hands.

"Oh brother!" he said.

His life had suddenly just got a lot more complicated….

A/N: So, do I leave it as a one-shot, or write the second chapter? You decide!