A/N Be careful what you wish for, Sam, you might just get it!

Sam helped pick Mikaela up off the ground and sent her over to Bumblebee-she was getting soaked, and Sam knew that Bumblebee's hot air dryers would get her toasty and dry in no time. He would join her in drying off in a moment, but he first wanted a word with Optimus.

He was sitting up, looking over his hands, flexing them.

"It's going to be an odd feeling, getting re-used to my own body." he stated.

"I'll bet. Mikaela seems okay now, though." Sam told him. "Good to have you back where you belong, big guy! No offence, but I'm glad to get my girlfriend back in her own body."

Optimus shuddered.

"Considering those "period" things she has to endure, she's very welcome to have it back. Apart from that 'pill' your mother mentioned, is there any other way to stop them?" Optimus asked.

"I think that there's some implant, but I'm not sure about there. Or there's the nine-month solution." Sam said.

"What's that?" Optimus asked.

Sam grinned. "Pregnancy." he said "Making her a carrier." he translated.

Lightning flashed again, followed by a crack of thunder so soon after that the storm still had to be right overhead, or at least pretty close.

"We'd better head back, before the storm swaps you and I over." Sam said, turning to walk back towards Bumblebee.

Three things happened at once when he was halfway there. Mikaela screamed. Optimus yelled "SAM! LOOK OUT!" and Sam was grabbed by the arms and yanked into the air.

"Got you, fleshling!" came a snide voice.

"Starscream, let him go!" boomed Optimus. Starscream made a turn, sailed over Optimus' and Ratchet's heads, holding Sam under him like a human shield.

"Who's going to make me? You? Not while I'm holding him here like this!" gloated Starscream. "No, I think I'll take him back to our base and-"

Whatever Starscream planned to do to Sam at the Decepticon base went unsaid, as Starscream got struck by a bolt of lightning. He convulsed, dropped Sam, and glided to an ungraceful landing nearby, landing belly-first on the top of the Lookout, scraping his belly along the ground. Luckily, Starscream had been low-flying to gloat, and Optimus caught Sam and lay him on the ground, as Ratchet checked him.

"He's a strong human. His heart's still beating." said Ratchet.

"Silly Starscream! He's metal, the highest thing above the Lookout, and he's flying about in a lightning storm?" asked Mikaela. "He was asking for it!"

"Sam's about to wake." said Ratchet. He beckoned Mikaela over. "Tell him not to move too much, help him sit up, I'll check up on Starscream -" Mikaela cut him off.

"Why bother checking Starscream? Just leave him to his own devices. He was asking for it!" she said.

"I'm a medic, I have to!" said Ratchet. "Illness recognises no factions, and I cannot just leave him without checking him." Ratchet explained. "Then we'll get Sam back to Base and make sure he's suffering no permanent damage from that."

"Okay." said Mikaela going over.

Sam groaned, and Mikaela helped sit him up.

"Sam? Are you okay?" she asked. She grabbed his arm with one of her hands to steady him.

Sam opened his eyes, stared, opened his mouth, and screamed.

Ratchet, hearing the scream, looked up from where he was trying to get Starscream back online, just in time to see Mikaela slap Sam around the face with a sound like a pistol shot. Sam stopped screaming, and stared.

"What did you do that for? I thought you were his mate? I thought you loved him?" Ratchet asked. Mikaela transferred both of her hands to Sam's shoulders to help him stay upright. He seemed to be having problems with his balance, Ratchet noticed.

"I do love him, but he was hysterical. I could have kissed him but that was quicker."

Ratchet ,managed to get his Seeker patient back online.

"Owww, that really hurt!" said Starscream, his optics unshuttering. Ratchet blinked. That was not what he was expecting Starscream to say. In fact, even the tone of voice seemed wrong. Gone was the haughty note in his voice.

"How dare you strike me, fleshling! Huh? Why are you so big?"

Ratchet looked up, for the haughty note was there, but coming out of Sam's mouth, although the effect was ruined by the quaver of the voice. Mikaela drew back as if she'd been slapped herself, and deprived of her support, Sam fell backwards onto the sodden grass.

"What…what's happened to me?" he asked.

"Oh no….tell me I'm dreaming, please?" said Mikaela to Ratchet. Ratchet looked down to where a very confused pair of red optics were staring up at him from a very puzzled-looking Seeker's face.

"Ratchet…? What happened? Why are you so small suddenly?" asked the flier lying by his knees.

Ratchet shook his head, half in disbelief, half in denial and regret in response to Mikaela's request..

"Sorry, Mikaela, I can't do that, unless we're all dreaming." he said. He raised his voice.

"Optimus." he called.

Optimus Prime was on his way over.

"Ratchet, what is it?" he asked.

Ratchet looked down at the downed Seeker, then back over at the human boy, who had managed to sit up, but was now struggling to get to a standing position. He sighed.

"Human legs bend a different way to a Seeker's legs, Starscream. Stay there for now." he called over. Then he looked back at Optimus.

"Optimus, we have a problem."

(A/N: if I write the sequel to this, I can see all sorts of hilarious outcomes!)