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Author's note: This story is rated M mostly because of language and some scenes. I dedicate this story to my friend Nika who promised to make a trailer for it too. (Thank you!)

"Gia, the Twins need you." said tall brown-haired man to the one of the girls who were sitting outside Galbatorix's castle in Uru'baen.

"Oh, great." a girl with long dark hair got up, looking angrily at the man.

"Hurry! We don't have whole day!" said the man.

"I'm going, ok?" Gia gave him an angry look and went inside of the castle.

"Oh, how great she's finally gone!" said one blond girl and all other girls smiled, immediately starting to gossip. Gia knew that very well but since the whole town hated her, she didn't have other choice then to be friends with someone, no matter what they say behind her back. Of course it was all because she was one of the king's magicians.

"What do you want now?" asked Gia annoyed because she hated the Twins calling her always to do something for them. She realized they are standing in front of one dungeon and there was blood on their robes.

"We've been trying to break this boy for a week…" said one Twin.

"…and we don't want to call the king for this…" said another Twin.

"Fine." said Gia, her dark eyes shined "But what do we have to find out?"

"Just get into his mind." said the Twin.

"And you two freaks couldn't do that?" laughed Gia.

"Shut up! We're still dangerous." said the Twin angrily.

"Oh, yes…you poor things…I'm so scared." Gia made a scared face then laughed.

"Just do what we say!" yelled one Twin, loosing his temper.

"Fuck off." Gia rolled her eyes and opened the door of the dungeon. The floor was totally covered with blood and all kinds of things the Twins used. Finally Gia saw a man the Twins were torturing, chained to the wall.

"Oh, shit." said Gia to herself and then looked at the Twins "I thought we're not supposed to kill him!"

"Exactly." said one Twin "He's still alive. And you have to keep him alive."

"Then do me a favor and break those chains." said Gia looking at one Twin and then at another "And you give me a knife."

The Twins looked angrily at her but finally did what she asked for. She took the knife and started to clean it with her long black dress.

"Who is he anyway?" asked Gia and looked at the man who just fell down on the floor when one of the Twins released the chains.

"You won't believe this." smiled one Twin "Morzan's son, Murtagh."

"What?" Gia looked at them with surprise and then smiled "This will be interesting."

"Now you understand why Galbatorix wants him alive." said the Twin "And we brought him here."

"Huh, would you mind?" said Gia and looked at the door "Out, out, out!"

"We're not going anywhere." said one Twin and looked at Gia angrily.

"Oh, yes you are!" Gia laughed and then she was serious again "I'm working alone! I don't need you."

"Fine." said Twin annoyed and they both went out of the dungeon. Gia got closer to Murtagh who was on the floor, breathing heavily. Finally he slowly moved his head and looked at her. Gia stared into his dark eyes filled with pain and tried to enter his mind.

"Interesting." she said surprised when her mind attacks were stopped "Guess I'll have to try something else."

Gia took the knife and pressed it against Murtagh's chest.

"You… won't… find… out… anything." whispered Murtagh and a weak smile appeared on his face.

"You think?" Gia whispered and pressed the knife more so it cut through Murtagh's skin, making him close his eyes for a moment.

"You still don't want to tell?" smiled Gia and slowly moved the knife lower, making a bloody line. Murtagh clenched his teeth and Gia could hear his heart beating fast. Suddenly Gia realized that the blood got onto her dress and she moved away quickly.

"Shit!" said Gia angrily and looked at Murtagh "I don't like to have a dirty dress! It's your fault!"

Gia whispered something in ancient language and crashed Murtagh against the wall. She did it again and again until he fell down unconscious. Gia got to him and checked is he still breathing.

"Waíse heill." she said and healed the wounds but Murtagh didn't open his eyes "Oh, shit! I hope I didn't kill him."

Gia got nervous because it seemed like Murtagh is not breathing. Finally she healed all the wounds but nothing happened. Gia got the water that was standing in the corner and spilled it on Murtagh. At the moment when she turned around to look for something, she felt something cold against her neck and Murtagh's hand around her waist.

"Wow, you're alive." Gia rolled her eyes and whispered something in ancient language, making the knife in Murtagh's hand melt and pushing him away from her.

"Did you really think you can kill a magician?" Gia looked at him and smiled.

"I could have killed you if I wanted." said Murtagh "You were too slow."

"Huh." Gia smiled bitterly "I think I'm going to call the king to deal with you."

Murtagh was looking around to find something to confuse Gia but she just smiled and destroyed everything that was on the floor.

"What now?" asked Murtagh with a smile on his face "With what are you going to try to cut me now?"

"Shut up." she said "I'm still stronger than you. I healed your wounds but didn't give you too much energy. Oh, and not to forget, I can use magic!"

"Right. The only way you could win a fight would be cheating by using magic." he smiled.

"Huh." said Gia and got closer to him, pushing him against the wall.

"Is that the best you can do?" he laughed and grabbed her arm. Pulling her closer to him and pushing her against the wall in a second. Gia gasped and bit her lip, giving him a daring look. He held her arms pressed against the wall, waiting for her attack with magic but she just smiled and kept looking at him.

"You know…you could just let me leave." whispered Murtagh.

"And what do I get?" asked Gia.

"Anything you want." said Murtagh.

"No." smiled Gia "I don't want anything from you."

"Fine…then I'll just have to…" said Murtagh, trying to find a way to escape but it was hard to predict what Gia will do. She seemed too crazy. Suddenly Gia got closer to him while he was still holding her against the wall and kissed him. He let go of her surprised and she smiled, licking her lips.

"You see, it's so easy! I don't even need magic to make you let go of me." smiled Gia "I'm sorry, but I'm going to call the king."

Gia whispered something in ancient language, crashing Murtagh against the wall and went out of the dungeon.

"And?" the Twins waited impatiently in front of the door.

"He's hot." laughed Gia and they looked at her with shock and anger on their faces "I'm going to get the king, anything else is impossible."

"Huh." said the Twin "You can go and we will go to tell to the king."

"Whatever." said Gia and went down the hall.

"She's crazy." said one Twin behind her back.

"I heard that!" yelled Gia from the end of the hall.

Gia went out of the castle and decided to avoid her so called friends. She was walking around the castle, when she saw a black dragon flying above. It was Shruikan and he seemed to be again in the bad mood. Gia looked at the old dragon and rolled her eyes.

"I wish I had a dragon. That would be a lot of fun." thought Gia and decided to visit her old friend who lived near. While she was walking down the street she could see people looking at her and talking. They were all avoiding her since one of her friends died because Galbatorix was the only reason why she wasn't accused for a murder. Gia finally got to the restaurant that her friend had.

"Hey, Gia!" said Nick with a friendly smile on his face.

"Hey." Gia smiled too, trying not to roll her eyes on Nick's smile. She knew that he's her friend just because he gets her money.

"What can I give you?" smiled Nick, forgetting on all other people.

"Something strong." said Gia and sat on the tall chair, looking at Nick who was reaching for a bottle "Give me that!"

"Whole bottle?" smiled Nick; it wasn't really a question "What happened?"

"Didn't you hear? The Twins brought Morzan's son to the castle." said Gia, taking the bottle in her hand.

"Yes, I heard. There were some soldiers over here." said Nick curiously "But no one really told me…how he looks? I never saw him actually."

"Uh, you don't want to know. He's…perfect." said Gia and drank a bit "Ouh, this is strong!"

"You wanted it, dear." smiled Nick "So you like him?"

"I kissed him." said Gia, shaking her head.

"What?" asked Nick surprised "How was that?"

"Hot, wet and bloody." laughed Gia.

"No, I meant how you got that close to him?" asked Nick, always wanting to know everything.

"The Twins wanted me to break into his mind." said Gia and drank more.

"Did you do it?" asked Nick curiously.

"No, I failed." said Gia "He pretended he's dead."

"What will Galbatorix say on that?" asked Nick.

"Nothing. It wasn't my task to do that anyway. And I don't think king will mind. I bet he knew it from the beginning that no one else than him can break Murtagh." said Gia and started to laugh "You should have seen his face!"

"Gia, do you want another one?" asked Nick and looked at her.

"What?" she looked confused at him and he just pointed at the empty bottle in her hand "Oh, shit. No, I think I'm going to get back to the castle."

"Are you sure?" smiled Nick.

"Yes." said Gia and almost fell down from the chair "Huh. Put that on my bill."

"Sure." said Nick "Do you need help? I can send someone to go with you."

"No." Gia gave him an angry look and tried to stand "See you."

"Bye!" said Nick after her as she tried to find the way out. It wasn't the first time that she comes out of the place drunk so she found the way to the castle, laughing at the people who were looking at her. Finally she got to the castle and one soldier approached her to say something but she just fell down in his arms.

"Just take her to her room." said another soldier. They were all used to that.

"What are we going to do with him?" asked on of the Twins and looked at king who had a stoned expression on his face.

"You useless creatures!" yelled Galbatorix and pushed them away from the dungeon then he looked at Murtagh who was sitting in the corner and looking angrily at him.

"Why can't you just be nice and tell me everything?" Galbatorix made a big step forward.

"Never." said Murtagh with a serious look on his face.

"Tell me at least why you are doing this. You know I'm going to break into your mind anyway." said Galbatorix "But no…you prefer to sit here in your own blood…I have no intention to kill you but I can take you so close to death as many times as I want."

"No!" said Murtagh, trying to catch his breath when Galbatorix attacked his mind.

"Stronger than I expected." said Galbatorix more to himself, then an evil smile appeared on his face "But I haven't even started yet."

Murtagh clenched his teeth as the pain in his head was growing and growing. Galbatorix smiled and continued the attack…one minute passed…two minutes…three minutes…Murtagh closed his eyes, not being able to breath…four minutes…five minutes…the pressure on his mind was too big…six minutes…he couldn't take it anymore. Murtagh's mind barriers fell like a glass broken in millions of little pieces. Galbatorix laughed as he took every memory Murtagh ever had.

"That's all I wanted." said Galbatorix, laughed once again and left.

"Why…?" whispered Murtagh, resting his head against the wall and taking a deep breath. Now he knew exactly how it feels to loose the last thing you have…the thing that keeps you alive. It didn't matter to him anymore what will happen next and what plans Galbatorix has for him. His eyes didn't show the pain or sadness anymore, they showed simply nothing…emptiness.

"Umm…let go of me…" said Gia half sleeping while the soldier was carrying her to her room.

"Gia, you can't…" said the soldier but she kicked him and he dropped her.

"Ouch!" said Gia when she fell down on the floor. The soldier helped her to get up and guided her to the room. In the middle of the hall, Gia stopped, smiled at the soldier and threw up.

"Eww, Gia!" yelled the soldier angrily "That's disgusting!"

Gia just continued to walk to her room, laughing. The soldier didn't want to follow her.

"Shit!" the soldier heard Gia hitting into the wall, probably missing the door and he rolled his eyes.

"I'm ok, I'm ok." said Gia and entered the room "…I think…"

The soldier heard some noise from Gia's room, probably a few things broken, but he didn't feel like checking on her. He was already angry enough on her for destroying his clothes. Gia just fell down on her bed and fell asleep.