"I don't like this." said Gia while she and Murtagh were flying on Thorn's back. The sky seemed to be too calm and clear.

"It will be fine." said Murtagh "We can't fly fast right now or he won't find us."

"It's just…" said Gia "I'm not sure I want that anymore."

"Gia! I can get you down immediately or shut up because talking at this height is not comfortable at all!" said Murtagh.

"Whatever." said Gia "Let's hope that Eragon found the note already and tried to find out our location with magic…"

"Are you sure this will work?" suddenly asked Thorn.

"Umm, yeah? Why wouldn't it?" asked Gia.

"Because Eragon knows you don't want to be found, so why would you remove protection so he can find you easily?" said Thorn suspiciously.

"Well, we have two options. Or he will be too angry to think of that or he will think we want a final battle for power." said Gia.

"Oh, fine. Why are you so nervous then?" asked Thorn.

"I don't know. There are so many things…I'm scared." said Gia "But don't you dare to tell that to Murtagh!!"

"Ok." said Thorn and then his body tensed a bit "Someone's coming!"

"What?" Gia was upset "Already? But we thought we had an hour left!"

"Saphira is faster than I thought." said Thorn "She can feel us too. We have to be faster."

"Go, Thorn! We need to keep him behind us for an hour!" said Murtagh.

"So how are we going to get rid of him if he gets so close?" Gia was worried.

"Don't underestimate me! I'm faster than you think. But I must admit Saphira is good too. Well, not as good as me. She's a girl." said Thorn.

"Shut up, dragon." said Gia "So what if Saphira is a female? It's possible that she's better than you but I doubt it. You should know better."

"Right. But if we don't lose him, we can always disappear in the mountains." said Thorn.

"Just fly." said Gia.

"He's getting close!" said Gia upset after almost an hour "We have to disappear! I can actually see Saphira behind us!"

"Ok, we're doing it then. You two use magic and try to block him from seeing us! We're going to the mountains!" said Thorn.

"Now!" said Murtagh and he and Gia concentrated on making a wall of magic in front of Eragon and Saphira. Thorn was flying fast all the time until they reached the mountains and hid in one of the big caves. The cave wasn't just an ordinary cave; it was made long time ago and everyone forgot about it. It had some kind of door. When someone inside pressed the right stone, the door closed and from outside it looked like part of the mountain. No one could ever tell that something is inside. It was protected with magic and very safe.

"What now?" asked Gia and sat down on the ground.

"We wait." said Murtagh while checking did Thorn get hurt while flying.

"For how long?" she asked nervously.

"Until Eragon leaves." said Murtagh.

"And how are we going to know when he leaves?" Gia raised an eyebrow.

"We won't. But we are not staying here for more than two hours." said Murtagh "Adonis is going to give him a track so he will think we went to the Varden."

"Umm, yeah…but what if he doesn't? I mean, what if Eragon stays here and waits until we show up?" said Gia.

"You said Adonis wants to be the king." said Murtagh.

"Yes, he does…but…I don't know." said Gia.

"We're just following the plan. Eragon doesn't know this place exists. He won't find us." said Murtagh.

"I hope you're right." she sighed "I need a drink."

"Here." he said, giving her the water and then gave her a warning look "Don't try to turn it into wine!"

"Huh, how did you get that idea?" she almost bit her lip. He didn't say anything.

"I can't." suddenly said Gia after they spent almost an hour in the cave.

"What's wrong?" Murtagh looked at her surprised. Her body was shaking and it looked like she's trying to catch her breath.

"I'm not feeling well." she said upset "I can't!...can't…be here anymore!"

"Gia, breathe!" said Murtagh and gently hugged her.

"Get me…out…of here…please!" Gia said "Can't…breathe…"

"Ok, we're getting out." said Murtagh and went to open the door.

"Wait, we can't! What if they are still out there?" said Thorn nervously.

"I don't care!" yelled Murtagh "I'll fight him if I have to! Just that she's alright!"

He pressed the right stone and the door moved. Gia was feeling dizzy; she almost fainted. Murtagh took her into his arms and carried her out of the cave. She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes for a moment. Her mind was clear again. Murtagh was looking around, trying to see are they still in danger.

"They're not here anymore." said Thorn happily "I can't feel their presence."

"Are you ok?" Murtagh looked at Gia, still worried.

"I'm…better." said Gia and smiled.

"Good." said Murtagh "We're going after them. We're getting the green egg."

"Now?" Gia asked surprised "But I…"

"You can stay here if you want. But we have to go now or we're not going to be able to steal the damn egg!" said Murtagh.

"Ok, ok!" said Gia "Let's go!"

"What now?" asked Gia when Thorn landed near the Varden after some hours.

"Fuck it, Gia!" yelled Murtagh annoyed "You're asking that all the way! I'll tell you when it's time!"

"Fine!" said Gia "You don't have to yell on me!"

"Can't you shut up for a second? I'm trying to think of a plan that won't get us killed!" said Murtagh.

"Fuck off!" said Gia "If you don't want me here, fine. I'm leaving."

"Wait, where are you going?" asked Murtagh in shock after Gia turned around and started walking away.

"Away from you!" said Gia.

"No, you're not!" said Murtagh and grabbed her arm "You're not running away because you are scared!"

"I'm not scared!" yelled Gia and pushed him away.

"Don't lie to me!" Murtagh let go of her, looking deep into her eyes "I won't let anything happen to you."

Gia stared at him for some moments and didn't move. Thorn was looking at them nervously. Gia came close to Murtagh and they kissed passionately.

"Let's do this." said Gia quietly. They immediately went to hide Thorn and hurried to get to the town. When they got closer, they realized people are running down the streets, trying to get away. No one seemed to care who is close to them, the only important thing was to get the family out of the town. Gia and Murtagh heard a noise from one part of the town and saw everything was destroyed immediately.

"Everyone get out of here! Now! Don't look back!" yelled some guy who ran by.

"They weren't ready for this." said Gia "No one expected another threat."

"Perfect." said Murtagh "Now people are in panic so they won't see us…We need to get to that tower before it gets destroyed!"

"How are we going to do that?" asked Gia.

"Run!" smiled Murtagh and pulled her with him before she could realize what was going on. They were running down the street, avoiding others who were trying to escape. One guy saw them and stopped for a second, but then hurried back to his wife.

"Do you think he recognized us?" Gia was worried.

"Probably." said Murtagh "But he can't tell anyone."

"Where are the soldiers and magicians?" asked Gia suspiciously "Shouldn't they be here, defending their people?"

"Soldiers are running away with their families. I bet Eragon told them to do so…he knows it could only kill them to fight." said Murtagh "Magicians are probably helping him…"

"Oh, yeah, right. I forgot how much your brother wants to be the hero." Gia rolled her eyes. They came to the tower and hurried inside. Gia almost fell while running up the stairs but Murtagh caught her. The egg was kept in the room at the top of the tower. Murtagh came there first and took the egg in his hands, looking at it carefully.

"That's it? No protection? No nothing?" he looked at Gia.

"Let me see." she said and took the egg, touching it gently all over "That's it. Everything is ok. They must be busy with using magic on other thing…so they left it here unprotected."

"Well, that was easy." said Murtagh, took the egg from Gia's hands and put it into the bag "Let's get out of here! Now!"

He went to the door, but Gia didn't move. She was just standing there and looking through the window. Murtagh turned around and looked surprised at her.

"What is it?" he asked. She didn't answer and he got closer to the window. They could see half destroyed town and Saphira trapped inside something that looked like a bubble of magic.

"Gia, let's go!" said Murtagh nervously. But instead of following him out of the tower, she went to the balcony.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Murtagh yelled after her.

"Look." she whispered. They could see Eragon and his magicians on the ground, Adonis standing in front of them and a big cloud of magic between them. It seemed like the protection will brake any moment and black wave will destroy everything.

"Just a little bit…and it will be over." said Gia quietly "Eragon can't do this. We have to help him. It's the only way to push Adonis over the edge."

Murtagh looked at her for a second and they didn't have to say anything to know what they have decided. They put all their effort into making the shield stronger. The black wave grew bigger and bigger but it couldn't brake the protection. Suddenly Adonis looked up to the tower and Gia looked at him angrily. In that moment they heard a noise that sounded like an explosion. Big dark wave of magic rose into the air and fell down right on Adonis. They could feel the ground shaking when all buildings around got destroyed. The tower was about to crash down to the ground when Thorn flew next to it. Murtagh immediately pulled Gia with him as they jumped on Thorn's back. Gia looked down at the ground and saw Adonis' dead body. She sighed and hugged Murtagh a bit stronger. Eragon and others were looking at them but they were too weak to try to stop them. Thorn was flying fast to get away as fast as possible.

"What were you thinking, stupid dragon? You could have gotten yourself killed! We told you to stay hidden!" said Murtagh.

"Hey, if I stayed there, we would all be dead by now!" said Thorn.

"You're right." said Murtagh "I'm glad you came."

"Where are we going?" asked Thorn.

"To the coast." said Gia "I want…to see the sea."

"Umm, no problem." said Thorn.

Four years later, Eragon was sitting in his room and reading something when a woman ran into the room.

"Night Shadows!" she said nervously.

"They were here?" Eragon got up from his chair surprised.

"Yes." the woman said "I'm going to see what is missing."

"Ok." said Eragon "Murtagh and Gia were here and we didn't notice that?"

"Seems so. They are good in hiding." said Saphira.

"I know, but still…the last thing we heard about them is that they have a baby son and that green egg hatched. How can they do that? Appear everywhere at night, steal some things they need and leave a signature?" said Eragon.

"That's why they are called Night Shadows. No one ever saw more than their shadows in the woods or near rivers." said Saphira "We can't find them until they want to be found."

"They could be living somewhere far from here. But they keep coming back." said Eragon.

"We found a note. I think it's for you, my king." said one man and gave the piece of paper to Eragon. He looked surprised at it and started reading.

"Be careful, young king. There is a new power rising. A new country. A new land. Maybe we won't be there for you next time. They are different people from us and they have dragons." Eragon looked at the back of the paper "Night Shadows. Murtagh, Gia, Matteo, Thorn, Emerald."

"Who is Emerald?" asked the man.

"Probably the dragon." said Eragon and sighed "Night Shadows…At least I know you're alive."

Gia was standing on top of the mountain in a long black dress. The wind was playing with her long dark hair. Murtagh came slowly behind her back and put his arms around her.

"Hey." he whispered softly into her ear and kissed her neck. She smiled. Little boy with black hair ran next to them, trying to catch a butterfly.

"He's beautiful." said Gia quietly while they were watching the sunset over the wild sea.

"Yes, he is." smiled Murtagh. They kissed passionately as two dragons landed near.

The end

Author's note: Thanks for reading. I hope you liked it. Once again, I didn't have in plan this will be such a long story, but I always say that, don't I? lol Like I wrote somewhere in my profile, the title came from the name of a song called Night Shadows but the plot doesn't have anything to do with the song. It was just random. Thanks again and see you soon!

Disclaimer: In case you don't know, I do not own any of Christopher Paolini's characters, but I do own all other characters like Gia, Adonis and others.