I wrote this to Good Enough by Evanescense.

This is the first of a series of poems I will be writing to various songs in the POVs of Stephanie's Meyer's characters.

Feel free to critique :D

Disclaimer: I do not own Jacob nor do I own Bella.

Good Enough

I couldn't say no
To your mischievous smile,
Amongst the grey caped waves,
Pulling me in so willingly.

You drifted through my mind,
Always in the arms of the cold one,
My heart reaching for you.

I let it go,
Knowing that what I wanted
Could never be;
I still held hope.

I couldn't say no,
To your bleak eyes,
Amongst the fake smile,
Begging for someone you could not reach.

You fell into my arms,
Always hurting,
Never seeing,
That I wanted you too.

I made you smile,
Made you laugh,
Made you want to feel free
From your broken heart.

I couldn't say no,
To my angel,
Holding out her hand,
When I was alive with fire.

You tamed me,
Brought me back from the dark,
Never caring
That I could hurt you too.

I gave you my heart,
I thought I could trust you,
But you broke it
In the arms of the cold one.

I couldn't say no,
To your haunted gaze,
Seeking comfort,
From the one you had broken.

You healed me,
Made me forget my pain,
Made me hope,
That we could be.

I knew you wanted
To be with me,
But you couldn't;
The cold one had your heart.

I couldn't say no,
To your last touch,
As you kissed away my smile,
And sealed away your own.

I couldn't have you,
Couldn't save you,
From becoming my enemy.

You took my heart,
And threw it away,
Leaving me empty and alone,
Unable to stand,
That I would lose you for the last time.

I wasn't good enough,
For my bright angel,
For my eternal love,
For my Bella.