This one is in Bella's point of view.

I wrote it to Fix Me by Mariana's Trench

Disclaimer: I do not own Bella.


Fix Me

All those times I tried to hide from you,
Your smoldering eyes,
Making me burn,
Making me crumble.

I put on my best for you,
Threw it all away
To break your gaze;
Your hate.

All those times you saved me
I tried to see
Behind the gaze,
Drawing me in.

I couldn't get away from it;
The attraction,
Your eyes,
From you.

All those times you held me,
You were holding
My heart
In your cold hands.

I can't understand
Why I hide
From everything,
From the world.

All alone with you
I feel golden

With my angel,
With my love.

I can't bear
The pain,
The loss,
The price for loving you.

Fix me,
Before I crumble.