Title: To Live Another Day
Author: Kate's Master, aka Emma
Summery: Obligatory response to the end of series two. Will be followed by some form of angsty oneshot, no doubt. Ten ways she lived. Many crossovers, verrry odd. Read at your peril. Spoilers galore.

Disclaimer: Hmmm. Well, if I owned it…for starters we'd be RID of all ideas of killing off Marian. And Will and Djaq wouldn't be going off on their own – although spin-off series' seem to be the way to go at the BBC at the moment. I'm waiting for "Will and Djaq Adventures". So no…not me. Sorry.

Authors Notes: I cried. A lot. So did my sister. I mean…half the time the acting is kinda odd/wooden, some of the lines are down right cheesy/weird/stilted/bad combination of the three…but still. Marian! Sigh.

But, as Beth kept sobbing to me…they can't do Robin Hood without Marian. So I've concocted a few ways they could bring her back. Again. Anyone but me seeing the pattern here? In fact, they need her back to have someone to kill at the end of the next series!

Please note – this is a humour thingy. I think the correct term is crack fic? Anyway. It is NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. It is the stupid, silly wanderings of an exceptionally desperate teenage mind. So…yeah. Don't take it seriously.

Ten Ways That She Lives

1. They've accidentally buried her in Persia, on top of the Sands of Time, which do their stuff, and, voila – one living breathing, stab-woundless-Marian. Albeit, hundreds of miles from where she needs to be, but still…

The sun rises above the still desert, causing the two neat mounds of earth to cast their long shadows across the sand. All is still, all is quiet – the earth has no knowledge of the horrors that happened here.

Except…one mound, if you look closely, see…small grains of sand, tumbling down from the top, more and more of them…and suddenly…BAM! A fist, bursting through the top, sending sand flying everywhere. And the hand is followed by an arm, and then another arm, and a head and a pair of shoulders…

Slowly, slowly, muscles tired and aching through lack of use, Lady Marian edged herself out of the ground and stood once more on the earth's surface. She squinted against the glare of the sun, taking in the barren landscape around her.

She was a long way from home.

Hmmm…well, things can only get odder from here!