Title: To Live Another Day
Author: Kate's Master, aka Emma
Summery: Obligatory response to the end of series two. Will be followed by some form of angsty oneshot, no doubt. Ten ways she lived. Many crossovers, verrry odd. Read at your peril. Spoilers galore.

Disclaimer: Despite actually finishing this garbled tale, BBC still won't let me have it. -Sighs-

Authors Notes: And here we go! Final chapter! A year to the day since the BBC unleashed the cold horror on us. –Insert appropriate mournful thoughts here-

Anyway. Enjoy, and here's to the hope that the next series actually shows up sometime soon!

Ten Ways That She Lives

The hot sand they've buried her in will cook her, and she'll be accidentally dug up by cannibals, who then eat her. The cannibals will then relocate to the Brecon Beacons, which is where lots of cannibals live, and be captured by Torchwood. Torchwood will then think…hmmm, let's clone the DNA of the last thing they ate, just for fun…and ta-da, one Marian. They'll then realise she's a few centuries out of her time, and the local Doctor will stop by to return her home. Just ignore the few hundred missing years in that one…much like they ignored the few months it would have taken them to get to the Holy Land.

Enough said, really. And that's that.