Anne told Mrs. Wentworth the whole story that night. Mrs. Wentworth was happy, but not surprised by how the story ended. After a perfect evening, Anne and Rick spent the rest of Spring Break together. They hit their favorite spots in the city and enjoyed the amazing, everyday moments with each other that they had missed so much. It wasn't long before they were back at school. Their last obstacle was figuring out a way to explain everything to their acquaintances. They didn't know it at the time, but completing this task would end up being very straightforward and simple.

"Spring Break was too short!" whined Lisa, pulling her bags out the elevator. Ben was right behind her, managing as best her could with the rest of her load.

"You own tons of stuff…" he said. "Why would anyone need so many shoes?"

Lisa smiled sweetly at her adorable yet ignorant significant other. "Lisa is to shoes as Ben is to books."

"Nice analogy," he complimented, stopping in front of her door. "Do you think Anne is back yet?'

She shrugged and fished around for her keys. "Not sure. She was so down before break. I've decided to cheer her up with some ice cream and girly movies. You are obviously not invited."

"Yeah, Rick wasn't looking too good either last week." He said.

Lisa stuck her key in and turned the knob. "God, I hope those two get it together…"

The lights were on in her room, but that was perhaps the least surprising detail they found inside.

Anne and Rick were glued together in the center of the room. His hands were tangled in her long hair and hers cupped his face. Neither seemed to notice that the door had opened.

Ben's jaw dropped dramatically. Lisa cleared her throat, not knowing what else to do.

Anne and Rick reluctantly broke apart and saw - much to Anne's mortification- their unexpected audience.

"Honestly, people need to stop walking in on us…" mumbled Rick under his breath.

Ben jumped into the hallway, taking Lisa with him. He slammed the door and turned to her with a shocked expression.

"Whoa…" was all he said. "Am a completely stupid or did that just come out of nowhere?"

Lisa smiled. "I would argue that it's a little bit of both."

Inside the room, Anne was burying her blushing face into Rick's chest.

"That was nice a subtle." She said sarcastically. Though Anne was now happily united with Rick, she noticed that the general awkwardness of her life had not disappeared. She looked up at Rick, expecting him to say something comforting, but all she saw was him holding back laughter.

"What's so funny?!" she asked, hitting him in the arm.

Rick finally erupted and couldn't stop to reply. The thing about Rick's laugh was that it was contagious. Anne was starting to fall victim to it.

"Hey!" she said again, trying not to smile. "It's not – not funny!"

Rick didn't say anything, but only grabbed his girlfriend around the midsection and started to tickle her. He didn't stop until she was as hysterical as he was. They fell on the bed, Rick still laughing and Anne squirming around and crying out.

Anne Elliot couldn't remember the last time she laughed that hard.

And everything was as it should be.

Anne Elliot, the girl that out grew her family name, was totally and completely in love with her former best friend and current boyfriend Rick Wentworth. It was like coming up for air after three years under water. Her world felt lighter and less constrained. Even her family eventually came to accept the couple.

Then again, Anne didn't really give them much of a choice in the matter.

Author's Note: Thanks for reading. It is really done now, I swear! If you're interested in more Austen fan fiction, check out my story Platonic is a Funny word (a modern Emma with a gender reversal). It will be completed soon, too!